Raids:Proving Grounds 2019-02 ExtremePlus

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Stamp102.png CAUTION:
Enemies take reduced damage from elements they are not weak to in these battles.

BattleRaid Proving Grounds 2019-02 ExtremePlus.png

Lvl 3 Green Trooper
Cost to Host: 40 AP Unlock: Clear Extreme
Wave Name Lvl HP Charge Mode
Battle 1 Hornet Warrior Icon16Wind.png 50 3,000,000 ◇◇ No
Hornet Commander Icon16Wind.png 50 4,000,000 ◇◇◇ No
Hornet Medic Icon16Wind.png 50 3,000,000 No
Battle 2 Queen Bee Icon16Wind.png 50 12,000,000 ◇◇ Yes
Special Attacks Triggers and Notes
  • Royal Honey N TR
Queen Bee gains Status ATK Up 3.pngATK UpATK is boosted
Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect
, Status DA Up 3.pngDA UpDouble attack rate is boosted
Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect
, and Status TA Up 3.pngTA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
Duration: 3 turnsLocal status effect
  • Vespine Assault OD TR
Multi-hit Wind damage to random allies.
Inflicts Status Poison.pngPoisonedHP is lowered on every turn
Duration: 3.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
On the next turn, it'll have 3 turns remaining.
on all allies.
  • Poison Needle OD TR
~15,000 Wind damage to one ally.
Inflicts Status Death.pngLethal HitInstant death for the victim.
Casts Royal Honey.
  • 50% Trigger
Casts Vespine Assault.
  • 25% Trigger
Unleashes True Power.
Base charge diamonds: 2 → 1
  • 10% Trigger
Casts Poison Needle.
N - Normal, OD - Overdrive, TR - Trigger
First clear: Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×50, Trophy Silver square.png Sting like a BeeRewards
Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×30
Wooden Silver Gold
Both battles can drop all items.
Drop table last updated: 2019-02-09The game changes over time. If the drop tables become incorrect please notify the wiki staff., all stated drop rates are estimates.