Imperial General Adam

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Imperial General Adam
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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Unknown.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Tarusuke Shingaki
NameJP エルステ帝国軍 大将アダム
Voice ActorJP 新垣樽助
ID 3990353000
Release Date

A soldier in the Erste Imperial Army, Adam possess the rank of Admiral. Adam has been a loyal subject since the days of the Erste Kingdom, but his history and origin are shrouded in mystery. Such information is highly classified, known only to the highest ranking officials in the empire. Having more power than Lieutenant Admiral Gandharva will admit, Adam is in charge of overseeing Erste's national defense. He presides over the imperial capital Agastia, defending it and the surrounding areas.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
As a surviving dinosaur of the Erste Kingdom, let me congratulate you.
You and your crew will never be forgotten by Erste history.
That is why you must make your mark in the future as well, young skyfarer.
I am sure that one day your name will be a part of all history recorded throughout the skies.
I await the day when your name is whispered throughout the vast blue.


A machine can undergo slight variations based on the experience and knowledge it stores.
But data accumulation cannot compare to the way people naturally grow through life experiences.
Happy birthday, (Captain).
Even if you have not noticed it yourself, you are becoming a shining example of who a person should be.
Never lose faith in yourself, and guide us ever onward.


Ah, this most wonderful day of the year has come again. Happy birthday, (Captain).
Although I don't get many chances to drop by the Grandcypher...
I must say the joyful atmosphere here is always a pleasure to take in.
It is surely the result of all your hard work and good graces, (Captain).
I have no doubt that you will one day lead not only this crew, but all of the skies toward a brighter future.
I humbly await that day.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Accounts of your journey have reached us here in the Erste.
They give me hope about the future of our skydom.
But they also bring me regret because unlike your crew, I cannot be at your side.
Still, it is my duty to protect Erste and be its unyielding foundation.
And by fulfilling my duty, I hope to one day build Erste into a place of strength that you may turn to in times of need.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
Today is the year's turning point. The biggest change occurs now.
Take this time to examine your physical well-being.
Unlike myself, the beauty found in others hides a deep frailty...
Living day to day, I assume it's difficult to notice that change.
A person's life is such a rare thing... Please treasure it.


Happy New Year.
You're all dressed up. Can I assume you're about to take your first shrine visit of the new year?
Then please take this. It's a hand warmer produced using repurposed golem technology.
I understand the importance of offering a prayer for the new year, but it will all be for naught if the weather negatively affects your body.
I will have hot drinks ready when you return. Please do not linger too long in the cold.


(Captain), happy New Year. You're up quite early.
Heading out for the first sunrise of the year, and not the first shrine visit?
It will surely be cold outside right now. Remember the hand warmers from last year? Please take them with you when you go.
You'd like me to join you? I suppose I also exude a good amount of heat...
No, I'm not busy at the moment. I'd be happy to come with.
I'm fascinated to see why, out of all the sunrises in the year, people choose to watch only the first.


Good morning, (Captain). Hoping to catch the first sunrise this year?
I see. Would you mind if I joined you?
I could keep you warm, just like last time...
Thank you. Now, if I could only be so bold as to make one more request...
The truth is, I heard from the castle staff about a place where daybreak is even more beautiful.
I wanted to take you there this year.
There's no need for tokens of gratitude. Your smile would be more than enough.
Let's set out then. And keep close to me for warmth.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Valentine's Day chocolate... I am aware of this custom.
Thank you, (Captain).
Actually, I received chocolate like this from Lady Orchis.
As a golem, I was made to serve the people.
I therefore find it strange that I should be on the receiving end of anything.
In these situations, how should I respond...
At the same time, there is something inside me that becomes elated...
Does it please you to know that, (Captain)?


Thank you for the chocolates, (Captain).
Though I am at a loss as to whether or not receiving them from you is admissible.
Whenever I receive a gift from you, unexpected activity occurs within me.
It couldn't have been anticipated at the time I was manufactured, nor is it wholly unpleasant, and yet...
Might I ask how you would deal with such an issue,(Captain)?

White Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), this is in return for what you gave me on Valentine's Day. Here is my White Day present.
I alone did not have the confidence to choose a gift, so I chose based on what is currently held in high regard.
This is an extremely popular sweet, so it took some time to procure.
The effort will have been worth it if it pleases you, (Captain).


(Captain), were the sweets I gave you last year to your liking?
I have also prepared a White Day gift for you this year.
I was not interested in merely chasing a flavor of the month.
Over the past year, I analyzed your preferences in order to select the most suitable taste.
We machines are highly optimized for analytics.
Nothing would please me more than to see you grow more familiar with golems, (Captain).


Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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I am aware of Halloween customs...
But as I serve the people, I cannot possibly perform the often spoke of trick.
I must admit that I enjoy the spirit that is brought out in both adults and children.
That is why I have decided to make treats for the occasion.
(Captain), will you pass these out to the children in town?
They were just made so do be careful not to burn yourself.


(Captain), please. A moment of your time.
Orchis has instructed me to participate in this year's Halloween festivities.
However, as you may recall from what I said last year, a golem is not allowed to scare people.
Which is why I want you to spare no effort in scaring me, (Captain).
If I mimic your every move, I should be able to play tricks on people, even if it is not my intent to do so.
I await the arrival of your unprecedented, world-shattering prank that will shock me to my core.


(Captain), you've come.
Yes, I am here for the festivities under Orchis's orders once again.
Thanks to your demonstration of a world-shattering prank last year, I now have the confidence to perform some of my own.
The problem is that my tricks are too frightening... Children now run in fear at the sight of me.
Can I ask you to teach me how to tone down my tricks?
I mimicked your trick in its full glory. If you could perhaps show me a lesser form of it...
Of course, you will not go unrewarded for this favor. I'm sure you will find this mountain of treats to your liking.


Trick or treat!
Oh, er, with my constitution, sweets are— Never mind. Thank you very much.
(Captain), I didn't notice you watching.
Yes, thanks to your aid, I now know how to take part in Halloween festivities.
And as a result, I've begun receiving large quantities of sweets.
But I am a golem made solely to serve humans.
I wish to give more than I take...
However, very few people will say "trick or treat" to me... Am I so imposing a figure?
Come with me? Yes, I suppose it will make me seem more approachable but... Are you certain that's how you want to spend your Halloween?
Very well. Then I'll avail myself of your kindness for a day.

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Is it the holy night?
Yes, of course I know a thing or two about this event
And if only knowledge were enough...
But I've never experienced it with my own eyes. I wouldn't know what to do.
(Captain), you seem to be quite accustomed to this night.
Would you be my instructor in all that my knowledge alone cannot help me understand?


Experience outweighs knowledge. That is the lesson I took away from last year's holy night festivities.
I am a servant to the Erste Kingdom and consequently to the people of Erste.
However, knowledge alone isn't enough to understand people. How can I serve those I cannot understand?
Thus the best way to perform my inherited duty is to accumulate a wealth of various experiences.
Moreover, you would be doing me a great service by sharing with me your expertise in the customs of this holiday season.


(Captain), happy holidays.
Was that the correct greeting for this holy night?
Thank goodness. I spent some time properly studying the customs of the holiday this year.
Expanding the breadth of my knowledge can only prove to be a boon, after all.
However, there was something I did not quite understand in my studies. Who is this Santa Claus that people celebrate?
It seems absurd to me that an elderly man could ride a sled through the sky and manage to deliver presents all in one evening...
Perhaps you could spend tonight aiding me in my research. Would you mind?