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Currently only lists characters with correctly categorized Lore pages. Extras and Eternals fates aren't listed yet.

Page Intro Skill Lvl Cap +1 5★ Max Lvl Cross 1 Cross 2 Cross 3
Abby/Lore Abby - With a Bear and a Battle Axe Abby - Bobo's Favorite Food Abby and Will - Bobo!
Agielba/Lore Agielba - Child In Tow Agielba - Ardora's Quest
Aglovale/Lore Aglovale - Path of Conquest‎ Aglovale - Blade and Mind of Steel‎
Airi Totoki/Lore Airi Totoki - Innocent Airi Airi Totoki - Dependable Flakey Fighter
Albert (Event)/Lore Albert - Skyblade's Secret Albert - Reviving Levin
Albert/Lore Albert - The Lightning Knight Albert - Trial By Lightning Albert - All for My Kingdom Albert - A Legend Rises Again Albert and Deliford - Jolts, Sores, and Groans
Alec/Lore Alec - The Fated Child Alec - Flames of Friendship Alec - A Child's Determination Alec - Goodbyes Aren't Allowed Alec and Jessica - Table Manners
Aletheia/Lore Aletheia - The Veteran Sage Aletheia - The Ersatz Sage Aletheia and Keehar - Now and Forever Aletheia and Teena - Father and Daughter Reunited
Alexiel/Lore Alexiel - An Earnest Disciple Alexiel - Time to Go Legit
Alistair/Lore Alistair - Small Debater Alistair - Intellectual Giant Alistair and Altair - A Book by It's Cover
Aliza (Event)/Lore Aliza - The Little Lady Who Fights Aliza - A Training For Whom Aliza and Feather - No Holds Barred
Aliza (Water)/Lore Aliza - Pursuit of Strength Aliza - Paying It Forward
Aliza/Lore Aliza - A Trip Down Memory Lane Aliza - Master Catoblepas
Almeida (Summer)/Lore Almeida - Perv Party Almeida - Working on Vacation
Almeida/Lore Almeida - Ultimate Weapon Almeida - Uncovering the Mask
Altair/Lore Altair - No Road Is Long with Company Altair - The Truth of the Stolen Tome Altair - Where He Truly Belongs Altair - Read It and Sleep Alistair and Altair - A Book by It's Cover
Amira (Promo)/Lore Amira - Encounters in... 1 Amira - The Raging Storm Amira - Searching for Mother Amira - Bottomless Appetite
Amira/Lore Amira - Encounters in... 2 Amira - The Bounty Hunter Amira - A Fateful Encounter Amira - His Chivalry
Anastasia/Lore Anastasia - A Day with Anya Anastasia - Hope for the Stars
Andira (Event)/Lore Andira - Andira Gets Dozy Andira - Andira Lang Syne
Andira/Lore Andira - Keeper of the West-Southwest Andira - Andira's Journey to the Sky Andira - Andira's Journey to the Sky II Andira - Truth Behind the Mist Anila and Andira - Fluffy Friends Andira and Mahira - Girls of a Feather
Ange (Halloween)/Lore Ange - Halloween Prince Ange - Prince for a Day
Ange/Lore Ange - In Fate's Footsteps Ange - Someday, Princess... Ange - A Destined Encounter Ange - To Wish Upon a Prince Ange and Stan - State of the Princess Ange and Seruel - Prince Charming
Anila (Event)/Lore Anila - Year-End Shopping Anila - Ring in the New Year
Anila/Lore Anila - Keeper of the South-Southwest Anila - Anila and the New Year Feast Anila - The Lost Sheep‎ Anila - A Boy and His Soldier‎ Anila and Andira - Fluffy Friends
Anna (SR)/Lore Anna - Remembering Grandmother Anna - Golden Days
Anna (Summer)/Lore Anna - Beware of that Red-Hot Sun! Anna - The Voice from the Cave
Anna/Lore Anna - The Witch in the Wood Anna - Nightmare's Nightmare Anna and Danua - Dear Dollies
Anne/Lore Anne - Friendship is Magic Anne - Mysteries of Mysteria
Anre/Lore Anre - Threatening Boundaries‎ Anre - A Restrained Approach Anre - To Challenge the Impossible Anre - Questioning the Nature of Strength
Anthuria/Lore Anthuria - Passionate Yet Purehearted Anthuria - I Dance Only for You
Anzu Futaba/Lore Anzu Futaba - Easy Does It Anzu Futaba - Anzu's Aspirations Anzu Futaba - Two's Better Than One Anzu Futaba - Uh-Huh, We Can Handle It
Aoidos/Lore Aoidos - Judgment Night Aoidos - Bloody Garden Aoidos and Mimlemel - Special Jam Session
Aqours First-Years/Lore Aqours First-Years - Saviors of the Snack Bar
Aqours Second-Years/Lore Aqours Second-Years - A Seaside Encounter Aqours Second-Years - Back Again Aqours Second-Years - Heartfelt Lyrics
Aqours Third-Years/Lore Aqours Third-Years - Stewshine, Coming Up!
Arisa/Lore Arisa - Arisa, Forest Guardian Arisa - Devoted Friend
Arriet/Lore Arriet - Musician of the Gods Arriet - The Mysterious Musician
Arthur (Event)/Lore Arthur - Boundless Sky Arthur - Gentle Tears
Arthur and Mordred/Lore Arthur and Mordred - Childhood Friends Arthur and Mordred - Operation Chickadee
Arulumaya (Holiday)/Lore Arulumaya - The Ultimate Referee Arulumaya - Feline Mischief
Arulumaya (Summer)/Lore Arulumaya - Glamorous Wear Arulumaya - Candy Apple Memories
Arulumaya/Lore Arulumaya - The Fairy Oracle Arulumaya - Wishes Left Unspoken‎‎ Arulumaya - She Who Bears the Future Arulumaya - Facing Tomorrow Arulumaya and Sara - One and Only Sweet
Arusha/Lore Arusha - The Book Hunting Librarian Arusha - Just a Tiny Cuddle! Arusha and Mariah - Affection Is Beyond Time
Aster (Event)/Lore Aster - An Archer Dreams of Adventure Aster - And Today We Rest!
Augusta/Lore Augusta - Cellist Augusta Augusta - Will to Entertain
Ayer (Summer)/Lore Ayer - Sunset Over the Coastline Ayer - Curious Beach Encounters
Ayer/Lore Ayer - Dim New World Ayer - Ashen Boundary‎‎ Ayer - A Dark Mirage Ayer - A Hopeful Heart
Azazel/Lore Azazel - The Day of Defeat‎ Azazel - Those Who Won't Give Up
Bakura/Lore Bakura - Well-Traveled Monk Bakura - One with the Clouds
Balurga/Lore Balurga - The Lone Wolf's Claw Balurga - Fishing for Trouble
Baotorda (SSR)/Lore Baotorda - Baotorda: A Man of Culture Baotorda - In the Name of Justice
Baotorda/Lore Baotorda - A Holy Knight Indeed Baotorda - A Willingness to Learn Baotorda and Charlotta - A Noble Pair Baotorda and Bridgette - Lessons from a Veteran Knight Baotorda and Ghandagoza - Feel the Love!
Barawa (Event)/Lore Barawa - Great Detective Essentials Barawa - Case of the Rightful Owner
Barawa (SR)/Lore Barawa - More Than One Truth Barawa - The Great Detective!
Barawa/Lore Barawa - A Fateful Encounter Barawa - Finding Some Backbone Catherine and Barawa - Cafe Kitty
Beatrix (Halloween)/Lore Beatrix - Society, We Have a Problem Beatrix - How'd It Come to This
Beatrix (Themed)/Lore Beatrix - Careless to a Fault‎ Beatrix - A Stroke of Bad Luck
Beatrix/Lore Beatrix - Mind If I Join You Beatrix - Unbeatable Cooking Beatrix and Razia - Bound Together
Black Knight/Lore Black Knight - A New Wish Awakened Black Knight - Beyond Hope and Prayer Black Knight - Proof of Her Resolve Black Knight - Her Vow as a Knight
Blazing Teacher Elmott/Lore Elmott - The Blazing Teacher Elmott - Extra Credit
Bridgette/Lore Bridgette - Whatever It Takes! Bridgette - Too Scary Baotorda and Bridgette - Lessons from a Veteran Knight Bridgette and Sevastien - Dream Big
Cagliostro (Dark)/Lore Cagliostro - Cagliostro's Grief
Cagliostro (Event)/Lore Cagliostro - Dilemma of a Genius Cagliostro - Starting Small
Cagliostro (Halloween)/Lore Cagliostro - The Alchemist's Halloween
Cagliostro/Lore Cagliostro - The Beauty Sealed Away Cagliostro - Cagliostro's Secret Cagliostro - The Alchemist's Melancholy Cagliostro - Cagliostro's Vendetta Cagliostro and Ladiva - It's What's Inside That Counts‎
Cailana (SR)/Lore Cailana - Time to Surf Cailana - This Is Madness
Cailana/Lore Cailana - Into the Granblue Cailana - Leaving No One Behind Cailana and Joel - For Love of the Sea
Cain (Grand)/Lore Cain - Cain, Abel, and...‎ Cain - For Those Who Matter‎
Cain/Lore Cain - Brothers' Conviction
Camieux (Earth)/Lore Camieux - The Gunsmith's Youngest Camieux - Securing the Mountain Foundry
Camieux (Summer)/Lore Camieux - Gun Girl Getaway Camieux - Fire Flowers in the Sky
Camieux/Lore Camieux - Timid Workshop Apprentice Camieux - Mustering Courage Camieux and Silva - Another Family
Carmelina (SR)/Lore Carmelina - A Helping Paw Carmelina - A Duo Is Born
Carmelina/Lore Carmelina - Disorder and Peace Carmelina - Breaking the Revolt
Carren (Event)/Lore Carren - Special Order Swimwear Carren - Bye-Bye, Beach Days
Carren/Lore Carren - Longing for Adventure Carren - Duties as Acting Captain Eugen and Carren - Family Matters
Catherine/Lore Catherine - Like Smoke Catherine - Where There's Smoke Catherine and Barawa - Cafe Kitty Catherine and Metera - Love Hustle
Cecile/Lore Cecile - Trumpeter Cecile Cecile - The Name of That Song
Cerberus/Lore Cerberus - Magic Circle Greeting Cerberus - Confessions of a Mage
Ceylan (Event)/Lore Ceylan - Ceylan Charm Ceylan - Different Values Ceylan and Pengy - Pengy Thief
Charioce XVII/Lore Charioce XVII - Invictus Charioce XVII - Rise of the Nightmare
Charlotta (Event)/Lore Charlotta - No More Little Skyfarer's Lunches Charlotta - For Might and Height
Charlotta (Halloween)/Lore Charlotta - Holy Knight Dress-Up Charlotta - A Day for the Children
Charlotta (Light)/Lore Charlotta - Proud Dragons, Holy Heart Charlotta - Captains' Mettle
Charlotta (Summer)/Lore Charlotta - No Suffering, No Summer Charlotta - Sun Scream
Charlotta/Lore Charlotta - Wish Upon a Star Charlotta - Knight's Honor Charlotta - Value of a Smile Charlotta - Sacred Vow Baotorda and Charlotta - A Noble Pair Charlotta and Melissabelle - Wishing for Altitude
Chat Noir/Lore Chat Noir - Chat Noir Steals the Show! Chat Noir - The Art of Thievery
Chloe (Summer)/Lore Chloe - One Teenager's Vacation Chloe - Wish to the Stars
Chloe/Lore Chloe - Teenager's Journey Chloe - Chloe's Inner Struggle Chloe and Korwa - Peek into the Forbidden Garden
Christina/Lore Christina - Queen's Decision Christina - Lash of Love
Chun-Li/Lore Chun-Li - What She Fights For Chun-Li - Justice and Sweets
Clarisse (Holiday)/Lore Clarisse - Twas the Night Before Clarisse - For Cover
Clarisse (Light)/Lore Clarisse - Proof of Determination Clarisse - The Vow to Start Anew
Clarisse/Lore Clarisse - Carefree Bomber Girl‎ Clarisse - Facing Fate
Claudia/Lore Claudia - Traveling Maid Claudia - Mansion Keeper
Conan Edogawa/Lore Conan Edogawa - Conan and Shinichi Conan Edogawa - The Junior Detective Squad
Cordelia/Lore Cordelia - The Attractive Ranger Cordelia - Holy Knight or Fair Maiden
Cucouroux (SSR)/Lore Cucouroux - A Gunsmith's Worries Cucouroux - I've Gotta Try This!
Cucouroux/Lore Cucouroux - The Gunsmith's Heir Cucouroux - Ol' Cucouroux's Got This! Silva and Cucouroux - Big Sister's Big Sis
Cure Black and Cure White/Lore Cure Black and Cure White - Opposites Attract Cure Black and Cure White - A Sweet Misunderstanding
Daetta (SR)/Lore Daetta - Into the Wild Daetta - Lovin' the Wild
Daetta/Lore Daetta - Good Morning Star Daetta - Crew's New Star
Dante (SR)/Lore Dante - Abandoned Kitten Dante - Blue Past, Feline Future
Dante/Lore Dante - Cat, Freedom, and Mage Dante - Meandering Cat Collector Dante and Sen - To Be A Cat
Danua (Halloween)/Lore Danua - Halloween Hijinx Danua - Funny Friends
Danua (Summer)/Lore Danua - Jellyfish Ahoy! Danua - Summer Adventures
Danua/Lore Danua - Misunderstood Puppeteer Danua - The Least I Can Do Danua - Tragic Night Danua - Catharsis Anna and Danua - Dear Dollies
De La Fille (Earth)/Lore De La Fille - Gems and a Girl's Best Friend De La Fille - Guardian of the Glitter
De La Fille (Summer)/Lore De La Fille - Beach of Your Dreams De La Fille - The Ocean-Blue Gem
De La Fille/Lore De La Fille - Rampaging Princess De La Fille - The Cursed Stone De La Fille and Therese - A Nostalgic Flavor
Deliford (SR)/Lore Deliford - Family Man Deliford - Toast to Friendship Galadar and Deliford - Way of the Craftsman
Deliford/Lore Deliford - Arrival of the Spearman Deliford - The Trick to Staying Young Albert and Deliford - Jolts, Sores, and Groans Deliford and Garma - Just Beyond Reach
Diantha (Promo)/Lore Diantha - Diantha's Farewell Tour Diantha - Promised Letter
Diantha (Summer)/Lore Diantha - Beach-Bound Maidens Diantha - The Seaside Performance Is On
Dorothy and Claudia/Lore Dorothy and Claudia - Handmaidens Reunited Dorothy and Claudia - Come Home, My Queen
Dorothy/Lore Dorothy - Maid-in-Waiting Dorothy - The Spirit of Service
Drang (Grand)/Lore Drang - A Brief Interlude Drang - Memories in the Blue
Drusilla/Lore Drusilla - Runaway Princess Drusilla - The Plant and I Drusilla and Veight - Shop Till You Drop
Eahta/Lore Eahta - The God of the Blade Eahta - Readiness is Half the Battle Eahta - The Ultimate Katana Eahta - In Pursuit of Answers
Ejaeli/Lore Ejaeli - Hidden Emotions Ejaeli - The Truth of the Curse Ejaeli - Spun Spoken Word Ejaeli - A Timeless Wish
Elize Lutus/Lore Elize Lutus - What She Reached For Elize Lutus - Teepo Versus Vyrn
Elmelaura/Lore Elmelaura - The Wandering Chef Elmelaura - The Miracle Ingredient
Elmott (Summer)/Lore Elmott - Fire Watch Elmott - Controlling the Blaze
Elmott/Lore Elmott - The Midnight Prowler Elmott - A Boy Alone Elmott and Suframare - Teacher vs Midnight Prowler
Elta (Light)/Lore Elta - To a Truly Clear Day Elta - Where I Belong
Elta/Lore Elta - The Kind-Hearted Minstrel Elta - Bonds Woven by Song Elta and J.J. - Beachside Buddies
Erica Fontaine/Lore Erica Fontaine - The Red-Clothed Nun Erica Fontaine - Miraculous Food
Erin/Lore Erin - A Small Step Erin - Search for the Elusive Flower
Eso (SR)/Lore Eso - Tragedy in Triumph‎ Eso - Inconceivable Calamity
Eso/Lore Eso - A Giant in Search of Courage Eso - A Light in the Dark
Eugen (Grand)/Lore Eugen - Daughterly Love Eugen - A Family Discord
Eugen (Summer)/Lore Eugen - Old Timers Ride the Waves Eugen - In Search of Coconuts
Europa/Lore Europa - The Maiden of Water Descends Europa - The Beauty in People
Eustace (Halloween)/Lore Eustace - Undercover Bloodsucker Eustace - Finding Peace in the Din
Eustace/Lore Eustace - Hit List Eustace - All for Peace and Quiet
Ezecrain (Event)/Lore Ezecrain - Mr. Chains and His Pupil Ezecrain - The Writhing Shadows
Ezecrain/Lore Ezecrain - The Guiding Chains Ezecrain - An Old Map's Temptation
Farrah (Event)/Lore Farrah - Her Superior's Smile Farrah - Treasure Hunting's Not Easy!
Farrah (SR)/Lore Farrah - Follow the Leader Farrah - What It Takes to be a Knight Farrah and Lowain - Cook-off for Katalina
Farrah (Summer)/Lore Farrah - Got Plans for the Summer? Farrah - Red-Hot Summer Battle!
Farrah/Lore Farrah - Bravery in a Small Package Farrah - Creed of the Young Knight Katalina and Farrah - Farrah Flounders
Feather (Halloween)/Lore Feather - Spooking Up Halloween Feather - The Haunted Room
Feather (SR)/Lore Feather - Patience, Young One Feather - Wielding a Fist of Fury Feather - Heart to Heart, Fist to Fist Feather - When Fists and Feet Collide
Feather/Lore Feather - Letting Fists Do the Talking Feather - Spirit Fist Aliza and Feather - No Holds Barred
Feena (Event)/Lore Feena - The Talkative Female Agent Feena - A Chance Reunion
Feena (Holiday)/Lore Feena - Holy Night, All Is Bright Feena - Operation: Secret Feena
Feena/Lore Feena - Feena's Close Call Feena - A Vengeful Blade of Oblivion
Feower/Lore Feower - Duel in Stardust Town Feower - Running Rampant Around Town Feower - Four-Sky Awakening Feower - Wandering Blades
Ferry (Halloween)/Lore Ferry - Her First Halloween Ferry - Finding Them
Ferry (SSR)/Lore Ferry - Unknown Spirit Ferry - Forever a Plunder
Ferry/Lore Ferry - Until We Meet Again Ferry - Scary, Scary Ghosts
Fif/Lore Fif - Short-Tempered Sorcerer Fif - Her Current Obsession Fif - Pleading the Fif Fif - The Fif Element
Flesselles/Lore Flesselles - Attention Lover Flesselles - Attention Demander
Forte/Lore Forte - Dark Dragoon Forte Forte - Dragon Daycare
Freezie/Lore Freezie - Flight of the Lovebirds‎ Freezie - Fantasy and Reality‎
Galadar (SR)/Lore Galadar - The Galadar Crudes Galadar - More Stubborn than Steel Laguna and Galadar - Harmonious Resonance Galadar and Deliford - Way of the Craftsman
Galadar/Lore Galadar - Pride of a Craftsman Galadar - The Skill of a Master
Garma/Lore Garma - Twilight Battle Garma - Blast from the Past Deliford and Garma - Just Beyond Reach
Gawain/Lore Gawain - Admonishing Armor Gawain - A Trial of Compassion Gawain - Showdown with the Curse Gawain - Sincerity Gawain and Lennah - Curse These Curses!
Gayne/Lore Gayne - A Shy Dance Gayne - For Whom the Blade Dances Gayne - A Tale of Two Dances‎‎ Gayne - Back in Step Gayne and Helnar - So Close, Yet So Far
Gemini Sunrise/Lore Gemini Sunrise - The Samurai Girl from the Prairie Gemini Sunrise - Who Will Stand In
Ghandagoza (Summer)/Lore Ghandagoza - Eternal Finship Ghandagoza - Duel of the Masters
Ghandagoza/Lore Ghandagoza - Way of the Fist Ghandagoza - Bare-Handed Man Ghandagoza - Beyond Anger Ghandagoza - Rise, Unrivaled Master‎ Baotorda and Ghandagoza - Feel the Love!
Goblin Mage/Lore Goblin Mage - Goblin Mage's Adventure Goblin Mage - Goblin Mage's Melancholy‎
Grea (Event)/Lore Grea - The Difficult First Step Grea - Her First Friend‎
Grea (Summer)/Lore Grea - Still Near and Dear Grea - Summer Recollections
Grea/Lore Grea - Can I Call You My Friend Grea - Stand By Me
Hallessena/Lore Hallessena - Walking Wraith Hallessena - Insanely Awesome Hallessena - Die, Sticky-Ickies! Hallessena - Now It's My Turn
Haohmaru/Lore Haohmaru - Two Bound By Steel Haohmaru - Two Bound by Drink
Hazen (SR)/Lore Hazen - A Gentle Soul Hazen - A Foul Soul Hazen and Soriz - The Truth Behind the Truth
Hazen/Lore Hazen - Fistful of Love Hazen - The Mountain God
Heles (Summer)/Lore Heles - Royalty in the Summer Sun‎
Heles/Lore Heles - Resolute Royalty Heles - The Princess's Finest Guards Percival and Heles - For Her Homeland's Sake
Helnar (Summer)/Lore Helnar - The Thrill of the Beach Helnar - For All the Beach Babes
Helnar/Lore Helnar - The Legendary Libertine Helnar - An Eternal Temptation Helnar - Musings of a Young Man Helnar - Helnar Gets His Groove Back Gayne and Helnar - So Close, Yet So Far
Herja (SR)/Lore Herja - Love at Last Herja - Last Love Herja and Yngwie - Light Her Fire
Herja/Lore Herja - The Agents' Head Honcho Herja - The Soft-Hearted Swordswoman
Ilsa (Summer)/Lore Ilsa - Drill Sergeant and Designer Ilsa - Shoreline Love Story
Ilsa/Lore Ilsa - Day Before the Storm Ilsa - The Most Important Day
Io (Grand)/Lore Io - Raring to Go‎ Io - Eat and be Merry
Io (Summer)/Lore Io - A Little Beachside Relaxation Io - The Mage's Staff
Io/Lore Io - The Little Lady's Secret Io and Ryan - Picking the Perfect Present
Ippatsu (SR)/Lore Ippatsu - Ippatsu Indignation Ippatsu - Ramen Perfected
Ippatsu (Summer)/Lore Ippatsu - Ramen at the Beach Ippatsu - A Man and His Ramen
Ippatsu/Lore Ippatsu - Ramen Or Bust Ippatsu - The Ramen Way Ippatsu and Lilele - For the Love of Ramen
Izmir (Summer)/Lore Izmir - Snow Queen of Summer Sea Izmir - A Midsummer Night's Freeze
Izmir/Lore Izmir - Frozen Glances Izmir - The Icy Smile
Izuminokami Kanesada/Lore Izuminokami Kanesada - Remembrance Izuminokami Kanesada - Foul Bullet
J.J. (Summer)/Lore J.J. - Crazy, Crazy Summer J.J. - Rhyme in Summertime
J.J./Lore J.J. - The Rapper's Racket J.J. - The Beat Of The Thug-Life Elta and J.J. - Beachside Buddies
Jamil (Dark)/Lore Jamil - The Captive Avenger Jamil - Uncertain Tomorrow
Jamil/Lore Jamil - Pride Veiled in Purple Jamil - Truth Revealed in Black
Jasmine (SR)/Lore Jasmine - The Warmhearted Healer Jasmine - A Spoon Full of Sugar Jasmine and Vanzza - Healer of the Horned Jasmine and Pavidus - Battle for Jasmine
Jasmine/Lore Jasmine - New Horizons Jasmine - One Remedy Coming Up!
Jeanne d'Arc (Dark)/Lore Jeanne d'Arc - Fallen Maiden Jeanne d'Arc - Invitation from Darkness
Jeanne d'Arc (SR)/Lore Jeanne d'Arc - A Maiden's Revelation Jeanne d'Arc - Days Worth Remembering
Jeanne d'Arc (Themed)/Lore Jeanne d'Arc - Tough Choices Jeanne d'Arc - Riverside Joyride
Jeanne d'Arc/Lore Jeanne d'Arc - La Pucelle Jeanne d'Arc - Grasping Peace Jeanne d'Arc - Otherworldly Invitation Jeanne d'Arc - Wedge that Pierces the World
Jessica (Event)/Lore Jessica - Gunner's Brother Jessica - Hopeful Reunion Alec and Jessica - Table Manners
Jessica (Summer)/Lore Jessica - The Gunslinger's Swimwear Jessica - The Miss Swimsuit Contest
Jessica/Lore Jessica - A Worried Sister Jessica - Siblings Apart
Jin (Event)/Lore Jin - Aspiring Samurai Jin - Doctor Visit Jin and Leonora - Ninja vs Samurai
Jin (Ronin)/Lore Jin - Dedicated to Duty‎ Jin - Kitten and Treasure
Jin (Themed)/Lore Jin - Warmhearted Warrior Jin - Frigid Waves, Blazing Hearts
Jin (Wind)/Lore Jin - Famed Apprentice Jin - Onward to the Whitecaps
Joel/Lore Joel - Ocean Loving Coast Guard Joel - Holistic Health Cailana and Joel - For Love of the Sea
Johann (Event)/Lore Johann - The Lonely Folklorist Johann - Johann the Hunted
Johann/Lore Johann - Boundless Mystery Johann - A Folklorist's Wrath
Joker/Lore Joker - Sky Blue Rendezvous Joker - Sky Blue Reflections
Juliet/Lore Juliet - Midtown Stroll Juliet - Hope for Verona
Juri (Event)/Lore Juri - The Puzzled Imperial Soldier Juri - Like Father, Like Son Juri and Seruel - Indivisible Spirits
Juri/Lore Juri - Trail of Memories Juri - Red-Hot Imperial Spirit
Kanako Mimura/Lore Kanako Mimura - Where All the Sweets Go Kanako Mimura - Sweets You Don't Eat
Kaoru Sakuraba/Lore Kaoru Sakuraba - Cold Day Kaoru Sakuraba - Sick Village
Karin/Lore Karin - Karin Kanzuki's Sky Debut Karin - A Friendly Competition
Karteira (SR)/Lore Karteira - Cast a Line, Not a Net Karteira - Dandelion on the Wind
Karteira/Lore Karteira - The Clairvoyant Trader Karteira - The Battle of the Broach
Karva (SR)/Lore Karva - All for the Thrill Karva - Let the Thrills Begin
Karva/Lore Karva - S.O.S. Karva - It's Just Not That Exciting
Katalina (Grand)/Lore Katalina - Quintessentially Katalina Katalina - A Vow as Vast as the Sky Katalina - For Whom the Sword Swings Katalina - What I'd Wanted to Protect
Katalina (Promo)/Lore Katalina - Freeing the Girl in Blue Katalina - A Chitchat with Kat
Katalina (Summer)/Lore Katalina - Unyielding Blade Katalina - Watching Over the Waterfront
Katalina/Lore Katalina - Operation Picnic Katalina and Farrah - Farrah Flounders
Keehar/Lore Keehar - Free-Spirited Skyfarer Keehar - From Fable to Fact Aletheia and Keehar - Now and Forever
Kokkoro/Lore Kokkoro - Night and Day, Ever on My Mind Kokkoro - My Lord, Help Is on the Way!
Korwa (Summer)/Lore Korwa - Beach-Bound Fashionista Korwa - Finding Happily Ever After
Korwa/Lore Korwa - Much Ado About Endings Korwa - Interwoven Fates Chloe and Korwa - Peek into the Forbidden Garden
Koume Shirasaka/Lore Koume Shirasaka - She's Something Special Koume Shirasaka - Let's Be Pals
Krugne/Lore Krugne - Lucky Roll Krugne - Sour Decision
La Coiffe/Lore La Coiffe - She Who Styles the Forest La Coiffe - Simply Organic La Coiffe and Lennah - The Scent of Happiness
Ladiva (Holiday)/Lore Ladiva - Lady Luck‎‎ Ladiva - Holiday Gifts‎
Ladiva/Lore Ladiva - A Most Honorable Spirit Ladiva - All in the Name of Love Cagliostro and Ladiva - It's What's Inside That Counts‎
Lady Grey (Halloween)/Lore Lady Grey - A Stunning Smile Lady Grey - The Meaning of Remembrance
Lady Grey/Lore Lady Grey - Master of the Haunted House Lady Grey - Monsters in Memories Lady Grey - Heart and Soul Lady Grey - Rest in Peace Lady Grey and Nezahualpilli - Veterans Looking Back
Lady Katapillar and Vira/Lore Vira - Uber-pocalypse Vira - The Best Bad Ending Ever
Laguna/Lore Laguna - A Little Memory Laguna - Potentially Invincible Laguna and Galadar - Harmonious Resonance
Lamretta (R)/Lore Lamretta - To Feast Again Lamretta - In the Middle of a Feast Lamretta and Lamretta - Why Four Art Thou, Lamretta
Lamretta (Water)/Lore Lamretta - Another Wine Day to Be Alive Lamretta - The Water of Life
Lamretta/Lore Lamretta - The Loveable Klutz Lamretta - Feeling Tingly Lamretta and Lamretta - Why Four Art Thou, Lamretta
Lancelot (Event)/Lore Lancelot - An Unyielding Spirit Lancelot - In the Fury of Battle
Lancelot (Wind)/Lore Lancelot - A New Process Lancelot - Rise of a Nameless Knight
Lancelot and Vane/Lore Lancelot and Vane - Life of a Knight Lancelot and Vane - The Foundation Ceremony
Lancelot/Lore Lancelot - The Calm Before the Storm‎ Lancelot - Study Abroad‎ Lancelot - The Dedicated Knight Falters‎ Lancelot - The Loyal Knight's Resolve Vane and Lancelot - Now, Then, and Always
Lecia (Grand)/Lore Lecia - An Unexpected Promotion Lecia - Protecting the Peace
Lecia (Summer)/Lore Lecia - Vacation Time Lecia - Beachside Showdown
Lecia/Lore Lecia - The Untrained Captain
Lennah/Lore Lennah - Lady of the Flowers Lennah - The Tithe for Magic Lennah - A Time to Sow Lennah - A Time to Harvest Gawain and Lennah - Curse These Curses! La Coiffe and Lennah - The Scent of Happiness
Leona/Lore Leona - Mourning Lioness Leona - Home Cooking
Leonora/Lore Leonora - The Long-eared Girl Leonora - Ninjas on the Move Jin and Leonora - Ninja vs Samurai
Levi/Lore Levi - I'm Watching You Levi - I'm Trusting You
Levin Sisters/Lore Levin Sisters - The Three-Sister Rule Levin Sisters - United We Stand
Lilele (Summer)/Lore Lilele - I Said Idol, Not Noodles! Lilele - A Stomach for All Occasions
Lilele/Lore Lilele - Daydream☆Miracle Lilele - I Send My Love Ippatsu and Lilele - For the Love of Ramen
Lily (Event)/Lore Lily - Tour of the Palace Lily - Until Spring Comes
Lily/Lore Lily - A Girl in Search of Spring Lily - The Icy Heroine's Anguish Lily - Ice Crystal Hospitality Lily - Home of Spring
Lina/Lore Lina - Dragon Spooker Lina - Bandit Killer in Full Force
Lowain (Event)/Lore Lowain - Bros be Bros Lowain - Lowain's World Lowain - Party On, Shopkeep Lowain - Mega Happy Ending
Lowain (Summer)/Lore Lowain - Summer Fling Lowain - The Never-Ending Vacation
Lowain/Lore Lowain - Work is Ever Over Lowain - Lowain's Special Attack Lowain and Vira - Crucial Culinary Battle Farrah and Lowain - Cook-off for Katalina Lowain and Yngwie - Il Sole Mio
Lucio/Lore Lucio - Bringer of Dawn Lucio - Serpents and Apples
Lucius (Fire)/Lore Lucius - Aimless Nomad Lucius - Cries of a New Dawn Lucius and Suframare - The Student's Mentor
Lucius/Lore Lucius - The Aloof Swordsman Lucius - The Meddlesome Swordsman Lucius - The Flower of Andalise Lucius - Accursed Scars Lucius and Ryan - A Brother's Love
Ludmila/Lore Ludmila - Fungal Laughing Fit Ludmila - Portobello Problemo Ludmila and Ulamnuran - Live and Let Laugh Zaja and Ludmila - Laughter Echoing Down
Luna/Lore Luna - Wanna Go on an Adventure Luna - Luna's Outing
Lunalu (SSR)/Lore Lunalu - Into the Sunset Lunalu - Incredibly Lifelike
Lunalu (Summer)/Lore Lunalu - Popol Saga Chapter Four Lunalu - Armored Warrior Shenanigans
Lunalu/Lore Lunalu - The Crybaby and the Butler Lunalu - A Beauty on the Battlefield Lunalu and Siegfried - Unbridled Fantasies
Lyria (Event)/Lore Lyria - I Will Protect You! Lyria - Irreplaceable You
Magisa/Lore Magisa - The Witch's Dream Magisa - The Unseeable Future‎ Magisa - The Witch's Confession‎ Magisa - The Witch Hunting Village‎
Mahira (Event)/Lore Mahira - Flap Those Wings! Mahira - The Grateful Rooster
Mahira/Lore Mahira - Winging It Mahira - Chicken Light, Chicken Flight Mahira - Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess Mahira - Clucket Science Andira and Mahira - Girls of a Feather Mahira and Vajra - A Friendly Competition
Malinda (Event)/Lore Malinda - Dreaming of Days Past
Mariah/Lore Mariah - Atonement Mariah - Thinking of You, Sis Arusha and Mariah - Affection Is Beyond Time
Marquiares/Lore Marquiares - Opening the Supernal Door Marquiares - Supernal Shuffle
Mary (Holiday)/Lore Mary - Before the Long Night Mary - Yuletide's Pre-Eve Bash
Mary (SR)/Lore Mary - Thanks for Letting me Know Mary - The Beam of Light Mary and Syr - A Scene of Family
Mary (Summer)/Lore Mary - Beachside Battle Mary - Flower of the Night Sky
Mary/Lore Mary - The Beautiful Treasure Hunter Mary - A Treasure for Her Alone Mary and Yuel - The Thrill of Exploration
Medusa (Promo)/Lore Medusa - Foolish Mortals!‎ Medusa - Crying Won't Save You!
Medusa (Valentine)/Lore Medusa - I'm Not Impressed! Medusa - It's All Your Fault!
Melissabelle/Lore Melissabelle - Questions in the Cornfield Melissabelle - Secret of the Golden Locks Charlotta and Melissabelle - Wishing for Altitude
Melleau/Lore Melleau - The Languid Vagrant Melleau - An Unknown Friend Melleau and Nemone - Hazelnutty
Meteon (Event)/Lore Meteon - Sky Racer Meteon - Apple Capriccio Meteon - Actions Say It All Meteon - The Things We Bear
Metera (Fire)/Lore Metera - Hanging With My Sis Metera - Sisterly Love Catherine and Metera - Love Hustle
Metera (Holiday)/Lore Metera - On the Prowl for a Hottie Metera - Into the Modeling World
Metera/Lore Metera - The Troublesome Stowaway Metera - Moody Metera Metera - Forlorn Metera Metera - A Guardian's Endless Trials Metera and Sutera - Sister Shopping
Mika Jougasaki/Lore Mika Jougasaki - The Confused New Girl Mika Jougasaki - Sky Shenanigans Mika Jougasaki - Missing the Good Ol' Days Mika Jougasaki - The Ultimate Stage
Mikasa/Lore Mikasa - Dawning of a New Me Mikasa - The Gap Between Us
Mikazuki Munechika/Lore Mikazuki Munechika - Into the Horizon Mikazuki Munechika - Moonlit Alleyway
Miku Maekawa/Lore Miku Maekawa - This is a Joke, Right Miku Maekawa - Operation Fish Feast
Milla Maxwell/Lore Milla Maxwell - Lord of Sprits, Skybound Milla Maxwell - Memory of an Aftertaste
Milleore/Lore Milleore - The Little Commando Milleore - A Heavy Reward Milleore and Sahli Lao - Twin Arrows
Mimlemel and Pun-Kin (Halloween)/Lore Mimlemel - Happy Pumpkin Mimlemel - Pumpkin Gone Wild
Mimlemel and Stumpeye/Lore Mimlemel - Stand-up Stump Mimlemel - Hurry Up, Stump
Mimlemel/Lore Mimlemel - The Willful Flute Mimlemel - Journey of the Flute Mimlemel and Selfira - Two Color Tones Aoidos and Mimlemel - Special Jam Session
Mina/Lore Mina - The Life of the Vice Mina - Eyes for the Leader
Minami Nitta/Lore Minami Nitta - What Makes an Idol Minami Nitta - What Makes a Skyfarer
Mio Honda/Lore Mio Honda - Bursting with Curiosity Mio Honda - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Mio Honda - Her Origins Mio Honda - Natural Charisma
Miria Akagi/Lore Miria Akagi - Sunflower in the Snow Miria Akagi - More Mature Than She Looks
Mirin/Lore Mirin - First Time Abroad Mirin - Market Monkey Mischief Mirin - Sentimental Samurai Mirin - My Way of the Samurai Mirin and Yodarha - Martial Arts Tourney?
Mishra/Lore Mishra - The Beautiful Mage Mishra - The Sage's Treasure Mishra and Zehek - Just Like a Child
Mizuki Kawashima/Lore Mizuki Kawashima - An Oh-So-Strange Feeling Mizuki Kawashima - The Legend of Magical Mizuki
Monika/Lore Monika - A Day in the Deputy's Life Monika - Monika's Daily Grind
Morphe and Phoebe (Event)/Lore Morphe and Phoebe - Dreamwalkers Morphe and Phoebe - May You Find Happiness
Naga/Lore Naga - A Shack-Shaking Laugh Naga - Strongest Sorceress
Nakoruru/Lore Nakoruru - Protectors of Nature Nakoruru - Partner Appreciation Day
Naoise (Event)/Lore Naoise - Runaway Knight's Homecoming Naoise - The Knight and the Prince Naoise - A Dangerous Game Naoise - Knightly Duties
Naoise (Summer)/Lore Naoise - Summer Sentinel Naoise - Seaside Gourmet
Naoise/Lore Naoise - The Sorrowful Knight Naoise - Happening at the Food Stall
Narmaya (Summer)/Lore Narmaya - Summer with Narmaya‎‎ Narmaya - One If by Sea‎
Narmaya (Valentine)/Lore Narmaya - Cocoa Cakewalk Narmaya - Sweet Hearts and Tears
Narmaya/Lore Narmaya - The Flutterby Princess‎ Narmaya - Wavering Spirit‎ Narmaya - My Precious Friend Narmaya - It Was So Simple
Nemone/Lore Nemone - Girl Comes Along Like the Wind Nemone - Happy-Go-Lucky Kindness Melleau and Nemone - Hazelnutty
Nene/Lore Nene - Want Some Cake Nene - Take as it Comes
Nezahualpilli (SR)/Lore Nezahualpilli - Plume and Doom Nezahualpilli - Murder Most Fowl
Nezahualpilli/Lore Nezahualpilli - A Most Curious King Nezahualpilli - Secret of the Eagle King Nezahualpilli - The Flightless Eagle Nezahualpilli - In Need of Guidance Lady Grey and Nezahualpilli - Veterans Looking Back
Nicholas (Event)/Lore Nicholas - Machine Dreams Nicholas - Trial and Errors
Nicholas/Lore Nicholas - Between Monster and Man Nicholas - Never Forget
Nina Drango/Lore Nina Drango - Red Dragon Nina Drango - Close Encounter
Niyon/Lore Niyon - Mystical Concerto Niyon - Magical Tuning Niyon - Duel of the Mystic Musician Niyon - Trial of the Eternals
Noa/Lore Noa - A Crewmate's Worst Fear Noa - Secret of the Grandcypher Noa - On Waves of Grace Noa - The Vessel of Wishes
Norcel/Lore Norcel - Momma-Lovin' Country Boy Norcel - Agony of the Magic Tome
Novei/Lore Novei - Violinist Novei Novei - Ode to Joy
Olivia (Event)/Lore Olivia - Vacation Preparation Olivia - A Summer for Popsicles
Olivia/Lore Olivia - The Fallen One Olivia - Pride of the Fallen
Orchid/Lore Orchid - Search for Purpose Orchid - Innocent Doll
Owen/Lore Owen - The Ever-Loyal Knight‎ Owen - Bound to Protect‎
Pamela/Lore Pamela - Flutist Pamela Pamela - The Tone We Wish to Convey
Paris (Event)/Lore Paris - Footsteps of War Paris - Paris's Determination
Pavidus/Lore Pavidus - The Animals' Underling Pavidus - Save My Betters! Jasmine and Pavidus - Battle for Jasmine
Pecorine/Lore Pecorine - Way of the Gourmet Pecorine - Pecorine Pays It Forward
Pengy (Event)/Lore Pengy - The New and Improved Pengy Pengy - Pengy: The Hope of All Kids Ceylan and Pengy - Pengy Thief
Pengy/Lore Pengy - A Penguin's Pride Pengy - Pengy-ese 101
Percival (Event)/Lore Percival - A Memory of Brothers Three Percival - Two Kings
Percival (Summer)/Lore Percival - The Leisurely Lord of Flames Percival - Summer's Promise
Percival/Lore Percival - The Simmering Fire Within Percival - The Lord of Flames's Requiem Percival - A Royal's Resolve Percival - Reaching for His Kingdom Percival and Heles - For Her Homeland's Sake
Petra (SSR)/Lore Petra - A New Wind Blows Petra - The God of Humility
Petra/Lore Petra - Praying to the Wind Petra - Temple of Trials
Philosophia/Lore Philosophia - Mystery of the Spinning Top Philosophia - The Philosopher's Sweet Side
Pholia/Lore Pholia - Never Farther Away from Home Pholia - Where Resolute Winds Blow
Predator/Lore Predator - Die Another Day Predator - On the Way Predator and Tanya - I Yearn For Only You
Rackam (Grand)/Lore Rackam - So You Wanna Be a Pilot Rackam - Only Pilots Get It‎ Rackam - Good Ol' Rackam Rackam - Rackam's Driving Force
Rackam (Holiday)/Lore Rackam - Mystery Dessert Rackam - Friendly Feels
Rackam/Lore Rackam - To Fix What's Broken
Randall (SR)/Lore Randall - Shared Credos Randall - No Surrender
Randall/Lore Randall - Friend and Rival Randall - And the Winner Is
Ranko Kanzaki/Lore Ranko Kanzaki - Hymn of the Skies Ranko Kanzaki - Return of the Demon Ruler
Rashid/Lore Rashid - In Search of Lost Friends Rashid - Lost in the Dark
Razia (SR)/Lore Razia - A Goal Only Glimpsed Razia - I Pledge Myself Anew
Razia/Lore Razia - A Knight Forever Hunting Razia - In Search of Distant Truth Beatrix and Razia - Bound Together
Redluck/Lore Redluck - Belly Battles Redluck - Eat and Be Merry Redluck and Sophia - Pilgrimage
Reinhardtzar/Lore Reinhardtzar - Reinhardtzar's Day Off
Richard/Lore Richard - Luck of the Draw Richard - What Good Luck is Worth
Rika Jougasaki/Lore Rika Jougasaki - The Girl on the Bear Rika Jougasaki - Summer Means Bug Hunting Rika Jougasaki - Love Ya, Sis and Beetles! Rika Jougasaki - Rika Land, Here We Come!
Rin Shibuya/Lore Rin Shibuya - A Whole New World Rin Shibuya - The Sword and the Song Rin Shibuya - Picking Up the Sword Rin Shibuya - Never Forget
Rita/Lore Rita - The Girl Who Beckons the Dead Rita - Reports of a Hammerhead Rita - My Own Choice Rita - Messy Memories
Robertina/Lore Robertina - Tubist Robertina Robertina - Tuba God of the Sacred Peaks
Robomi (Event)/Lore Robomi - The Android's Dream Robomi - Keeping Secrets
Robomi/Lore Robomi - Robomi, Online Robomi - That Which Was Lost
Romeo (Event)/Lore Romeo - Star-Cross'd Lovers Romeo - The World is our Stage
Romeo/Lore Romeo - Even Now I'd Die for You Romeo - What I Wish to Say
Rosamia (SR)/Lore Rosamia - Recollection and Conquest Rosamia - A Familiar Voice
Rosamia (SSR)/Lore Rosamia - Cursebreaker‎ Rosamia - Sugar-coated Lie
Rosamia/Lore Rosamia - The Cursed Mask Rosamia - The Masked Traitor Rosamia and Walder - The Wood Warrior's Wise Words
Rosetta (Grand)/Lore Rosetta - Timelessly Devoted Rosetta - Envy Throughout the Sky
Rosetta (Holiday)/Lore Rosetta - Protective Gaze Rosetta - One's Vestige
Rosetta (Summer)/Lore Rosetta - She Who Laments the Summer Rosetta - Wanted! Repel Tactics!
Rosetta/Lore Rosetta - The Language of the Forest
Rosine (SR)/Lore Rosine - Reunion Rosine - Promise by Senbei Rosine and Tsubasa - Nana's Boy
Rosine/Lore Rosine - Sun-Baked Rice Crackers Rosine - Walking the Bright Path Rosine and Vaseraga - Scythes and Crackers
Ryan (SR)/Lore Ryan - A Heavy Heart Ryan - Family Longings Lucius and Ryan - A Brother's Love
Ryan/Lore Ryan - The Backwoods Bodyguard Ryan - Save the Stuffed Rabbit! Io and Ryan - Picking the Perfect Present
Ryu/Lore Ryu - The Path Toward True Strength Ryu - Date with a King
Sachiko Koshimizu/Lore Sachiko Koshimizu - Sachi-in-a-Box Sachiko Koshimizu - Call Me The Cutest
Sahli Lao/Lore Sahli Lao - Shaky Aim Sahli Lao - That Person's Aura Milleore and Sahli Lao - Twin Arrows
Sakura Kinomoto/Lore Sakura Kinomoto - Sakura and the Captain Sakura Kinomoto - Sakura and the Witch's Herbs
Sakura Shinguji/Lore Sakura Shinguji - Wishes in the Sky Sakura Shinguji - That Promise...
Sandalphon (Event)/Lore Sandalphon - Bittersweet Memories Sandalphon - Two Millenia of Coffee
Sara (Event)/Lore Sara - Small Maiden, Unknown World Sara - Midnight Snack Arulumaya and Sara - One and Only Sweet
Sara (Summer)/Lore Sara - Sara's First Summer Sara - Shedding Tears
Sara/Lore Sara - Heart Lock‎ Sara - Kind World‎ Scathacha and Sara - From Fear to Faith‎
Sarunan (Dark)/Lore Sarunan - Diminishing Flame Sarunan - Lost and Found Sarunan and Sarunan - Bet on the Stars
Sarunan/Lore Sarunan - Forbidden Lovers Sarunan - Enshrined Sarunan - Where to Next, Honey Sarunan - Accursed Lovers Sarunan and Sarunan - Bet on the Stars
Sarya (Event)/Lore Sarya - Absent Teacher Sarya - Haunted House Investigation
Sarya/Lore Sarya - Detective Work Is Never Done Sarya - The Lost Sculptures
Scathacha/Lore Scathacha - True Dragon's Day Off‎ Scathacha - How Old in Dragon Years‎ Scathacha - Three Cheers for a Festival Scathacha - Blood of Curse or Blessing Scathacha and Sara - From Fear to Faith‎
Selfira (Event)/Lore Selfira - Island Fever Musician Selfira - To Whom I Love Selfira - Echo into Eternity Selfira - Portraying Feelings Mimlemel and Selfira - Two Color Tones
Selfira/Lore Selfira - A New Path Selfira - Traveling Musician
Sen (Holiday)/Lore Sen - Winter Night Practice, Meow! Sen - I'm Senta Claws, Meow!
Sen/Lore Sen - Mountain Girl Sen - One Cool Cat Dante and Sen - To Be A Cat
Seofon/Lore Seofon - Trial By Celestial Blade Seofon - The Boy and the Blade King Seofon - Seven-Star Encounter Seofon - To Rule the Skies
Seox/Lore Seox - Behind the Karm Dynasty Seox - The Message Left Behind Seox - Inevitable Ruin Seox - Nine Nocturnal Targets
Sevastien/Lore Sevastien - The Sanguine Hellhound Sevastien - The Praetorial Ledger Bridgette and Sevastien - Dream Big
Sevilbarra (Event)/Lore Sevilbarra - A Lead at Last Sevilbarra - Awaiting Easterly Winds
Sevilbarra/Lore Sevilbarra - The Reckless Ronin Sevilbarra - Fate in the Demon Blade
Shao/Lore Shao - Healer's Miracle Shao - Line between Good and Evil Shao - That Was in the Past Shao - A Future from the Mire
Shiki Ichinose/Lore Shiki Ichinose - Chemical Perfumer Shiki Ichinose - Enchanting Elixir
Shiva/Lore Shiva - Destruction Incarnate Shiva - Light of Destruction
Siegfried (Summer)/Lore Siegfried - Once Upon a Breeze Siegfried - Summer Chaperon Siegfried and Yuisis - For Family
Siegfried/Lore Siegfried - Ominous Shadow Siegfried - Purifying Shell Siegfried - Demon Dark Siegfried - Facing the Demons Lunalu and Siegfried - Unbridled Fantasies
Sig (Event)/Lore Sig - Druga Pirates' Request Sig - Yudhisthira Net Fishing
Sig/Lore Sig - The Wide Blue Yonder Sig - The Wide Green Yonder
Silva (Light)/Lore Silva - The Face of a Sniper Silva - Counter-Snipe
Silva/Lore Silva - Steadfast Sniper Silva - Sonorous Ring Silva - To Overcome Regret Silva - By Your Side Camieux and Silva - Another Family Silva and Cucouroux - Big Sister's Big Sis
Skull (Event)/Lore Skull - What Is Freedom Skull - What Is Freedom, Really
Societte (Fire)/Lore Societte - People Who Matter Most Societte - Ninetails Hunt
Societte/Lore Societte - Millennial Dance Societte - Floral Arrangement Yuel and Societte - Fully Blossomed
Sophia (SR)/Lore Sophia - Search for the Lost Map Sophia - The Town Without a Heart
Sophia/Lore Sophia - Astral Pilgrim Sophia - Past and Present Redluck and Sophia - Pilgrimage
Sophie/Lore Sophie - A Blue Light in the Darkness Sophie - Little Sisters
Soriz (Event)/Lore Soriz - The Explorer Soriz - Search for Steam in the North
Soriz (SSR)/Lore Soriz - New Tricks for an Old Hound Soriz - Gather Ye Rosebuds, Soriz
Soriz/Lore Soriz - A Man's Dream Soriz - Passionate Gaze Soriz - Unforgettable Spot Soriz - Guardian of Dreams Hazen and Soriz - The Truth Behind the Truth
Spinnah/Lore Spinnah - The Beauty Is in the Spin Spinnah - Make Their Heads Spin Philosophia and Spinnah - Spinning Thoughts
Stahn Aileron/Lore Stahn Aileron - Unfamiliar Blue Skies Stahn Aileron - The Battle's End
Stan (Event)/Lore Stan - Newfound Will Stan - A Most Peculiar Banquet
Stan/Lore Stan - Timid Apprentice Stan - I Spy a Monster! Ange and Stan - State of the Princess Stan and Zaja - Bravery or Bravado
Sturm (Grand)/Lore Sturm - Dinner Dangers Sturm - Silence Is Golden
Suframare (Summer)/Lore Suframare - Beachside Lesson Suframare - The Magic Parasol
Suframare/Lore Suframare - Wandering Tutor Suframare - Training Results Elmott and Suframare - Teacher vs Midnight Prowler Lucius and Suframare - The Student's Mentor Suframare and Tsubasa - Cool Gear
Sutera (Event)/Lore Sutera - How Sutera Got Her Groove Sutera - Mixer Aftermath
Sutera (Fire)/Lore Sutera - Shopping With My Sis Sutera - Following in your Footsteps
Sutera/Lore Sutera - An Archer, Mix-Up, and Nushi Sutera - Nice One Sutera - Heir of the Magic Bow Sutera - Autobiography Metera and Sutera - Sister Shopping
Syr (Event)/Lore Syr - Before the First Step Syr - Monster Pet Mary and Syr - A Scene of Family
Tanya (SR)/Lore Tanya - The Shy Knife Girl Tanya - Let the Bidding Begin!
Tanya (Summer)/Lore Tanya - Sharpen the Tongue Tanya - Listen to the Flow
Tanya/Lore Tanya - Tongue Tied Knife User Tanya - Smooth Talker Predator and Tanya - I Yearn For Only You
Tear Grants/Lore Tear Grants - The Confused Visitor Tear Grants - Her Real Feelings
Teena (Valentine)/Lore Teena - Our Funny Valentine Teena - Heartfelt Gratitude
Teena/Lore Teena - In the Heart of the Flames Teena - A Flame That Transcends Time Teena - Light of Hope Teena - Meaning Behind the Flower Aletheia and Teena - Father and Daughter Reunited
Teru Tendo/Lore Teru Tendo - Red-Hot Hero Hymn Teru Tendo - Singing for Sun!
The Lowain Bros/Lore Lowain - Playboy No More Lowain - From TPO to CEO
Thelonim/Lore Thelonim - What's in a Lie Thelonim - A Hero's Dream Thelonim and Vania - A Hero's Trial
Therese (Event)/Lore Therese - Jewel of the Casino Liner Therese - Pride of a Duelist De La Fille and Therese - A Nostalgic Flavor
Therese (SSR)/Lore Therese - My Fair Duelist Therese - A Storied Blade
Therese/Lore Therese - The Duelist's New Look Therese - The Truth Comes to Light
Threo/Lore Threo - The Axe Master‎ Threo - True Strength‎ Threo - One Bad Axe‎ Threo - An Axe to Grind... Nine Times
Tiamat/Lore Tiamat - Eternal Blessed Winds Tiamat - Ride Out the Storm Tiamat - Absent Winds Tiamat - Always at Your Back
Tien/Lore Tien - I Want to Believe You Tien - May My Words Reach You Tien - Invitation to War Tien - Ballad of Bullets
Tsubasa Kashiwagi/Lore Tsubasa Kashiwagi - Nothing but Wind and Sky Tsubasa Kashiwagi - To Fly Again
Tsubasa/Lore Tsubasa - The Sky's Call Tsubasa - Wideness of the World‎ Suframare and Tsubasa - Cool Gear Rosine and Tsubasa - Nana's Boy
Tweyen/Lore Tweyen - The Evil Winged Beast Tweyen - Tweyen's Homeland Tweyen - The Master of the Bow Tweyen - Strength Enough to Rule
Tyre/Lore Tyre - Visitor from Albion Tyre - Respect or Love Tyre and Yaia - Wassup, Little Boss!
Tōru Amuro/Lore Tōru Amuro - Man of Many Faces Tōru Amuro - The Pain of Separation
Ulamnuran/Lore Ulamnuran - An Ambitious Street Performer Ulamnuran - A Smile on Every Face Ulamnuran - The Narcissist and the Busker Ulamnuran - It's Showtime! Ludmila and Ulamnuran - Live and Let Laugh
Uzuki Shimamura/Lore Uzuki Shimamura - Go Get'em Gal Uzuki Shimamura - A Superstar in the Sky Uzuki Shimamura - Just a Regular Smile Uzuki Shimamura - Light Up the Dream
Vajra/Lore Vajra - Guardian of the West-Northwest Vajra - Canines Mean No Harm Mahira and Vajra - A Friendly Competition Kumbhira_and_Vajra_-_Year-End_Training
Vane (Event)/Lore Vane - Where is He Now Vane - The Kind-Hearted Zealot Vane and Lancelot - Now, Then, and Always
Vane (SSR)/Lore Vane - Once Upon a Spring Day Vane - You and Me, No Matter What Vane - Ordinary Heroics Vane - One for All
Vane/Lore Vane - All For One, and One For All Vane - Make the Best of Today
Vania (SR)/Lore Vania - Princess Dress Up Vania - Vania in Wonderwood
Vania/Lore Vania - Promise Vania - Delicious Soup Vania - A Sibling Squabble Vania - What Big Sisters Are For Thelonim and Vania - A Hero's Trial
Vanzza (SR)/Lore Vanzza - Blood, Sweat, and Tonfas Vanzza - The Truth about Acorazada
Vanzza/Lore Vanzza - Tears of the Horned Vanzza - Faith is Bittersweet Jasmine and Vanzza - Healer of the Horned
Vaseraga (Earth)/Lore Vaseraga - Grieving Scythe Vaseraga - Lamenting Comrades
Vaseraga/Lore Vaseraga - Enigma of the Scythe Wielder Vaseraga - Adding Fuel to the Fire Vaseraga - Strong Yet Wise Vaseraga - Kind Yet Tragic Vaseraga and Zeta - Inner Workings Rosine and Vaseraga - Scythes and Crackers
Veight/Lore Veight - Noble Blood Veight - Friend or Foe Drusilla and Veight - Shop Till You Drop
Vermeil (SR)/Lore Vermeil - An Unscripted Farce Vermeil - Romancing the Stone
Vermeil/Lore Vermeil - The Sobbing Knight Vermeil - Enigmatic Tears
Viceroy/Lore Viceroy - The Superalloy Viceroy - Metal Maniacs
Vira (Grand)/Lore Vira - A Heart Broken Vira - A Heart Restored
Vira (SSR)/Lore Vira - Center of Attention Vira - Liege of Albion Vira - Innocent Confusion Vira - Regrets and Desires
Vira (Summer)/Lore Vira - Dream of a Summer's Night Vira - What You Were Searching For
Vira/Lore Vira - A Faithful Knight's Departure Vira - A Strange Secret Lowain and Vira - Crucial Culinary Battle
Volenna (Event)/Lore Volenna - Say Goodbye to the Past Volenna - Intertwined Fate
Volenna/Lore Volenna - Taking the Lead at Camp Volenna - What Can I Do for You
Walder (Event)/Lore Walder - How a Hero Is Born Walder - Road to Recovery
Walder (Holiday)/Lore Walder - Tree of Joy Walder - Breaking the Silence
Walder (Summer)/Lore Walder - The Daring Summer Warrior Walder - Behold the Ocean Ranger!
Walder/Lore Walder - Awaiting Awakening Walder - The Worried Wood Warrior Rosamia and Walder - The Wood Warrior's Wise Words
Will (SR)/Lore Will - Separation Anxiety Will - Uglier Than A Monster Will - Scientific Method Will - The Principle of Love
Will/Lore Will - The Boy with Two Faces Will - The Secret List Abby and Will - Bobo!
Wulf and Renie/Lore Wulf and Renie - Wulf & Renie Wulf and Renie - It's a Small World
Yaia (Holiday)/Lore Yaia - Yaia's Santa Now! Yaia - The Gift of Love
Yaia/Lore Yaia - A Promise is a Promise Yaia - Learned to Disobey Yaia - Yaia's First Errand Yaia - Yaia and Me Tyre and Yaia - Wassup, Little Boss!
Yamanbagiri Kunihiro/Lore Yamanbagiri Kunihiro - Windy Hood Yamanbagiri Kunihiro - A Blade's True Worth
Yggdrasil/Lore Yggdrasil - Branching Out Yggdrasil - The Curious Tree
Yngwie/Lore Yngwie - The Full Metal Man Yngwie - Dangerous Rendezvous Yngwie - Beginnings Yngwie - The Price of Freedom Lowain and Yngwie - Il Sole Mio Herja and Yngwie - Light Her Fire
Yodarha (SSR)/Lore Yodarha - Big Bait for a Big Catch‎ Yodarha - Trouble with Teacher‎ Mirin and Yodarha - Martial Arts Tourney?
Yodarha/Lore Yodarha - The Fisherman's Tales Yodarha - Speak Up
Yuel (Event)/Lore Yuel - Taking It Off Ad Infinitum Yuel - Collaborative Effort
Yuel (Water)/Lore Yuel - Immutable Beings Yuel - Palatable for Pillow Heaven‎
Yuel/Lore Yuel - The Energetic Erune‎ Yuel - A Wonderful Gift‎ Yuel - Losing is Winning Yuel - A Flower from the Ashes‎ Mary and Yuel - The Thrill of Exploration Yuel and Societte - Fully Blossomed
Yuisis (Summer)/Lore Yuisis - Memories, New and Old Yuisis - Family Identity Siegfried and Yuisis - For Family
Yuisis/Lore ‎Yuisis - The Rules of One‎ Yuisis - Family Secrets
Yuri Lowell/Lore Yuri Lowell - The Sky Beyond the Alleyway Yuri Lowell - What the Blade Protects
Yurius/Lore Yurius - Writhing Intent Yurius - Heroes of Levin
Zahlhamelina/Lore Zahlhamelina - She Who Wields the Stars Zahlhamelina - She Who Basks in Blessings
Zaja/Lore Zaja - Sky Watcher Zaja - Reason to Fight Stan and Zaja - Bravery or Bravado Zaja and Ludmila - Laughter Echoing Down
Zehek (Event)/Lore Zehek - Degenerate Body and Mind Zehek - Ill Fighter, Small Hero
Zehek/Lore Zehek - Sick Soldier Zehek - Runeblade Gloom Mishra and Zehek - Just Like a Child
Zeta (Dark)/Lore Zeta - Chasing Leads Zeta - Night Falls on the Alleys
Zeta (Event)/Lore Zeta - Zeta's Decision Zeta - To Heal a Wound
Zeta (Summer)/Lore
Zeta/Lore Zeta - Crimson Lancer‎ Zeta - Zeta's Fate‎ Vaseraga and Zeta - Inner Workings
Zooey (Event)/Lore Zooey - Divine Purification Zooey - Priestess Zooey
Zooey (Grand)/Lore Zooey - Playing with Zooey Zooey - Peacemaker's Float
Zooey (Promo)/Lore Zooey - Keeper of Balance Zooey - Ally of the World
Zooey/Lore Zooey - Ch-Ch-Changes Zooey - For a World No One Knows