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Stamp20.png Disclaimer: Battle data is still being gathered.
Special attacks, triggers, drops, and notes may not be accurate or complete.

BattleRaid Yggdrasil ExtremePlus.png

Yggdrasil Omega Showdown
Cost to Host: 90 AP,
Yggdrasil Omega Anima square.jpg Yggdrasil Omega Anima ×6
Cost to Join: ? EP Unlock: Rank 120+, Host & Clear Godsworn Alexiel (Impossible)
Participants: 30 Vice: 2nd-3rd Elixirs: Unlimited Strike Time: YesStrike Time bonus applies for this raid.
Location: Chapter : Zinkenstill - Azure Sky GateStart QuestNetwork Errors will appear if the hosting conditions are not met.
(AP, Host Materials, Daily Limit)
TweetDeck: Lvl 70 Yggdrasil Omega Lv70 ユグドラシル・マグナ
Phase Name Lvl HP Charge Mode
Boss Yggdrasil Omega Icon16Earth.png 70 8,599,999 ◇◇ Yes
Special Attacks Triggers and Notes
  • Axis Mundi N OD
Massive Earth damage, Status SkillSeal.pngSkill SealedCan't use skills
and Status DefenseDown.pngDEF DownDEF is lowered
to all allies.
  • Nether Veil N
Massive Earth & Fire damage and Status AttackDown.pngATK DownATK is lowered
to all allies.
  • Luminox Genesi OD
Massive Earth damage and Status CASeal.pngC.A. SealedCan't use charge attack
to all allies. Gains 200000 HP.
  • You cannot host both Yggdrasil Omega Extreme and Yggdrasil Omega Extreme+ in the same day.
  • The rewards obtained are equivalent to that of an Yggdrasil Omega Extreme raid. The discoverer's rewards are tripled.
  • Yggdrasil Omega's basic attacks strike 4 to 8 times on random allies.
N - Normal, OD - Overdrive, TR - Trigger
First clear: Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×50
Host: Icon Renown Pendant.png Renown Pendant ×120 Join: Icon Renown Pendant.png Renown Pendant ×10
Chest 1 Chest 2 Chest 3 Chest 4
~2%Before Status Bounty.pngBounty
~3% with TH9
~2%Before Status Bounty.pngBounty
~3% with TH9
~70%Before Status Bounty.pngBounty
~100% with TH9
~70%Before Status Bounty.pngBounty
~100% with TH9
Chest 5 Chest 6 Icon Red Chest.png Host Icon Red Chest.png MVP
100% 100% --
Drop table last updated: 2017-07-08, all stated drop rates are estimates.
The game changes over time. If the drop tables become incorrect please notify the wiki staff.