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Uriel's Test
Cost to Host: 50 AP, Earth Pinion square.jpg Earth Pinion ×2 Cost to Join: Rank 40+, 3 EP Unlock: Rank 40+ and clear Chapter 85 Quest: Concordant Earth Incarnate
Participants: 30 Vice: 2nd-6th Elixirs: Unlimited Strike Time: YesStrike Time bonus applies for this raid.
Location: Chapter 85: Groz Island - Boshaft ForestStart QuestNetwork Errors will appear if the hosting conditions are not met.
(AP, Host Materials, Daily Limit)
TweetDeck: Lvl 100 Uriel Lv100 ウリエル
Phase Name Lvl HP Charge Mode
Boss Uriel Icon16Earth.png 100 222,221,100 ◇◇◇ Yes
Special Attacks Triggers and Notes
  • Judgment Gale N TR
Small Earth damage and Status AttackDown.pngATK DownATK is lowered
to all allies. Two random allies are replaced with backline allies.
  • Earth Crash III N OD TR
3 hits of massive Earth damage to random allies.
  • Terra Iudicium TR
Inflict Status DoubleDown.pngDA DownDouble attack rate is lowered
and Status TripleDown.pngTA DownTriple attack rate is lowered
on all allies. Uriel gains Status AttackUp.pngATK UpATK is boosted
Duration: 180 seconds
and Status Dmg Cut 50.png50% DMG CutTaking 50% less DMG
Damage Cut reducing damage taken for all elements.
Warning! Does not work for Plain Damage!
Casts Terra Iudicium.
  • 50% Trigger
Casts Judgment Gale.
  • 25% Trigger
Casts Earth Crash III.
  • 10% Trigger
Fills all charge diamonds.
N - Normal, OD - Overdrive, TR - Trigger
First clear: Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×50
Host: Icon Renown Pendant.png Renown Pendant ×50 Join: Icon Renown Pendant.png Renown Pendant ×25
Wooden Silver Gold RedBlue