Blade of Bahamut Coda

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Rarity SSR.png
Blade of Bahamut Coda
Icon Blue Star Full.pngCan be uncapped to 4★
Blade of Bahamut Coda.png

Label Weapon Katana.png HP ATK
Level 1 26 440
Level 100 179 2620
Level 150 209 3060
Crafted from Blade of Bahamut Nova square.jpg Blade of Bahamut Nova
Obtain Bahamut Weapons

ID 1040904400
JP Name バハムートブレイド・フツルス
JP Title 祖龍刀
Release Date
4★ Date

This blade represents the uncompromising heart of the supreme dragon. The empty, all-knowing eyes pierce the core of everything, and with one silent swing, it devours.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Reginleiv Massive dark DMG to a foe / Boost to ATK
Weapon Skills
Ws skill race hp 3.png
Draph Animus Utopia Boost to Draphs HP
Ws skill race da 3.png
Draph Animus Parity Boost to Draph multiattack rate
Sword Master Skills
Effect Cooldown Duration Cost
Awaken Big
Status AttackUpStack.pngATK Up (Stackable)ATK is boosted while active (Stackable)

Duration: 5 turns
to all parties
10T 5T -
Resonance Boost to
Status TripleUp.pngTA UpTriple attack rate is boosted

Duration: 1 turns
8T 1T Costs 3 energy
Attack Inflict
Status DefenseDown.pngDEF DownDEF is lowered

Duration: 180 seconds
- 180S Costs 1 energy
Defend Restore 2 energy and inflict
Status DefenseDownStack.pngDEF Down (Stackable)DEF is lowered (Stackable)

Duration: indefinite
on self.
- - -
Coda Bahamut Weapons
Sword of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg
Dagger of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg
Spear of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg
Axe of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg
Staff of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg
Pistol of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg
Fist of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg
Bow of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg
Harp of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg
Blade of Bahamut Coda icon.jpg