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Colossus is one of the bosses of the main islands. He's first encountered in Valtz Duchy (バルツ公国) and has four different forms: Normal, Hard, Extreme (Magna) and High Level. Every fight against him outside of the story is a Multi-Battle fight.


HP Host Join Diamonds
450,000 Rank 10
15 AP
1 EP 3
Pendants 4 ?? Rarity R.png bonus: 3
Rarity SR.png bonus: 2
Wooden Silver Gold Red

Colossus [HARD][edit]

HP Host Join Diamonds
1,080,000 Rank 20
25 AP
3 EP 3
Pendants 12 ?? Rarity R.png bonus: 6
Rarity SR.png bonus: 3
Wooden Silver Gold Red

Colossus Omega [EXTREME][edit]

Colossus Omega.png
Type Magna Raid
Element Label Element Fire.png
Cost to summon 50 AP and 3 Golden Colossus Anima
Cost to join 3 EP
HP 13 million
Ougi beads  ?
Minimum contribution needed 1500

Colossus is one of the six Magnas in the game. To summon him you have to go to Zinkenstill (ザンクティンゼル), the first Island.


Shelter (シェルター)
AOE damage
Water Resist up on self
Defense up on self
20,000 hp regen per turn on self
Attack down on self
Prominence Reactor (プロミネンスリアクター)
AOE damage
Defense down on self
Attack down on self
Dimension (次元)
Single target, very high damage

Dimension triggers as ougi at 30%, 20%, 10% and 5%.

SSR Weapon Drops[edit]

258 HP
1960 ATK / 2290 ATK
Attack Up (Large)
160 HP
2450 ATK / 2860 ATK
Health UP (Large)
223 HP
2135 ATK / 2490 ATK
Counter (Large)
??? HP
2425 ATK / 2830 ATK
Last Stand (Large)

Colossus Magna [HIGH LEVEL][edit]

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