Leviathan (Raid)

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Leviathan Omega.png

Leviathan is one of the bosses of the main islands. It is first encountered in the Auguste Isles. Outside of the main quest line, it is a raid boss.

Leviathan [NORMAL][edit]

HP Host Join Diamonds
??? Rank 10
10 AP
1 EP 3
Pendants 4 ?? Rarity R.png bonus: 3
Rarity SR.png bonus: 2
Wooden Silver Gold Red

Leviathan [HARD][edit]

HP Host Join Diamonds
~1,270,000 Rank 20
15 AP
3 EP 3
Pendants 12 ?? Rarity R.png bonus: 6
Rarity SR.png bonus: 3
Wooden Silver Gold Red

Leviathan Omega [EXTREME][edit]

Leviathan Omega is summoned from Zinkenstill from the bottom area, Azure Sky Gate.

HP Host Join Diamonds
~11,630,000 Rank 30
50 AP
Leviathan Omega Anima square.jpg Leviathan Omega Anima x3
Rank 30
3 EP
Pendants 40 10 Rarity R.png bonus: 8
Rarity SR.png bonus: 4
Gold Flip Red
  • Charge Attacks
    • Azure Spike - Water damage to all allies and inflict Status Azure Spike.pngAzure Spike.
    • Perilous Tidefall - big Water damage to 2 random allies. Can be used in Overdrive.
    • Reflective Water - Water damage to all allies and gain Status Repel.pngRepel. Only used in Overdrive.


Leviathan Omega has two brutal charge attacks that are cornerstones of the fight. Perilous Tidefall will inflict heavy damage without Water resist, while Reflecting Water can knock out entire teams if not dispelled. Since Leviathan only has two charge diamonds, it's highly recommended to have a Dark Fencer in order to ensure you'll have the required skills up. Leviathan has similar break timings to Yggdrasil and Tiamat (requiring a bit more damage due to higher health, of course) and no triggers or enrage, so once you can deal with its Charge Attacks the fight becomes much less scary.

Leviathan Omega [HIGH LEVEL][edit]

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