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Granblue Fantasy has a fairly complex game system for a free-to-play game, so it is very common for players to get a bit lost during progression or be unsure where to prioritize time and resources. This article seeks to provide some guidance based on community-established practices, recommendations, and milestones.

In addition to the advice given below, check the New Player Checklist to see if you are taking advantage of the various benefits you can gain from daily, weekly, or monthly planning.

Starting Progression

This section applies if you have just started Granblue Fantasy for the first time, or you've played without looking up information until now and are a bit lost on what you should be doing. You're working through the story and hit a roadblock, or you find yourself out of resources and not sure where to get more, or you're overwhelmed by all the quest options outside of the Main Quests.

  • First, figure out if you want to reroll. This game is very lenient and you can make consistent progress without having strong or rare characters in your party, but, if you aspire to reach Granblue Fantasy's end game, or if you really like how a certain character looks or plays, it can be very motivating to have a strong or cool character to work with.
  • Clear at least through chapter 24 of the main quest. This gives you access to all the Normal and Hard raids, the starting point for weapon and pendant farming. Between this and the Pinboard Missions, you should have a pretty good grasp on the game system. If you're not sure what something means, the glossary or Category:Starting might be able to help.
  • Make sure you're unlocking and mastering classes as much as you can. Dark Fencer is hands down the most useful and widely used class due to its overwhelming strength when doing solo content, and combining it with Sidewinder's Rain of Arrows III or Sorcerer's Blind is what makes it shine, but whenever possible level up other classes in between. Collecting all the mastery bonuses will make your main character very strong, and having experience in all the classes will help you determine the best class to use in different circumstances.
  • You should be fairly familiar with the characters you have, so you'll want to start thinking about what kind of team you want to play. Most people choose a single element to focus on that uses their best characters, simply because it's the quickest and simplest path to making progress. However, higher level content along with some events like Proving Grounds and the various Xeno Clashes which can be useful even for players without complete Omega grids are built around you having the correct element, so you will want to build a team and weapon grid for each element eventually.
  • The first step towards building a set of weapons for a given element, or a grid, is to start doing Normal and Hard raids to collect pendants and Omega Animas. At rank 30, you will be able to summon and join Omega raids, which will be your bread and butter for quite a long time. Even if you cannot deal much damage to an Omega raid, just hosting one gives you the Host red box. You are aiming to build a weapon grid of all weapons that have a skill that boosts Attack in your chosen element; see Basic Grids for more specific objectives.
  • If there are any events currently going on, check the various rewards to see if anything will help you strengthen your weapon grid. If so, it may be a good idea to focus on the event exclusively, since Omega raids will still be around after the event is over. If there is nothing useful for your weapon grid, you will probably want to largely ignore the event, except you definitely want to finish any quests that reward Crystals, and you want to make sure you've unlocked any characters given away with the event. For Loyalty characters, if you did not completely raise its loyalty, they will not be usable after the event ends.
  • Side Stories can usually be cleared without much difficulty and offer guaranteed rewards including new characters and uncapped lv 100 weapons that will be a boost to players without complete grids. Of particular note are the Princess Connect! and Love Live collaborations which offer one SSR character in each element when combined, and What Makes the Sky Blue which has several prerequisites but offers a very powerful Bahamut Weapon which can be used in multiple elements.
  • Save all your tickets and crystals for Premium Galas or Flash Galas. If you are relatively satisfied with your pool of characters for the moment and can resist drawing, it's a good idea to start saving crystals and tickets for Cerulean Sparks; if you can draw 300 times in one draw period, you can use the sparks to choose and recruit a featured character or summon stone. This is great for picking up limited characters.

Intermediate Progression

Once you've left the starting line, between the numerous viable activities and the rather long amount of time it takes to accomplish your original goals, it's very easy to lose track of what needs to be done.

  • This stage is the longest because it's where you will be refining your weapon grid, arguably the most time-consuming part of progression. You'll want to farm 5-6 Omega weapons for each element and uncap them to 3 stars, along with upgrading them to lv 100 and skill level 10. See Basic Grids for specific weapons in each element, but don't feel completely constrained by these.
  • You'll want to look into adding Bahamut Weapons and Seraphic Weapons to your grids if you haven't already. These require a substantial amount of farming, but give incredible bonuses and also provide a shorter-term goal to complete while continuing to farm for Omega weapons. Ultima Weapons are even more heavily team-dependent but are a powerful option once you reach rank 80 and can participate in Ultimate Bahamut raids.
  • Unlock Arcarum: The World Beyond, which will provide an additional source of Omega weapon drops and allows you to start working towards powerful, unique summons and characters.
  • It's a good idea to complete your daily Coop Quests for MP and to start collecting Blue Sky Crystals. Progressing to the Extra stages of coop allows you to start unlocking the Extra classes, which provide even more mastery bonuses. Coop is also a good source of rupies and character experience and can be done when you are out of AP.
  • Power-wise, your initial goal is to become capable of doing at least 50% of an Omega Raid's health solo, thus guaranteeing the MVP chest as well as the Host chest. With two extra drops per hosted raid, you should start seeing a good amount of both SR and SSR weapons come in.
  • Events should still be approached the same as before: if an event has something you want, spend time getting it before the event ends, otherwise it's fine to ignore. You still want to do minimum event participation to earn easy event rewards and any crystals that are available, but events are also good measuring sticks for how you're progressing: see if you can solo harder raid bosses or even Nightmare-difficulty content.
  • Determine if you're willing to spend real money on this game or not. If you are, keep an eye out for Surprise Tickets in order to pick characters you want/need for your party. Either way, continue to evaluate every Premium Gala if you should attempt to draw more characters or not.
  • Even though you cannot finish it until rank 101+, start planning to choose from one of the Class Champion Weapons. You need to create any one of them in order to unlock the quests required for Row IV Classes, so it's generally useful to pick a weapon you'll actually use. Alternately, you may want to create a weapon for Extra II Classes as these can only be unlocked by crafting a specific weapon. Creeds, Silver Centrums, and Showdown Anima are all grinds that can be done before 101+ to prepare beforehand.
  • Consider working on a Revenant Weapon to recruit one of the Eternals. These require a huge amount of resources to complete but the Eternals are some of the strongest characters in the game when fully uncapped (which cannot be done until past rank 100). Some weapons like the Four-Sky Blade can also make strong mainhand weapons due to their useful Charge Attacks and only require the element-changing step.

High Level Goals

Reaching High Level unlocks various new content to pursue alongside previous goals.