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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)! This pot of freshly roasted coffee is just for you! You're gonna love it!
What's that? The flavor's too strong for you? Well, there's fruit juice here too!
This strawberry juice from my hometown is the best!
Mom and Dad sent all these snacks over just for you. (Captain)!
Haha! I hope all these local delicacies make this a birthday to remember!


Happy birthday to you, (Captain)! Ah, what a wonderful occasion this is! We have to celebrate big!
My parents sent me lots of fruit juices this year too! There's also some fine wines, to boot.
The faster you grow up, the better! I can't wait to partake in various delicacies with you!
Wine not only tastes great, but it lightens you up for stimulating conversation!
But no matter how much you rush, adulthood is still a ways ahead. Let's just enjoy the night for now!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! I'm so glad to spend your special day with you again.
What a lucky duck I am to see you growing before my eyes.
Once in a while I think about how someday when I get married, I want a kid like you, (Captain)... one who isn't afraid to smile!
Let's throw back a few to mark the day!
I've got juice for you too, (Captain)! We're gonna chat about everything and anything over drinks!


(Captain), happy birthday!
This day somehow makes me so happy every year that I could be jumping for joy!
And that's no exaggeration either! Seeing you live every day to the fullest and growing up like a healthy kid is an amazing thing!
Keep it up and show me what an amazing person you've become next year too, okay? That's a promise!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Did you grow taller again? Just when did you get bigger than me...
Ahaha, I'm just kidding! You've been taller than me since the day we met!
But you're certainly looking stronger and braver than ever before.
I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of adventures you'll have, and what kind of captain you'll grow up to be.
And someday, maybe we can celebrate with some champagne instead! What do you say?
Okay, it's a promise! I won't forgive you if you forget it!
Well, let's get the celebration started then! Cheers!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
Ah, (Captain). I think I had a little too much yesterday.
It was a shock to see Lyria eat so much though.
I didn't think she could fit so much in her stomach.
Lyria's really something, huh? Maybe she's not from this world? Ahaha, sorry! Must be the food talking.


Ah, home sweet home... Thanks for accompanying me back to my hometown, (Captain).
So how do you like our parties here? I hope you're enjoying yourself.
You're impressed with how we go all-out? Ahahaha! I guess it can seem like that if you're not used to it.
But for me, the livelier, the better. I might be conservative elsewhere, but that's because I prefer to rock out at parties like these.
You up for a tango with me, (Captain)? Because now's your chance!


Happy New Year! I was just about to put my resolution on paper.
My goal's to take on all kinds of challenges and make this year a fun one!
(Captain), why don't you write your resolution down too? No need to be embarrassed—it's all about doing what feels right in the moment.
Even one resolution will make you excited to take on another year. Go ahead—be brave and dash one off!


(Captain), happy New Year!
Yawn... I'm still reeling from all those drinks last night...
Since we have the day off, I'm just going to kick back and relax.
You were up pretty late last night too, (Captain). If you're still feeling pooped out, maybe we can spend a lazy day together.
Haha, there's more than one way to spend a New Year's!
"Work hard, play hard" as they say, and this is my way of playing hard!


One, two! One, two!
Pounding mochi's really fun! You're so good at kneading, (Captain). It's looking great!
We make a great team, don't we? All right, let's keep this up!
One, two! One, two! One, two! One, two!
Ahaha, sorry! I got so into it that I started speeding up.
But you were still able to keep up with me! Wouldn't expect any less from you, Captain.
The mochi's come together nicely, so let's go give them out to everyone!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Look (Captain)! I made these Valentine's chocolates for Vyrn and Lyria.
Did I make any for you?? S-sorry, (Captain), I kinda...
Ahaha! Just kidding, (Captain)! Oh. Maybe I overdid it?
Sorry! You're my favorite, (Captain). Will you forgive me if I cook up some super deluxe chocolates just for you?


Good timing, (Captain). Here, chocolates for you!
I tried out a few myself right after making'em, and boy, do they taste good! So good I could eat them forever!
Huh? What's with that blank look on your face? The box is empty? D'oh! I forgot to fill it with chocolates!
So sorry about that... There's leftovers in this box if you don't mind...
Kidding! This is the real deal.
And they really are good, so I hope you'll forget the bad joke.


Today's Valentine's Day, isn't it? Here, have some chocolate!
Oh, you took it! So I guess you want to make me happy so long as we both shall live.
Ahahaha, just kidding! Did you think I was serious? You're so cute when you're embarrassed!
I made chocolate for Lyria and Vyrn too. I was just about to go give it to them.
I'll bring some for myself too, so how about we throw a candy party? It'll be super fun!


Of course I remembered about Valentine's! See? Here's your chocolate!
I can't believe you came barging in here to see me first, (Captain). You must've fallen for me hard.
Ahaha! Just kidding! You're just so adorable when your cheeks flush bright red!
So I heard you really like my candy. I made sure to make plenty for you, so take as much as you'd like!


You're here to swindle some chocolate out of me, aren't you? Think I'm not ready for you, eh?
Think again! It's a chocolate fondue fountain!
See, getting all flustered and blushy like Pamela's not my style.
I thought long and hard about what would perk you right up today.
But nothing I came up with seemed like it came from the heart, you know? So I'm doing it Augusta-style!
And that's why we're having a chocolate fondue party!
Don't be modest, (Captain)! I've made sure there's plenty for you, so eat your fill!

White Chocolate Cake
5th year: Chocolate Fondue
White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day!
A present for me? Ahaha, thanks! You really didn't have to, though.
By the way, did you hand out chocolates to all the other girls? Trying to please everyone won't get you very far, you know!
Ah, that look in your eyes says it all! That does it—I'm not letting you out of this room! You're staying in here with me all day today!


Hey, (Captain), you know how today's White Day? You wouldn't happen to have... Well, you know...
Yay! Thanks a ton! You just sent me over the moon! I'll savor every bite!
Are you free for the rest of the day? There's a place I want to show you!
Yeah? Yaay! Teehee, I've got (Captain) all to myself today!


You're giving me a present to say thanks for Valentine's? Thanks!
Huh, are you trying to show what good care you'd take of me?
Ahahaha! Someone's getting ahead of themselves! Guess I'd better muss up your hair!
Muss, muss muss!
It makes me so happy to get this! I'm going to savor it!


This is to show your appreciation for Valentine's? Wow, thanks!
You're such a sweetie, (Captain)! I love a kid who knows how to show their thanks!
No matter what happens going forward, I hope you'll always remember to keep a straight heart about you.
Oh, and hey! Since you're here, how about I make us some tea?
We can dig in to the snacks you brought me! Surely they taste that much better in the presence of pleasant company!


You got me something for White Day this year too? Well, aren't you just the sweetest?
And so many, too! Wow... You must really like me, huh? Head over heels, I'll bet.
Just messing with ya! This was for both of us to share, right?
Thanks! I'll put a kettle on so we can have ourselves a little tea party!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Halloween is so much fun! And with so many kids on board, I'm having the time of my life!
I just love children. I'm gonna give 'em so many treats!
And if I have a family of my own one day, I hope my kids'll grow up to be a sassy bunch just like the ones here!


Oh, (Captain). You look ready to give out oodles of candy tonight!
I was giving them out by the handful too, leading to the empty bucket in my hand right now. I came back to refill it.
Huh? There's nothing left in storage? No way!
The kids were all so cute I forgot all about tricks and just treated them all—to way too much it seems. Ahahahaha!
Sorry, (Captain), but can you share with me some of yours?


I was just playing with the kids in town, and they're all in costumes.
(Captain), your costume's up there with the best of them, huh! The person there behind you looks just like a real ghost too!
Huh? She's right there in back of you, a little waif with long black hair...
Just kidding! There's nobody there. Did I give you a start?
Sorry, sorry! If I hand you some treats to apologize, will you forgive me?


Earlier, I got asked to put on a performance to help liven up the festivities.
Since everyone has a costume on, I thought it'd be weird if I'm the only one who's not dressed in the spirit of Halloween!
That's why I'm gonna perform in costume!
And here it is! My bony bones outfit! With this on, the show's gonna be a hundred times more exciting!
Keep your ears perked, (Captain)! Because I'm gonna take the crowds by storm!


Yep, this should be the room (Captain) told me to go to. I'm coming in!
There you are, (Captain)!
Eeek! Something just dropped down from the ceiling... A zombie! Ahhh!
Wait, but it's not moving. The hair looks kinda like it's made of strings... Hey, this is fake!
Ahaha! Is this one of your tricks, (Captain)? You sure got me!
In that case, it's payback time! Get ready, (Captain)!
Now, what kinda trick should I play... I've got a couple of ideas, so this should be fun!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Teehee! (Captain), (Captain)! Look at this giant chicken I fried up!
My parents sent it. Fried chicken for the crew, their letter said.
The party tonight is gonna be a blast!


Okay, kids! Put those ribbons up on the wall please! Phew, preparations are going swell!
(Captain), thanks for calling me out to your party. I'm having so much fun just setting up everything with the kids on the crew.
The little munchkins fall into line real easily this time of the year. As soon as I tell them Santa gives presents to little helpers, they're all so quick to help.
If you want in on the presents, (Captain), we could use another hand in the kitchen or with decorations.


Perfect timing, (Captain)! Would you take a look here?
Ta-da! I made a snowman that looks like you, (Captain)! And one like Vyrn too!
We've got a white winter, so we've got to make the most of it!
Huh? Is the nose a bit out of place? The real one's like this... Lemme take a bit off here...
Wait, wait! I'm almost done! Stay with me for a little longer!
Please, just a bit!


What's wrong, (Captain)? You look like you could use some help.
Hm? The children in the crew won't go to bed because they're waiting for Santa?
Haha, what an adorable thing to say! Reminds me of when I was a kid!
Why don't you leave the situation to me? I've got a few bedtime stories up my sleeve that should put them to rest fast!
Though considering how energetic the children are here, I'd have a much easier time if you could come with me.


Happy holidays, (Captain)! Here's a present from me!
It's a ticket for a concert we're putting on in that room over there later. I made this together with the children—isn't it cute?
We wanted to give you a surprise. I got the children together a while ago, and we've been practicing some songs since then.
An exciting, special concert for this holy night! You can invite whoever you like, of course. Let's enjoy the night together!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Cellist Augusta

After watching the Sky Philharmonic Orchestra rehearse at the concert hall, the crew heads to a nearby cafeteria and finds Augusta performing outside as festive crowds dance to her music.

The Sky Philharmonic Orchestra is the most influential of all the musical ensembles in the sky.
(Captain) and company are providing security for the orchestra during its 100th anniversary concert tour.
Narita: There are four entrances into the venue: the main and side entrance, and two more in the back.
The crew is being shown around by Narita. He's a disciple of the orchestra's music director and conductor emeritus, Nobiyo.
Vyrn: So we just need to man these four entrances!
Lyria: Hmm... I think we can pull this off if we all work together!
Narita: The back entrances are only for staff, but it wouldn't hurt to play it safe.
Narita: Ah, that reminds me! The rehearsal's about to begin. Would you like to have a look?
Vyrn: Sure, that sounds fun!
Lyria: Ooh, I want to see it too!
Narita: Great! Please follow me.
Narita leads them to the seats with the clearest view of the entire stage.
Orchestra members buzz around onstage prepping for rehearsal.
Vyrn: (Ooh, they're about to start!)
Lyria: (Wow, that's a lot of people!)
Narita: That's Novei. She leads the first violin section as the concertmaster.
Narita points to a girl giving instructions to the others onstage.
Novei: Is everyone ready?
Pamela: Y-yes!
Augusta: Haha, you won't last during the real performance if you're already nervous at rehearsal.
Pamela: Ah... Uh, okay!
Augusta: Well, that's not much different, is it? C'mon, relax, Pamela.
Cecile: I've been ready.
Robertina: How about a snack, then?
Cecile: Hm? Sure, I'll take it.
Novei: Ahem, one last thing before we start.
The others straighten their posture at her serious tone.
Novei: Our performance the other day went well. It was our first time performing under the new system, but we've been getting fantastic reviews thanks to everyone's best efforts.
Novei: The big 100th anniversary concert is next, so let's up the ante and give them a truly unforgettable experience!
Novei: Now, please begin tuning.
The sound of instruments tuning harmoniously fills the tranquil concert hall.
???: ...
Just then, an imposing figure appears before the performers.
Narita: That's Nobiyo, the conductor emeritus of our orchestra.
Vyrn: Hey, he seems like a really nice guy!
Lyria: I thought it would be someone really scary.
Nobiyo's ears perk up at the sounds of the orchestra warming up.
However, the tuning stops when the members notice Nobiyo.
Nobiyo: It's fine, keep playing.
Novei: Um, well, I thought you would be leading...
Nobiyo: Oh? Is it my turn?
Novei: If you would do the honors.
Nobiyo clears his throat.
Nobiyo: Well, if you insist. Let me hear your melody.
Nobiyo flashes a smile at Novei.
Novei: Y-yes!
Nobiyo: All set?
Nobiyo gets into position on the podium and checks with Novei.
Novei lets out a deep breath and begins playing at the exact moment Nobiyo begins waving his baton.
The entire orchestra begins playing in perfect unison, enveloping (Captain) and company in a glorious homophony.
Nobiyo: ...
Novei: ...
The dynamic sounds from Novei's violin serve as a guidepost for the other members.
Nobiyo: ...
Augusta: ...
The gentle and warm accompaniment from Augusta's cello embraces Novei's melody.
Nobiyo: ...
Cecile: ...
Cecile holds a commanding presence with her piercing high notes.
Nobiyo: ...
Pamela: ...
Pamela, on the other hand, fills the concert hall with a soft, pleasant treble.
Nobiyo: ...
Robertina: ...
Robertina supports the others with a rich, deep bass that elevates the performance to heavenly heights.
Absorbed in the beautiful harmony, the rehearsal comes to a close all too soon.
(Captain) and company remain speechless for a few moments, astounded by the breathtaking performance.
Vyrn: Whoa! That was amazing... I don't know much about music, but you guys rock!
Lyria: Wow... Wasn't that incredible, (Captain)? I loved it, Narita!
Narita: Ah, why, thank you!
Nobiyo hasn't moved an inch from the podium.
Novei: Um, Nobiyo?
Nobiyo: Good work, everyone. That'll be it for today.
Novei: Thank you.
Nobiyo: Ah, right. Come see me later, Novei.
Novei: Okay.
Nobiyo walks off the stage with an upbeat smile.
Novei: Great job, everyone.
Novei: All section leaders meet up later backstage.
Cecile: Well, I'll see you guys soon.
Augusta: Today's rehearsal ended pretty fast.
Robertina: My shoulders are stiff.
Pamela: Will you be okay?
Robertina: Yeah, it always gets like this.
One by one, they clear the stage of their instruments and leave the premises.
Narita: Um, do you guys have some time after this?
Vyrn: Hm? Sure, but what for?
Narita: Well, I was thinking of introducing you all to the orchestra members.
Lyria: Yes, I'd love to talk to everyone!
Narita: Very well, I'll introduce you once they're done.
Narita gives the orchestra members some time to rest before bringing in (Captain) and company.
Meanwhile, the section leaders meet up backstage to reflect on the day's events.
Novei: Again, great job today.
Cecile: You too, Novei.
Robertina: I can have one of those snacks, right?
Augusta: Go for it! I'll grab one too!
Novei: So does anyone have anything to say about today's performance?
Pamela timidly speaks up.
Pamela: Um, not to be a wet blanket, but...
Pamela: Well, I was wondering if we'd really be okay going on like this...
Cecile: What do you mean by that? Our performance today was no different than usual.
Pamela: I don't know how to say this...
Novei: It's okay. Speak your mind.
Augusta: Pamela can be really perceptive.
Augusta: Did you notice something we didn't?
Robertina: You know, I'm not really in the mood for snacks after all...
Augusta: Yeah, you barely touched anything on your plate, Tina.
Cecile: Enough about the snacks.
Cecile: Pamela, tell us what you're thinking. Take all the time you need.
Pamela: Thank you, Cecile.
Pamela: We're rehearsing for a concert tour to celebrate the founding of this orchestra. That's a far cry from our usual performances.
Pamela: I'm really feeling the pressure, more so than ever.
Pamela: Also, it's going be the legendary Nobiyo who'll be conducting us, not Narita like we're used to.
Pamela: I'm kind of scared how this might go. Or maybe, I'm just feeling impatient.
Cecile: Well... The orchestra did feel a little different today.
Augusta: Now that you mention it, the cellos in my section did seem a bit stiff.
Robertina: Ah, no wonder there are so many snacks left over.
Novei is entrenched in deep thought.
Novei: Thank you, Pamela.
Pamela: Huh?
Novei: I know how you feel, Pamela. Touring the skies with Nobiyo has always been my dream.
Novei: We have to do absolutely everything we can to make it turn out well.
Novei: My heart's been racing, telling me we have to surpass our current selves—
Just then, they hear a knock on the door followed by Narita and the crew walking in.
Narita: Oh, sorry. Were you in the middle of a meeting?
Novei: No, it's all right.
Novei: Who are those people behind you?
Narita: (Captain) here leads a brilliant crew of skyfarers.
Narita: They've been assigned to protect us on our concert tour across the skies.
Narita proceeds with the introductions.
Lyria: We watched your rehearsal just now!
Lyria: And it was incredible!
Vyrn: It was so good it brought tears to my eyes!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Novei: Haha, I'm glad to hear that. Thanks.
Novei: I'm Novei, concertmaster of this orchestra. It's nice to meet you.
Cecile: Greetings, Captain. I'm Cecile and I play the trumpet.
Augusta: Augusta here. I play the cello.
Augusta: It's impressive seeing so many youths as skyfarers!
Pamela: Um, I'm Pamela. I play the flute. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Robertina: My name's Robertina. I play the tuba and love snacks of all kind.
Lyria: Yay! I love snacks too!
Robertina: Really? Would you like one of these then?
Lyria: Hurray! Thank you so much!
Vyrn: Haha, looks like you have a new snacking buddy, Lyria!
Lyria: Yes! We'll do our best to support everyone and make the tour a success!
The crew and orchestra members finish exchanging greetings.
Novei: Do you girls have any plans after this?
Cecile: I'm going straight home. See you all tomorrow.
Robertina: I have something to take care of. Bye.
Augusta: Well, if everyone's leaving, I guess I'm leaving too.
Pamela: Um, I'm going to stay and practice.
Novei: All right, good night everyone. See you here tomorrow.
Narita: Thanks for visiting today, (Captain). Feel free to walk around the premises as you please.
Vyrn: Well, what should we do now, (Captain)?
The crew uses its free time to get to know the orchestra members better.
As they leave the premises, they find a sign for a cafeteria.
Vyrn: Ooh, look, look! There's a cafeteria right around the corner!
Vyrn: I'm beat! Let's take a break there and grab some food while we're at it!
Lyria: Sounds good to me!
Lyria: Except... it looks like people are lined up outside. It might be packed right now.
Vyrn: You're right. I'll go take a look first.
Vyrn: Whoa! You two need to take a look at this!
(Captain) and Lyria turn the corner to see what the fuss is about.
There, they find a crowd cheerfully dancing along to a cello performance.
Augusta: Ahaha, this is great!
Lyria: Wait, isn't that... It's Augusta playing the cello!
Vyrn: Haha, she's got the whole crowd on their feet!
Augusta: And now for the finale!
As the performance ends with an intense climax, a resounding applause fills the streets.
Augusta: Much appreciated, everyone! I hope you had as much fun dancing as I had playing!
  1. Clap.
  2. Call out to Augusta.

Choose: Clap.
Lyria: Wow, you're amazing, Augusta!

Choose: Call out to Augusta.
Continue 1
Lyria: Augusta, over here!
Continue 2
Augusta: Hm? Ah, you're the skyfarers from before!
Lyria: That was an amazing performance! Everyone was having so much fun!
Vyrn: Surprised to see you here, though! Was that for work?
Augusta: Nah. The food was so good, I just kinda... started playing.
Augusta: Playing music on the spot for passing crowds is a blast, too, y'know.
Vyrn: Really? I always thought music was more...
Augusta: Hehe. More formal?
Augusta: Music's something to just kick back and enjoy. Doesn't matter where. Doesn't matter how.
Lyria: Wow, I never thought of it that way!
Augusta: Ahaha. What brings you guys here anyway? Let me guess: the food?
Vyrn: Bingo! Why don't you join... Oh, right. You ate already.
Augusta: It's fine. Besides, I couldn't possibly turn down an offer to eat somewhere.
Augusta: Well, except for the fact that I made a promise to perform elsewhere.
Augusta: Sorry. Maybe next time!
Vyrn: Sure thing! You sure you're not overworking yourself, though?
Augusta: Hm? What do you mean?
Vyrn: Well, there's rehearsal tomorrow too, right? You're gonna tucker yourself out if you keep going.
Augusta: Ah, no worries there. I never get tired when I'm having fun!
Augusta: I'll catch you all later then!
Lyria: Bye! See you later!
Vyrn and Lyria see Augusta off, all the while impressed with how lively she is.
Vyrn: You'd think she'd get tired playing a giant instrument like that!
Lyria: I have a feeling it'd just fall on top of me if I tried...
Vyrn: And she didn't seem tired or out of breath at all! Musicians are really something!
Lyria: Right? Just watching that performance made me want to start dancing!
Vyrn: Yup! Anyway, let's get some food already!
Lyria: Yeah, I'm starving!
And thus, the first day of rehearsal comes to a close.
(Captain) and company return to the Grandcypher, eager to hear the music awaiting them on the following day.

Will to Entertain

Driven by Nobiyo to recall the emotions that led her to become a musician, Augusta returns to her hometown with the help of the crew.

(Captain) and company once again visit the concert hall to watch the orchestra rehearse.
The crew and Narita watch the proceedings from the auditorium seats.
Novei: All right, let's give it our all today, everyone.
Cecile: (Ugh, my head hurts. I should've gone to bed earlier...)
Augusta: (Haha, yesterday was a blast!)
Robertina: (Ouch, my muscles are still sore. I must've strained myself...)
Pamela: (All that practice came in handy and I'll show it today!)
Nobiyo appears before the orchestra members.
Novei: Good morning.
Nobiyo: Morning.
Novei: We've finished warming up. We can begin at any moment.
Nobiyo: Good, thanks.
Nobiyo stands on the podium, and after taking a long look at all the faces onstage, begins speaking.
Nobiyo: All of you seated here today possess extraordinary talent.
Nobiyo: You were chosen because you are the cream of the crop.
Nobiyo: But you know, music is a strange thing. Even if the performance is awful, it can still touch the hearts of the listeners.
Nobiyo: Why do you think that is?
Nobiyo gazes into the eyes of each member in the orchestra.
Nobiyo: It all comes down to emotion. There's emotion in every beat of music, and that is what touches us.
Nobiyo: I believe that when it all comes together as an unrelenting cascade of emotion...
Nobiyo: That, is when the most sublime of music is born.
Nobiyo: Which is why I'm going to ask you all to try to remember the emotions that led you on to the path of a musician.
Nobiyo: I want you all to seize the emotions that exist in each and every one of you, and create the most magnificent music you possibly can.
An ineffable silence fills the concert hall.
Nobiyo: I'm sorry to throw this on you so soon before the tour.
Nobiyo: But I get the feeling this is precisely what we're in need of right now.
Novei: ...
Augusta: ...
Robertina: ...
Pamela: ...
Cecile: ...
Nobiyo: Well, that's it for today's rehearsal.
Nobiyo: Narita, I'll leave the rest to you.
Narita: Of course!
Nobiyo bows to (Captain) and company on his way out.
Nobiyo: I'm sorry to drag you guys into this, but...
Nobiyo: If it's not too much to ask, will you support them in this endeavor?
(Captain) nods reassuringly.
Nobiyo: Thank you.
Nobiyo continues his way out of the concert hall.
The orchestra members are bewildered at the sudden development.
Novei: ...
Narita: I'll send everyone further details as we go on, but you're dismissed for now.
Narita: And I need the section leaders to gather backstage.
Novei: Okay, let's clear the stage!
A weighty atmosphere fills the room backstage as the section leaders enter.
Novei: The emotions we felt when we first decided to pursue this path?
Cecile: So basically, we just have to remember and seize whatever that was?
Cecile: Seems like a hassle, but we'll just have to step it up.
Augusta: I'll have to visit my parents at their shop.
Pamela: I want to see what my parents think too...
Cecile: So you two are going to see your parents. Come to think of it, I got into music through my family too...
Robertina: Then I'm going to go meet the gods.
Cecile: The gods? What's that supposed to mean?
Robertina: Heehee, I just need to meet the tuba god.
Robertina speaks with a fearless smile.
Cecile: Heh, I dunno about that. It sounds like something you'd say though.
Cecile: As for me, I suppose I'll be taking a trip back to the countryside.
Cecile: I'm sure you've got a plan, Novei.
Novei: Yes, there's a place I'll have to visit too. Thank you, Cecile.
Cecile: Nah, I didn't do anything special.
Cecile: It's just that I'd hate it if I wasn't able to help any of you succeed.
Cecile: Here's the deal: failure is not an option. Always get back up if you fall. That's what I believe.
Cecile: It's all-or-nothing, girls.
The others smile at Cecile's little motivational speech.
Meanwhile, an apologetic Narita appears before the crew.
Narita: I hate to ask for so many favors, but I have to stay here to handle preparations for the concert tour.
Narita: (Captain), would it be possible for you to help the girls on their journey?
Vyrn: You bet! We travel everywhere and we'll have no trouble getting them around!
Novei: Thank you so much, (Captain).
Lyria: Let's go then, (Captain)!
The crew accompanies the girls on their journey.
Augusta: The emotions I first felt getting into music?
Augusta: Meh. It's not like I get to go home often, so I might as well enjoy this!
Vyrn: You gonna be okay? This sounds like a tough assignment.
Augusta: Well, the emotions I've felt with music have never changed.
Augusta: My parents run a cafe, and their focus has always been on entertaining customers.
Augusta: Their influence rubbed off on me, and I grew up wanting everyone around me to enjoy themselves.
Vyrn: Seeing how lively your performances are, I guess your upbringing really made a difference.
Augusta: It's for that very reason that I took up music—to one day entertain people.
Augusta: I asked a musician in town for music lessons, and he just so happened to play the cello.
Vyrn: Haha, that sounds just like you! Is it okay if we drop by the cafe? I've love to meet your parents.
Augusta: Of course! In fact, I was thinking of dragging you along!
Lyria: Hey, everyone! We're almost at Augusta's hometown.
Vyrn: All righty! Let's get ready for the landing!

Will to Entertain: Scene 2

A crowd gathers in Augusta's family cafe to hear her riveting performance. When her mother suddenly falls ill, Augusta has a heartfelt conversation that helps her remember why she first took up music.

The crew arrives in Augusta's hometown and heads for her parents' cafe.
Augusta's Father: It's a pleasure to have you, everyone. Enjoying the coffee?
Augusta's Father: We ground our finest beans today in celebration of Augusta's return, and in anticipation of a successful concert tour!
Augusta: Thanks, Dad!
Augusta's Father: Ah, it's been over a decade since the day I realized how talented you were, Augusta.
Augusta's Father: The idea of my daughter playing the cello seemed like a strange joke. But then I heard you play!
Augusta: Sigh. There you go again, Dad!
Customer 1: Hahaha, it's no biggie. We're totally used to it by now!
Customer 2: Mm! I could drink this coffee all day!
Augusta's Father: I'll drink to that!
The regulars at the cafe are all present to celebrate Augusta's return.
Vyrn: Ack, this is spicy! What kind of snack is this? I've never had anything like it!
Customer 1: Ain't it the best? It's even better with some chili sauce!
Lyria: What about cooling it off with some chilly sauce?
Customer 2: Good one, Lyria! Why don't you try this next? Nothing extra needed!
Augusta: Hey, stop foisting your weird foods on Lyria, already!
Augusta's Mother: What a fine young group of skyfarers... Is there something wrong with the coffee, Augusta?
Augusta: I was just about to drink it, Mom.
Augusta: Glug!
Augusta's Mother: There's always more!
Anyway, how are you getting along with everyone in the orchestra?
Augusta: I'm getting along just fine. Everyone's been really nice to me so far!
Augusta: How are things here? Anything new?
Augusta's Mother: Not really. It does get awfully busy though.
Augusta: You still have so much food on your plate, Mom. Losing your appetite in old age?
Augusta's Mother: Hey, no picking on your elders! I'm at work now, even if it doesn't look like it.
Vyrn: Hold it! That chicken is mine!
Augusta's Father: Gahaha! What can I say? I'm hungry. We'll make you some more after this, okay?
Augusta: You were saying?
Augusta's Mother: Sigh. Sorry about that, Vyrn. Augusta's father is such a handful sometimes.
Augusta: Ahaha! I'm feeling a song coming on, everyone!
Customer 1: Awww yeah, I've been waiting for this! It's been too long!
Customer 2: Yeah! Augusta's cello is the best! Bring it home, girl!
Augusta picks up her cello and begins playing a cheery, melodious tune.
Soon the entire cafe is dancing along.
Vyrn: Woo-hoo! Let's dance, Lyria!
Lyria: Okay!
Augusta's Father: Hahaha, isn't our daughter just amazing? It all comes from you, honey.
Augusta's Mother: You're too kind. We both know she got it from you. Seeing her like this reminds me of how she used to play here every day.
Augusta's Mother: It feels like such a long time ago...
Augusta's Mother: Cough, cough!
Augusta: Huh? M-mom?
Augusta's Father: Someone grab me the medicine from that shelf!
Vyrn: Is this it?
Augusta's Father: Thanks!
Here we go, honey!
Augusta: What happened? What's the medicine for? Oh no...
Lyria: Hang in there, Augusta! Let's get your mom to her room!
The crew is relieved to see Augusta's mother feeling better.
Augusta: Is she sick?
Augusta's Father: The doctor said it's nothing to lose sleep over.
Augusta's Father: But it'll be some time before she fully recovers. She's cut down her usual workload, but today—
Augusta: Why didn't you tell me? You could've sent a letter!
Augusta's Father: Your mother stopped me. Said you'd drop everything you were doing and come right back if you found out—even if that meant giving up music.
Augusta: Of course I would! I'm watching over Mom from now on. I'll help with the shop, too!
Augusta's Father: Don't be ridiculous! I can handle things myself. You need to concentrate on your music!
Augusta: Ugh! You're so stubborn, Dad!
Vyrn: Whoa, now! Let's all take a deep breath and talk it out.
Lyria: Oh, your mom's coming to, Augusta!
Augusta's Mother: I'm sorry if I startled you, dear.
Augusta: Dad told me everything, Mom. But don't worry; I'll be watching over you now!
Augusta's Mother: Haha... You know we can't have that.
Augusta: But why?
Augusta's Mother: Any job that involves bringing joy to others takes determination.
Augusta: What do you mean?
Augusta's Mother: This may be a tiny cafe, but we have to be ready to entertain the customers that come here... day and night, rain or shine.
Augusta's Mother: In much the same way, you have the power to wash away the pain and sorrow of people all across the sky.
Augusta's Mother: It's only right that you make use of your talent.
Augusta: B-but Mom...
Augusta's Mother: Haha... You're the pride and joy of my life, Augusta. I'm sure Dad would say the same thing.
Augusta's Mother: Don't worry about my condition. Knowing you're out there entertaining people makes me happier than anything else.
Augusta's Mother: Okay, Augusta?
Augusta: Oh, Mom...
Augusta's Father: Maybe it's just us, but we consider your audience to be no different from our customers here.
Augusta's Father: So go get 'em, sweetie! We're all rooting for you!
Augusta: Dad...
Augusta: ...
Augusta: Okay! I'm gonna make the entire sky cry tears of joy!
Augusta: No matter where or when, I'll always be ready to entertain people. Just like I learned from you!
Vyrn: And we'll be there to help! Right, guys?
Lyria: Of course! Let's do our best, Augusta!
Augusta: Heck yeah! Time to get fired up!
Seeing how determined her parents are, Augusta recalls the emotions that drove her to become a musician in the first place.
Auguste prays for her mother's swift recovery. Ingrained with her father's resolve, she rests up in preparation for the upcoming performance.

Will to Entertain: Scene 3

All members of the Sky Philharmonic Orchestra return from their mini-adventures just in time for opening day of the 100th anniversary concert tour. They each perform with renewed passion, signifying a rebirth of the orchestra.

It's a full house on the opening day of the Sky Philharmonic Orchestra's 100th anniversary concert tour.
Narita: We're about to start and our section leaders have not returned. This is unprecedented!
Nobiyo: Oh relax. It'll be fine, since it's those kids.
Narita: How can you say it's fine! There's only ten minutes left!
Nobiyo: If worst comes to worst, we'll just have to step in and keep the crowd entertained.
Narita: What? But we've never prepared for anything like that!
Nobiyo: Well, I did kind of lord it over them.
Nobiyo: It's only fair that I take some responsibility, you know?
Narita: Sigh, I just hope this doesn't backfire.
Nobiyo: Well then, shall we get in there and warm up the crowd with an impromptu act?
Narita: We have our hands full with conducting; how are we going to pull off an impromptu act!
Just as Nobiyo tries to drag Narita onstage, a clamor suddenly arises from the crowd.
The two look out into the audience to see the orchestra section leaders and the crew, out of breath, cutting across the auditorium seats.
Novei: Sorry, passing through!
Augusta: Hey, hey! Make way, please!
Robertina: Phew, I'm tired from running.
Augusta: How about I carry you there, Tina?
Robertina: No thanks. I'm not a kid, you know.
Pamela: Ah! Tina, you dropped your snacks!
Pamela: Eek!
Cecile: Pamela! Are you okay?
Cecile immediately lifts Pamela up in her arms.
Pamela: Thanks, Cecile...
Vyrn: Go, go, go, the stage is right there! We can do this!
Lyria: I wonder if it was okay for us to come along like this, (Captain).
(Captain) grabs her arm and leaps on to the stage.
Nobiyo: Hahaha, this is too good!
Nobiyo: It's as if we've already reached the crescendo!
Narita: Whew, talk about a close one! I guess I was worried for nothing.
The section leaders find their seats.
(Captain) and company spot Nobiyo and Narita on the stage wing and rush over to them.
Narita: (Captain)! How is everyone?
Lyria: They're ready to go!
Nobiyo: Haha, I could already tell from your faces!
Vyrn: They did their best out there! You'll hear it in their performances!
The crew has felt for themselves the emotions that led the section leaders down the path of music.
They wish for the audience to experience those very same emotions.
Nobiyo: Well, it looks like they've finished tuning. I'd better get up there.
Narita: We've kept the fans waiting long enough!
Narita: Go get 'em, Nobiyo!
Nobiyo: Well, let's get this show on the road!
A thunderous applause shakes the concert hall the moment Nobiyo appears onstage.
Narita looks on with admiration at the world-renowned Nobiyo.
Vyrn: Hey, Narita. Why did you decide to study under Nobiyo?
Narita: Hmm, well...
Narita chooses his words carefully.
Narita: I guess it's because Nobiyo is someone who truly believes music can change the world for the better.
Lyria: Hm, change the world with music?
Narita: Yes. Anyone who's ever attended a performance conducted by Nobiyo would say the same thing.
Narita: Music transports us to another world—it takes us on an unforgettable journey that stays with us.
Narita: Even when we return to our normal lives, we find ourselves more optimistic than before.
Narita: It's almost like a magic spell that never wears off.
Lyria: How fantastic! He's like a wizard of music!
On stage, Nobiyo makes eye contact with each member of the orchestra.
Nobiyo: (Well then, are we ready to play the most incredible music the audience has ever heard?)
Novei: (Absolutely! Let's do this, everyone!)
Pamela: (I'm ready to go!)
Augusta: (100th anniversaries don't come all that often. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts!)
Robertina: (I'm gonna party all night with snacks when this is over.)
Cecile: (I was born ready! Let's totally knock their socks off!)
Nobiyo gets into position on the podium and checks with Novei.
Novei lets out a deep breath and begins playing at the exact moment Nobiyo begins waving his baton.
The entire orchestra begins playing in perfect unison, enveloping the audience in a glorious homophony.
The indescribably transcendent music stirs emotions deep within the audience.
Individual undertones from each member begin to stand out, filling the concert hall with a dreamlike quality.
On this day, the Sky Philharmonic Orchestra is reborn upon the stage.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
なんばしよっとー? What do you think you're doing?
ウチに任せんしゃい I've got this!
邪魔するなら、容赦せんとー? Get in my way, and you'll be sorry.
んー?何か弾いてほしいと? Hm? You wanna hear me play something?
ナーヴェは頼れる友達ったい! Novei is such a reliable friend!
ベルチーはおやつ大王やけん! Tina's the queen of sweets!
パメラちゃんはかわいいなぁ♪ Pamela is sooo cute!
セシールは飲み友達ばい! Cecile's the one to call when eating out!
(主人公)も、チェロ弾いてみるー? (Captain), wanna try playing the cello?
(主人公)に、故郷の言葉はなかと? (Captain), do you ever miss home?