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1:{status: "1410", class: "turn", remain: 4, name: "Butterfly Effect",…} class:"turn" detail:"Deals bonus superior element DMG for one-foe one-ally attacks" is_unusable_harb:false name:"Butterfly Effect" remain:4 status:"1410"

butterfly effect; icon is already on wiki as "Butterfly"

Strength value shown next to status

All elemental ATK/DEF Lowered should have strength value next to their name to keep consistency with DEF Down (DEF Lowered):

'%a% <element> DEF Down'
'%a% <element> ATK Down'

Same thing should happen with following statuses

ATK Boosted (Stackable)
DEF Boosted (Stackable)
Skill DMG Boosted (Stackable)
ATK Lowered (Stackable)
DEF Lowered (Stackable)
C.A. DMG Boosted
C.A. DMG Cap Boosted
DMG Cap Boosted
Bonus <element> DMG