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Youmu (talkcontribs)

After solo'ing UBHL several times I noticed that some information about the fight aren't correct, before making edits I would want someone to verify the following:

  • 70% / The Rage: Doesn't clear all debuffs on UBHL, I believe it only removes 1 debuff per player. Obviously when in a party of 6 that looks like a full debuff clear but when you're solo you realize it's not.
  • Somewhere around 65%: There's a full CT trigger. Even when I was using Paralyze+Sorn Extension right after 70%, UBHL would still become full CT before 55%, despite being paralyzed, so there's a trigger somewhere, I believe 65% or 60%.
  • Skyfall Ultimus OD TR 15% 12%: There's no double Skyfall Ultimus, only 15%. If you pass 15% you are in the clear. Not sure from where that 12% came from but it's misleading.
FabulousCupcake (talkcontribs)
  • 70% / The Rage
User:Midokuni also confirmed this. Added.
  • Full Charge Diamond Trigger around 65%
This one is really weird; User:Midokuni claims that it's triggered when UBHL enters overdrive, but only affects the player that pushed UBHL into overdrive.
  • Skyfall Ultimus TR 15% 12%
This seems to be a bug that occurred a long time ago where you can skip Skyfall if you land an attack between 12% and 10%.
It has since been fixed and doesn't seem to be the case anymore; edited out.
Midokuni (talkcontribs)

More precisely, the 15% Skyfall used to only trigger if you land your turn within (11, 15] (11.01-15%) if you land in 10.01-11%, you'll either a. eat a normal attack b. eat an ougi (if baha has full charge diamonds)

the same went for the 55% and 85% flares (cut at 51 and 81 respectively)

as for the full charge, yes its an event that happens to the player that pushes baha into overdrive. You get the fill on the same turn if you use skills/summons to push baha to OD. You get it at the start of the next turn if you use ougi/auto attack (I believe also counter but i don't check it).

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