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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Yo man, this is your day!
Enjoy every second as if it was a blessin'!
Let's hear it for our captain! C'mon everyone, keep on clappin'!


Your birthday, Cap'. Congrats! Happy birthday!
So, today's the day your life began? Then Captain, it's time for a celebration!
Word to your mother for bringing you to the sky.
Word to your father for teaching you to fly.
And word to you, (Captain), for being my friend.
You made it this far, you're doing great, and now you're a year older. So...
That means you've got a lot to be thankful for. And we gotta show that gratitude, yo!
That's why I think today is a really happy day. It's your happy birthday.
Super happy birthday to you, Captain! Props to you. May you always have something to be grateful for.


Yo, (Captain)! You happy? Feelin' blue? Well, cheer up cuz it's your birthday, it's true!
Man, I'm so lucky to be in yo crew.
Feel like I need to rap out my feelin's to you.
Maybe it's soppy, but what the hey.
A man's gotta say what a man's gotta say.
To the cap'n of cap'ns, the best of my friends,
From the bottom of my heart, hope our broship never ends. Laugh it up. Bottoms up. Always gonna back you up.
Yo. Today's your day, so live it your way.
Happy birthday, (Captain). Mad respect.


Happy birthday, my Cap!
Can't cut the cake before the birthday song!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Ballah-of-the-Skyfarers, aka (Captain)!
Happy birthday to you! Whoo!
Aw man, your face says it all. You ain't down with it unless it's a freestyle.
Okay, I'll serve up a phat beat before the candle wax hits the frosting! Check this out!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, Cap'! Let's go out and have a good time!
Just a little fun with my number one, (Captain)!


Happy New Year! Out with the old year! Bring in that good cheer!
Huh? You don't get it, Captain?
This is my New Year's greeting for you!
If you wanna ring it in, raise the roof and let's begin! Find a cool MC and we'll start the party!
Yo, Captain! This year, J.J.'s bringing it to ya! This is where it's happening!
Happy New Year! Out with the old year! Bring in that good cheer!


New year!
Lotsa cheer!
Goin' to a new frontier!
Yo, excited to see what the future got in store?
Get ready 'cause there's gonna be a whole lot more.
Cap'n (Captain), representin' the Grandcypher!
Trustin' you , 'cause you a survivor!
Hey! Check it out! Happy New Year, man.


Happy New "Y" to the "E" to the "A" to the "R"!
I'm about to wax lyrical with an acrostic! Chew on this a-e-i-o-u!
Au revoir to last year, but my convictions ain't changed!
Expect me, J.J., to keep doing things my way!
I ain't gonna let nothin' ruin my day!
On the road smilin' toward an endless dream!
Utterin' "oh my gosh!" at the wonders of the skies!
A-E-I-O-U! Comin' atcha, whoo!
That's my creed! How about you, (Captain)? You best figure out your aspirations and step up!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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What? Are you serious?
Is that for me? Wow, that's real nice of you, Cap'!
For real, though. You have my respect, (Captain).


Love! Flowers! It's happy Valentine's hour!
Yo, Captain. My rhymes will make anybody mine.
Hah. Don't believe it?
Then I'll show you how it's done. Be sure and watch closely, cuz this chance is your only one.
Love! Flowers! It's happy Valentine's hour!
Huh? Hey, Captain...
Aren't you gonna give me one of those chocolates?


Valentine's Day? Man, who thought of that anyway?
Time for Valentine's Day the J.J. way.
Bitter chocolate, sweet romance. Other guys don't have a chance.
Killin' me softly with that passion, temptin' me with that attraction.
Danger, danger. Hear, hear.
Chocolates of fear...
Whoa! No, no, no! I ain't dissin'! This I swear!
You the best, (Captain)—anytime, anywhere.
Awesome rhymes, and happy Valentine's.
Respect. Grandcypher representin'.


I'm in chocolate heaven! Love meter at eleven! I ain't got time for ramen!
Nah... That's kinda wack.
Come on, J.J., (Captain) gave you chocoaltes. You gotta find a way to express your emotions to a beat...
'Cause I'm overflowing with vibes, yo, and nothin's gonna hold 'em back.
I'm the original rapper, the sound wave surfer, from the shadows like Slender!
Chocolate luscious, sweet like a duchess, no rhymes do it justice!
Rich like my love muscle, hot and melted hazel, wanna pop one while I'm able!
Happy Valentine's Day! Big ups to you! Welcome to the good life!
Yow! Went off the chain there. My b! I'll calm down by next month. Count on it!

White Day Cutscenes
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Yo, (Captain), take this here box.
No, it ain't in return for your Valentine's chocs!
I messed up and bought 'em by mistake, okay?
I don't have a sweet tooth, so I can't eat them anyway.
The chocolates you gave me were seriously rad.
If I didn't give you something back, I'd feel really bad.
J-just take them, okay!


(Captain), yeah! White Day, hey!
It's your cool rapper J.J.! I bring the tight lyrics and melody flow! Don't need no tricks here, I keep it on the down low!
Big up, (Captain)! I give you mad props. I respect you and that'll never stop!
I'm here today to show you my appreciation. Go ahead and accept it! Don't let it sit!
No need to hold back, let the love in! Don't leave me here hanging, come on, let the friendship begin!
My smile is my gift to you. I appreciate you, (Captain), in my heart I know it's true!
Thanks, Cap'. I'm grateful for all that you do.


Yo, Cap'n, Happy White Day. Just came by 'cause I had something to say.
It's a simple thing, don't wanna make it complicated.
Each year you give me those chocolates, I really appreciate it.
My sly rhymes, smooth as they are, still can't express how I feel by far.
Suffice to say, that this I swear, whatever may come I'll always be there.
Happy White Day, (Captain). Peace. And keep it real.


Hey! Happy White Day, (Captain).
Last month's session was pretty lame. I swear today'll be better!
Listen up, 'cause here's my answer. Never doubt this lyrical rapster.
You'll melt like taffy, when I give you this word candy.
Anybody can give a gift. Pfft, that's easy level. This stuff here's the J.J. special.
I'm a connoisseur of hip-hop, and bustin' rhymes for a pal is tops.
Thanks, yo! I really appreciate everything you do!
What's that? Just because I think it's a cheap gift doesn't mean it isn't dope?
Thank you.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Choose a prank or a sweet!


Happy Halloween, Cap'! Bringing the party back!
Huh? What's that? You say I'm excited for today, but I'm not even wearing a costume?
Ha ha ha. Nice one, Captain. That's a good joke.
Nah, Cap'. Lyricists like me don't need to dress up to have fun.
I keep the party in my heart, and my lyrics keep it going.
Can you feel it, Cap'? In there the party's always bumping!


Yeah, yeah, yeah! Aww yeah, give it up for Halloween, yo!
Trick or treat, feel my beat.
Ain't got none for you to eat.
Yo, if you egg my crib, this I swear—
Y'all best be prepared for a real nightmare.
Cavity, tragedy; candy and depravity.
Dressin' up to be who ya not; fun for a day but don't do it a lot.
Only you can be you, that's what makes you special.
Ready to rock, man? Halloween party to a whole 'nother level!


What's the haps, homeslice? You're acting all suspicious... Planning on playing a trick on me?
Bring it on! Take your best shot. I won't bail.
Whoa, what! Hands off my stunner shades!
Stop... Crap, I'm out of candy!
Well, next sweetest thing I got is a jammin' freestyle, so—
You got ninety-nine desires, but a rap ain't one? Wait, let's all just chill!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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The festive season? Can't say I ever heard of that!
As an orphan, I didn't get a Santa hat! I didn't get a tree or presents from the store!
So what the heck are you botherin' me for?
Yo, you want to give me all that stuff? Well, then I hope a thanks is enough...


Yo, happy! Happy, happy! Happy holidays!
Tonight, we're gonna party 'til we drop! And I'll be coming in, bringing on the hip-hop!
Captain, J.J., everybody!
You want a tree? One red costume, please! How about some fruitcake? Let's party, for goodness sake!
Hey, what's goin' on up here? I'm not feeling the cheer. We gotta raise the roof with this crew!
Just kidding, Captain. We're having a good time. This place is so happening!
Heheh. Now this is what I call a real happy holiday!


Yo, yo, jingle bells, jingle bells!
Ringing those bells, dashin' through the snow, party's gonna start before you even know!
All right y'all, Santa J.J. is in the house!
Jinglin' here, jinglin' there, blingin' all the way! Ho!
All together, all together, let's party night and day!
Whoo! Happy holidays! You havin' fun, (Captain)?
Holiday partaaay! Yeaaaah!


What am I bringing to the gift exchange? Well, someone's gonna get a healthy dose of my freestyle!
J.J. droppin', poppin', hip-hoppin',
O ho-ho-ho holy night!
It's hot—so hot—meltin' the snowy twilight!
Singin' "yo!" The holiday's awaitin'!
And so! We gonna go a-wassailin'!
See the ice—bling bling—wrappin' 'round the tree!
Keep on rhymin'—ring-a-ling—a freestylin' spree!
Oh, what fun is it to rhyme on this Noel scene. Getcha holly-jolly on, y'know what I mean?
Can I hear ya say "yeah"? Yeaah!
Okay! That rap's a wrap! My present's good to go!
What? It's supposed to be something physical? But I don't have anything else to give...

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Rapper's Racket[edit]

(Captain) meets a young man named J.J. who talks like he's singing. Though J.J. was once lost in life, Siero inspired him to channel his feelings into his music and turn his life around. Siero suggests that J.J. join (Captain)'s crew and travel the world, and so he does.

Our heroes arrive in town after a long journey.
Vyrn: Finally, I can give my wings a rest.
Vyrn: There's nothing wrong with resting on the ship, but sometimes it's nice to relax on an island, isn't it, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hey, watch it! What's your problem?
J.J.: Hey! They call me J.J.! I heard an elite crew is here today!
J.J.: But by the look of you guys, maybe you aren't so tough. If you think I'm wrong, then say you've had enough! Go!
J.J.: Say! Yo! Yo!
Hey! Yo! Yo! Yeah!
J.J.: Come on, now's your time! You got no rhymes? Think you're gonna freeze? No worries! C'mon!
Katalina: Huh? W-what is that, a spell?
Lyria: Hahaha. Yeah, a crazy spell.
J.J.: Don't laugh, this ain't no incantation!
J.J.: You diss me, you miss me! I'll write my lyrics and show you my tricks!
J.J.: Talkin'? Speakin'? Got something to say? Don't stay quiet, let it all out! Hey!
J.J.: Say! C'mon! Hey!
Yo! Yo! Yeah!
Katalina: So, you want to have a rap battle with us?
Katalina: That's not really our thing. But if you're challenging us...
J.J.: Boo, too bad... I heard you're heroes, but I guess you're just zeroes.
Katalina: What did you say!
J.J.: Hey, I don't like violence. Fighting with lyrics is the finest contest, yeah!
With a sharp parting comment, the young man named J.J. takes his leave.
Vyrn: Hey, what was that all about? I'm so confused...
Innkeeper: My apologies, travelers. Please do not think ill of him. He's just trying to be himself.
Katalina: Hey, innkeeper. Are you saying you know that guy?
Innkeeper: Yes. Come inside. I'll tell you all about him.
The innkeeper knows a lot about J.J., and goes on to tell the crew his story.
Innkeeper: You see, J.J. lost his parents when he was a boy. And since no one was there for him, he soon became a wandering orphan.
Innkeeper: He said he felt so lost. He had no one to turn to. That's when he started to get involved with the wrong crowd.
Lyria: Wow. So, what happened to J.J. after that?
Innkeeper: The rest is just as you might imagine. He started hanging out with people that were a bad influence on him.
Innkeeper: His behavior started to get out of control. I thought it was too late for him to change.
Innkeeper: But then he met his teacher.
Katalina: What? His teacher?
Innkeeper: The teacher that taught him to channel his feelings into his music.
Vyrn: What, you mean, into his lyrics?
Innkeeper: Yes. And ever since then, J.J. has changed.
Innkeeper: He has turned his life around.
Innkeeper: At first, people couldn't believe it. But J.J. pushed through and continued to write his music.
His songs inspired others who were lost and didn't know where to turn. Then they started to write their own music.
With J.J.'s help, their music kept getting bigger and bigger. The townsfolk wanted to support them any way they could.
Innkeeper: Some business owners like me hired them to perform.
Lyria: Wow... That's an amazing story!
Innkeeper: Yes... And that's how I first got to know J.J..
Innkeeper: He knows what it feels like to be looked down upon. That's why he wants to help those who are struggling or in need.
Innkeeper: He's always out protecting the orphans by beating back monsters and ruffians that wander into town.
Merchant: Hey, you better watch out, punk! Here comes J.J.!
J.J.: Yo, yo! I'm the best and I'm gonna kick you outta here! Better get out now before I make you disappear!
Ruffian: Huh? What a weird song...
J.J.: My rhymes are like Bahamut.
To the ground I'll make you plummet. So if ya got something, ya better show it!
J.J.: Your words have no gravity, your beats verge on depravity. I'm not afraid of you. Is that the best that you can do?
J.J.: Cry and sweat! Free yourself from restraint! You gotta live your life, don't fear no pain! Yeah!
Ruffian: Who the hell are you?
J.J.: Yo! You got something to say, boy? This ain't no time for play, put away the toy! If you can't handle me, you best get outta here!
J.J.: Get out, you're weak! Your chances are bleak! I'm gonna toss you out like garbage on the street!
Ruffian: Shut up! I've had enough of you!
Ruffian: You want a rap battle, punk? I'd rather give you a shouting match!
J.J.: Guh... guh...
Ruffian: Hah! Yo! Yo! Do it again! What happened to the power you had before?
Ruffian: Wahaha! What did you call them? Lyrics? Mine are pretty good, eh?
J.J.: I made a promise to my master only to fight using lyrics...
Ruffian: Huh. Is that so. Try stopping my sword with your stupid lyrics!
J.J.: !
J.J.: W-why did you...
Katalina: Hahaha... He's got more guts than I expected.
Vyrn: Nah... He's just stubborn, that's all.
Lyria: I don't think so! I have faith in J.J.!
J.J.: You guys...
Katalina: If you want, you can thank us later. First let's clean this place up!
J.J.: I'm sorry I dissed you. That was wrong to do. (Captain), you are cool... Very cool.
Vyrn: Heheh... We're glad you think so!
J.J.: Hold on, man.
Vyrn: Man?
J.J.: I lost the bout, but my lyrics haven't lost yet, yo! You got anything to say, then let it all out, go!
J.J.: Guys who ain't as cool as me, they ain't got no eyes to see! Yeah!
Katalina: Here he goes again...
Vyrn: Come on. What's the deal with this guy?
Lyria: Ahaha...
Sierokarte: Oh! If it isn't (Captain) and friends. What are you doing here?
Sierokarte: I'm running a sale on cheese! Doesn't that sound gouda?
Vyrn: Great, now I'm getting it in stereo.
J.J.: M-Master! Aren't you Master Sierokarte?
Lyria: What!
Vyrn: Wait... what?
Katalina: Huh? Master?
Katalina: Siero, did you really teach this guy how to rap like that?
Sierokarte: No, no. I didn't teach him to make music or anything. I just showed him how to make clever wordplay.
Vyrn: Are you serious? I can't imagine those jokes from the Knickknack Shack having that kind of an impact.
Sierokarte: Isn't it wonderful? And you know, he said he wants to travel the world to find the best lyrics.
Sierokarte: It would be great if he could travel with all of you!
J.J.: Yes! Master Siero is right!
Katalina: Hey! Wait a sec!
Katalina: I don't mind letting you travel with us.
Katalina: However, our journey will be difficult. While your stance against violence is admirable...
Sierokarte: Oh, so you're against violence? You won't fight, J.J.?
J.J.: I'll gladly fight if you ask me to, Master!
Katalina: Well, so much for your philosophy of non-violence.
Vyrn: So, what do you think, (Captain)?
  1. It's good to travel with lively people.
  2. Siero wouldn't recommend someone bad.

Choose: It's good to travel with lively people.
Lyria: Hey, Siero travels the world too, right? J.J. should travel with his master.
Lyria: Wait, where is Siero?
Vyrn: Great... Looks like she ran away!
Katalina: She really stuck this one on us.
Choose: Siero wouldn't recommend someone bad.
J.J.: I'm J.J., pleased to meet you! Thanks for having me.
Lyria: Nice to meet you!. I'm Lyria, woohoo!
Katalina: Hey! Don't start rhyming now too, Lyria!
J.J.: Say yo yo! Say yo yo! Listen to what I say! Let me sing my praise. You're my real family today!
J.J.: You gave yourself to protect me and resurrect me. You have my respect. Together, we have good prospects, yeah!
Before long, a new musical styling known as Phantagrande hip-hop hits the sky.
No one knows that it all began with the legendary J.J. and his master Siero.

The Beat Of The Thug-Life[edit]

J.J.'s wallet is stolen by a boy. Katalina tries to reprimand the boy, but J.J. pretends that he gave his wallet to the boy and lets him go free. Soon after, the boy is caught stealing the wallet of a ruffian, prompting J.J. to rush in and save him.

(Captain) and company stop into a nearby town for food and supplies.
The atmosphere in town seems strange. The party stays alert as they walk through the main street.
Hoodlum 1: ...
Hoodlum 2: ...
Vyrn: Hey, this place is kinda shady. Do you get the feeling we're being watched?
Lyria: Umm... Did we do something wrong?
Boy: Huh? Oh, sorry. I'm kind of in a hurry.
Katalina: Sigh... Hold it right there, young man.
Boy: What do you want? I said I was sorry! I have to be somewhere! Let me go!
Katalina: Look, if you want me to let you go, first you have to return what you stole from J.J..
Boy: What!
Boy: Say what? I-I don't know what you're talkin' about, lady.
Katalina: Young man, sometimes you've got to have the guts to admit when you've done something wrong.
Boy: Ugh!
Boy: Fine! I'll give it back if you want it that bad! Here!
The boy sticks his right hand into his inside pocket. But as he does, another hand suddenly moves to stop him.
J.J.: Yo! Yo! Hey, c'mon!
J.J.: No, boy. Don't be confused! We're all rich here. That's my gift to you!
J.J.: Don't need a reason, you can just take it! You don't want it? Then just leave it!
J.J.: Yo, boy! Check it out! You did good and went out and about!
Boy: Uh... (I don't get it. Does this mean I can leave?)
Boy: Well... You heard him, lady. I think I'll be going now!
Katalina: What was that just now, J.J.? What were you thinking?
J.J.: ...
Katalina: If you just let him go like that, it's not going to do him any good. You know that, don't you?
J.J.: ...
Katalina: Humph. Now you let the boy get away with it, he might try to steal an even bigger walle—
???: Aaah!
(Captain) and company hear a familiar scream and run over to help.
It seems that Katalina's fears have come true.
The boy seems to have been caught red-handed. They watch as he is grabbed by the arm and lifted into the air.
Ruffian: Hehe... You got some nerve, kid! You think you can steal my wallet?
Ruffian: You knew you'd get your arm cut off if you got caught, right?
Boy: Sniff, sniff... You're hurting me! Somebody help! Please!
Katalina: I knew this would happen. Even after seeing this, J.J., are you glad you let him take the wallet?
J.J.: ...
J.J. does not answer. He simply looks up at the sky in sorrow.
J.J.: Aww man...
With a sigh, J.J. runs over and enters the fray.

The Beat Of The Thug-Life: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and company save the boy, who then steals their wallets. Following the sound of the bell on J.J.'s wallet, they find the boy and discover that he has been working with the ruffian.

(Captain) and company rescue the boy from before when he is caught stealing a ruffian's wallet.
But the boy doesn't regret his actions, and he doesn't thank the crew for saving him. They suspect something may be on his mind.
Boy: ...
Vyrn: Hey! We just saved you and you're not even gonna thank us?
Boy: ...
Lyria: Umm... (Captain) and the crew save me all the time, but I make sure to say thank you every time.
Boy: ...
Katalina: Lyria, unfortunately, I think we should give up here. I don't think there's anything we can say to him.
Katalina: However, he must be punished for stealing. It may sound cruel, but we'll have to take him to the guards.
Vyrn: Hey! Where'd he go? And where are our wallets?
Katalina: What the—! We were barely done talking!
J.J.: Yeah, I know.
Katalina: You know? What do you know? This is all your fault, J.J.! If you hadn't—
J.J.: Yo! Yo! Don't speak! Wait, Katalina, just stop!
J.J.: Do you know who I am? I'm the hip-hop star, J.J.! Yeah!
J.J.: My wallet's singing, telling me where it's jingling. Everywhere, all the time ringing!
Katalina: Huh? What are you talking about?
J.J.: My wallet's got a bell. Wherever it goes, I can tell. I learned that trick from a pickpocket well! Yeah!
Vyrn: What? A bell? I don't hear anything.
J.J.: Don't question me, man, I'm a first rate musician. My sense of hearing is better than any technician!
Katalina: Wait, did you give him your wallet on purpose, J.J.?
J.J.: To that boy, we gotta hurry. Toward the sound of the bell, we'd better scurry! Let's head out!
Led by J.J., (Captain) and company hurry onward. They soon find themselves in front of a tavern.
Katalina: Humph... What a surprise. J.J. was right. You were all in on this!
Boy: It's you! And you brought everyone with you? How did you—
Ruffian: Damnit, kid! They must've followed you here!
J.J.: No, no! No one likes this chore! Working like this can be a bore! Got nothing but bad boys in store!
J.J.: In the end, they'll use you to wipe the floor. You'll be broke and have nothing to show it all for.
J.J.: They'll leave you with nothin', boy!
They'll leave you with nothin', boy!
J.J.: Boy, you're cool! But you're also a fool! It's time to turn these bad guys to ash and sweep them into the trash!
Ruffian: What the hell are you on about? Time to shut you up!

The Beat Of The Thug-Life: Scene 3[edit]

The boy flees with the ruffians' wallets. (Captain) and company catch up with him and find out that he was trying to use the money to bring his parents back from the grave. J.J. tells the boy that he has to let them go.

Katalina: Phew... Looks like it's over. Now that boy can be free.
Katalina: Now then, young man. I hope you've learned your lesso—
Hey, where did he go?
Vyrn: Hey! The ruffians' wallets with all the money are gone!
Lyria: I can't believe it...
Katalina: Gah... So, now what, J.J.? You still think you can trust that boy?
J.J.: ...
???: Whatcha doin' there, man?
Boy: Eep!
Alarmed, the boy drops the shovel he was carrying. His face goes completely pale, but he refuses to look up.
J.J.: You can keep diggin'.
Boy: ...
J.J.: Don't worry. I'm not here to take the money back.
J.J.: You're just a kid, but you're so fixated on cash. And I wanna know why.
The boy starts digging again. J.J. continues to stare at him.
J.J.: Yo! Yo! Hey, c'mon boy!
J.J.: Something adults always used to say, Mom and Dad up in heaven will come down to play!
J.J.: Just a fable, but so cool to all! Soul recall! Time to play!
Boy: Ahh!
J.J.: Something adults always used to say, dig a grave late at night and start to make way. Drop some gold in for a year and let it decay.
J.J.: Pray some. Pray some more. Sing Hallelujah. But boy, you still gotta keep dropping that moolah.
J.J.: Yo! Check it out! Yeah! All right, boy? Thank you!
Boy: No way... How did you know?
Katalina: I see... So, you were after their money from the beginning?
Boy: Yeah.
Vyrn: Uh-huh... So you took advantage of us when you heard we were tough.
Boy: I'm sorry... I just... couldn't help it...
Katalina: Sigh... J.J. was right again.
Boy: But... it really is true.
Katalina: What? What is?
Boy: Hehe! It's just like they said! If I bury the gold here, they'll come back! My mom and dad will come back!
J.J.: Hey yo! You can't bring people back from the dead! No, no, goodbye!
J.J.: Reuniting with Mom and Pops! It might sound happy, but you gotta stop!
J.J.: Pops said to fight, yeah boy! Momma said to fight to find your joy!
J.J.: Don't let nobody trick you, boy! Getting rid of tricksters is what I enjoy!
Monster: Grraaagh!

The Beat Of The Thug-Life: Scene 4[edit]

It works out that the boy will go the orphanage, and (Captain) and company return to their airship. J.J. says that the way the boy was manipulated by the lies of adults reminded him of himself. Saving the boy felt like he was saving himself as a youth, and he vows there and then to his friends that he will have a happier future.

Lyria: I heard the orphanage will take that boy in. I'm so happy for him!
J.J.: ...
Katalina: Haha. I was wrong about you, J.J.. After everything that's happened, you've really earned my respect.
J.J.: Aww, it was nothin'. Just luck, that's all.
Vyrn: Haha. You don't need to be modest! Just take the compliment!
J.J.: I'm tellin' ya, man. I'm the same as that boy.
Katalina: Hmm? The same as that boy? What do you mean?
J.J.: Just a fool that got tricked by a bad crowd.
J.J. turns away from the crew. It is then that they begin to sense the scars he bears.
J.J.: He buried that dirty money in the ground, wishing for something that will never come back.
J.J.: You know, it's hard to be a kid when the world turns its back on you.
J.J.: And that's why someone has to give them hope!
And with that, J.J. gives a wry smile.
No one knows what happened to J.J. in his past.
But (Captain) and company quietly nod and make a vow.
They vow that no matter what happens, they will help J.J. have a happy future.
It seems that after hearing his story, the crew begins to understand what J.J. has been singing about this whole time.

Beachside Buddies[edit]

While rapping on the beach one morning, J.J. is captivated by a beautiful melody that turns out to be Elta's singing. Impressed by his musical talent, J.J. invites Elta to try rhyming some bars of his own. As the two bond and jam together, onlookers gather to listen to their musical mash-up.

The morning sun peeks over the ocean waves, painting the beach in soft, golden rays.
A man stands with his toes in the sand freestyling the tightest lyrics with only the rhythm of the waves as his accompanying beat.
J.J.: Yo! Brought the swagger to the beach, living life like a rap beast.
J.J.: Yeah! Rhymes overflowing from my soul, up-out-and-over, watch 'em go!
J.J.: Yeah, word! He's a demon with a punchline, rollin' over the sea and takin' in some sunshine.
J.J.: Yo! Yo! Say yo! Hey...
J.J.: ...?
Just as J.J. really starts to feel the soul of the music, something catches his attention.
???: ...
The sound of sweet singing cascades into his ear drums, causing him to stop dead in his tracks.
J.J.: Whoa! That's dope!
The voice, clear and well trained, glides through a beautiful melody.
Finding himself vibing with the tune, J.J. can barely stop his feet from stepping toward the source of the music.
Elta: Hehe... It sure feels great to sing on the beach in the morning...
With the vast sea before him, Elta arches his back and takes a big stretch.
A figure slowly approaches him from behind.
J.J.: Yo, man! A crazy tune so early in the morning; talent like that should come with a warning.
Elta: Aaah! D-don't come any—
Elta: Wait, J.J.?
Even though J.J. and Elta belong to the same crew, they've never had an opportunity to jam together.
Elta: A-heh... You, um, didn't hear me just now, did you?
J.J.: Most def.
J.J.: Check it. It's my ears you can't underestimate. They catch songs at an Astral's pace.
J.J.: I can tell you've got music to protect, and that's why you've got all my respect.
J.J.: When two genres meet on the beach, it's angelic, baby—you better preach.
J.J.: The way you handle that cello, making everybody at the beach so mellow.
J.J.: Yeah, classical vibes so addictive, so delicious. Food for your soul—that's heart-nutritious.
J.J.: And, yeah, I feel that passion: a free bird, a cool cat, one helluva mash-up.
J.J.: You're the realest, dealest skyfarer that ever did fare. The meanest, cleanest cellist that ever did... cell.
J.J.: Props to you, bard! You da real MVB!
Elta: Um... Did you make that song for me?
Elta: Wow... Such a fiery performance! Th-thank you so much!
Elta's cheeks flush at J.J.'s show of zealous respect.
J.J.: Hey man, I just rapped what I felt, okay?
Elta: Um... O-okay?
Elta: So did you just improvise that tune?
J.J.: Yep. One-hundred. Freestylists just spit out their emotions.
Elta: Still, it's amazing you can come up with a rhyme at the drop of a hat!
Elta: And the rhythm—your music is so exhilarating!
J.J.: Hey, much love. If it vibed with you, then I'm more than happy.
J.J.: But it's not magic. Anybody can wield the power of hip-hop.
Elta: Huh? Really? I don't think I could ever...
J.J.: No worries, man! Hip-hop is freedom.
J.J.: Yo, like, your identity is the ship and the beat is the skies. You use 'em both to go when you need to reach new heights!
Elta: Um... Drive... with my identity? You mean say a self-introduction?
J.J.: Hey! We can tay-tay-take that for a first shot! Now turn to the sea and let the ocean know who you are.
Elta: Wait, no practice first?
Elta wilts at the thought of the lyrical challenge, but J.J.'s expression is serious.
J.J.: Elta, my man, it's your time! Let your soul loose and give us a rhyme!
Elta: Fine, fine! You've convinced me! I'll give it a fair shot.
Elta takes a deep breath before his first foray into the rhyme dimension.
Elta: Elta is my name! I don't know where I'm from, um, I exclaim!
Elta: No memory of my parents and all on my own, the only thing I have is a very old song.
Elta: Yo! Eventually I became a musician. Singing songs and playing instruments is my mission.
Elta: Yeah! Music is really fun, I can feel it in my heart. We may be different people, but we can play the same part.
Elta: Yo! Whether you're a kid in a church choir or an old man waiting to retire—
Elta: Everybody put your voices together, and let's spit some hot fire!
Elta: And um... Th-thank you very much!
Elta: Hahaha... That was fun, but it barely had a rhythm. I shouldn't quit playing the cello just yet, huh?
J.J.: Man, cut it with the negativity.
Elta: Huh?
J.J.: Yo, hip-hop isn't just about how slick your rhymes are.
J.J.: Hehe... What really matters is how much of your soul you put into it.
Elta: Soul...
J.J.: Yeah, man! Your raps, they pierced straight through my heart.
J.J.: You were enjoying the jam, or were my eyes deceived?
Elta: No, you're right! I loved it!
Elta: When I was trying to put the words together, the ideas for where to go next just kept coming and coming!
Elta: Hehe. I guess hip-hop—well, all music really—is pretty great.
J.J.: That's the stuff. Now let me respond properly!
J.J.: Yo, yo! Check it!
Moved by Elta's rap prowess, J.J. begins to return a verse of his own.
J.J.: J.J.'s back, rockin' on the track! Everybody movin', how 'bout dat!
J.J.: You and I, we're much the same. Childhood spent wandering in pain.
J.J.: Spent some days laughing, some days crying, but all that bad ish is behind us.
J.J.: Because, yo, once you've got hip-hop—whether for richer or poorer—the good times don't stop!
J.J.: Yeah! Music, resounding through the streets! A social movement made of sick beats!
J.J.: Put down the sword, do battle with lyrics; no matter if it's love or war, music is the mission.
J.J.: Yo! Cut bad ties, raise your voice loud; give 'em that beat, bring in the crowd!
J.J.: This is my vision of a world changed through rap. Laugh at a dream? Now who's wack.
J.J.: Your criticism is bricks on my road, and after everyone knows my songs, it'll be paved in gold!
J.J.: One man! One vision!
Elta bursts into reflexive applause, his eyes alight with glee.
Elta: Oh my gosh! "Put down the sword, do battle with lyrics..."—that's what you truly believe, isn't it?
J.J.: Yeah! Change beating for beats, you know what I mean? That's hip-hop. You dig?
Elta: Haha... J.J., I can tell you're passionate from your lyrics. I really felt the soul you were talking about!
J.J.: Much love, much love. Hearing you rap your truth made me want to rap mine too.
Elta: It did? I think I'm starting to understand you a little bit better, J.J.
Elta: At first I thought we were totally different people, but we actually have a lot in common.
J.J.: I feel the same way...
J.J.: It's like, your music digs its way into my heart.
Elta: Yes! Your songs really resonate with me too!
Elta: It just reminds me how big a part music has come to play in my life.
Elta: Not to mention how a big a part it's yet to play too!
Elta: Heh... Sorry... I guess that got personal...
J.J.: Hahaha! Nah, man. No personal talk? No personal rap. Just shows you've got what it takes to be an MC.
J.J.: Which gets me thinking... Why don't we have a rap battle?
Elta: Wha! A b-battle? I really don't like fighting!
J.J.: Sorry, bro! Was just joking.
A grin crosses J.J.'s lips.
J.J.: Man... It's like we've just become each other's inspirations. Kinda wild how it happened just like that.
Elta: Haha... If you say so.
Now that J.J. and Elta have exchanged raps, they find a bond rapidly solidifying between them.
And as they ride this same brain wave, a thought simultaneously occurs to them.
J.J.: Yo... Even though our genres are like night and day, we both wanna make music, yeah?
Elta: Absolutely! You can say so much more with song than words, after all...
Elta readies his instrument.
J.J.: Yep! I feel it! Here comes the beat!
J.J.'s grin gets wider even as his eyes lock into a focused gaze.
J.J.: Let's go!
Elta hits this cue playing a percussive melody, creating the background track for yet another improvised performance between himself and J.J.
Vyrn: Geez... Where'd those two get off to anyhow? We're gonna take off soon.
Lyria: Wait, do you hear something? It's coming from the beach!
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria head toward the noise, where they discover a massive crowd.
Lyria: Whoa! I wonder if someone famous is here!
Elta: ...
J.J.: Say heeeey! Say hoooo! C'mon, c'mon, say oh-yo-yo!
Vyrn: Huh? Is that Elta... and Hip-Hop Head?
(Captain) begins to push through the crowd to chastise the pair, but the excited audience proves too enthralled.
Vyrn: Hehe... Look around! Everyone is lovin' Elta and Hip-Hop Head's show!
Lyria: Say, (Captain)... Why don't we enjoy their performance with the rest of the crowd too?
With the musical mastery of two crew members on display, (Captain) happily assents and pulls back to listen with Lyria and Vyrn.
Elta and J.J. finish their impromptu concert just as the sun starts to set into the sea.
Loud, unbroken applause erupts from their onlookers.
Man: Yo, yo! That was a dope show, rapper-guy!
Girl: Yeah! How about an encore, singer-man!
Eventually the congregation of new mash-up appreciators parts, leaving only (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn with their musical crewmates.
Vyrn: Seriously, you guys, you could've told us you planned to put on a beach concert...
J.J.: Whoa, not our fault. We just started jamming and people showed up.
Elta: I'm sorry. We must've forgotten about the time while we were playing.
Lyria: No, it's okay! It was wonderful watching you both perform!
Vyrn: Yeah, it was rad! Watchin' you guys have fun made us have fun too!
Elta: Haha... Well, thank you then.
J.J.: Yo, Elta! Let's make music with the church kids next time.
Elta: That's a great idea! And then we can go to your home turf and do the same!
J.J.: Yes! Best idea! Sounds like our next concert is set!
J.J.: Yo, DJ (Captain)! You better get off this airship and come watch us play again!
  1. You know it!

Choose: You know it!
(Captain) promises the duo that come primal attack or high water, they'll have their captain in the crowd.
After that, J.J. and Elta continue practicing their act in the comfortable belly of the Grandcypher.
Although their styles may differ, their souls beat to the same drum and dance to the same tune—a tune that when they play together, they share with any who care to listen.