Raids:Chapter 128-4

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Chapter 128: A Knight and a Maiden - Episode 4
Cost to Host: 23Verification needed. AP Unlock: Clear Chapter 128 Story: A Knight and a Maiden - Episode 3
Location: Chapter 105 (107/127/128): Reiche Island - Shrine of Prosperity
Stage strategy
Fixed party of Npc s 3030005000 01.jpg Katalina (5★).
Wave Name Lvl HP Charge Mode
BossEnemy Icon 8102983 S.png Luminiera Malice Icon16Light.png ?? 2,450,000 Yes
Special Attacks Triggers and Notes
  • Autonomous Cell Charging
Luminiera Malice gains Status DA Up 2.pngDA UpDouble attack rate is boosted
Duration: 2 turnsLocal status effect
  • Lightshaft
Large Light damage.
  • On Turn 2, at start of enemy phase
Lyria uses Lyria's Feelings (grants Status Dmg Cut 50.png50% DMG CutTaking 50% less DMG
Duration: IndefiniteDamage Cut reducing damage taken for all elements.
Warning! Does not work for Plain Damage!
to Katalina).
N - Normal, OD - Overdrive, TR - Trigger
First clear: Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×50, unlocks Npc s 3030005000 01.jpg Katalina's 5★ uncap
Wooden Silver Gold
- - -