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NOTE: The following fate episode is missing scenes that differ when Amira (SR) is in the crew.

Encounters in... #2

A young girl named Amira has fallen from the sky. She and the crew are searching for a place called Helheim, when one day she falls overboard. She lands on an island, and being the ever-hungry Amira, she heads to the nearest tavern for some food. There she encounters a soldier, looking for (Captain) and the crew. The soldier tries to persuade Amira that the crew's promise to take her to Helheim was a lie. Once reunited, (Captain) reassures her that they are indeed helping her find Helheim, and they all continue on their journey.

It was a warm and sunny day aboard the Grandcypher, and the crew were lazily drifting through the sky.
Lyria: Miss Amira! Don't you just love it when the sun is shining?
Lyria: Look! Even the birds seem to be enjoying themselves in the good weather!
Amira: Wow, yeah. They look so happy!
Amira (SR) not in crew

Amira, the girl who had fallen from the sky and joined the crew, muttered to herself joyfully.
A girl who called herself Amira fell from the sky one day, right onto the deck of the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Hey! Something fell onto the deck over there!
The crew stood there with mouths agape as the figure of a woman appeared out of the billowing smoke and crashing lightning.
Amira: Hey, you. D'you know where Helheim is?
Lyria: What? Hello…high…moo? What's that?
Amira: Yeah, Helheim. I wanna go there. So…
Amira: Oof!
Vyrn: Hey, you all right? Why'd you fall like that?
Amira: Owie…
Lyria: Oh no! Did you hurt yourself?
Amira: My tummy's…rumbly…so…hungry…
Amira: Nom nom nom…munch munch munch…
Lyria: If you don't mind me asking, Miss Amira, why are you looking for this Helheim?
Amira: I've been told if I get to Helheim, I can find my mom.
Amira: I have no memories of my mom. None.
Amira: But when I hold this pendant in my hand, something stirs in my memory, and I can almost see her.
This is how the crew started collecting information about the "Helheim" that Amira was looking for.
Unfortunately, pertinent information was scarce, and Amira was no closer to her goal.
Amira: Hmm… Just a little more…
Lyria: Miss Amira, look out!
Amira reached out, trying to catch one of the birds that were flying alongside the airship.
Lyria: If you're not careful, you might fall out of the ship!
Amira: I'll be fine… Just…a little…further…
Amira: Aahhh!
Lyria: AAAAGH!
Vyrn: Lyria, what's wrong? Is it monsters? Or…
Lyria: M-miss Amira… She…she… She fell overboard!
Vyrn: What! How did it happen?
Lyria: She was trying to catch one of the birds … I tried to stop her, I really did, but…
Vyrn: Too late for that, now! We need to get down to the island and look for her!
Vyrn: Good thing we're over an island right now. If she'd fallen into the sky…
Thug 1: Damn, what're we gonna do? We can't go back empty-handed.
Thug 2: If we bring the boss a prisoner to ransom, maybe he won't get too mad at us.
Thug 3: The soldier's have really upped their game lately. How's a thug meant to make a livin' like this?
Thug 1: What was that? Thought I heard somethin'!
Amira: Oh, I'm all dirty now…
From out of a great cloud of smoke, a young woman slowly rose to her feet.
Thug 1: Oi, lady! Who the hell're you? An' where'd you come from?
Thug 2: Did… did you just fall from the sky?
Thug 3: Don't be stupid! There ain't no way a girl can fall from the sky and live to talk 'bout it!
Thug 2: Don’t call me stupid, stupid!
Thug 1: Oi, missus, are ya listenin'?
Amira: Lyria's gonna be so mad that I got my clothes dirty…
Thug 1: Huh? What did you say?
Thug 3: Whatever! Let's take her to the boss!
Thug 2: Yeah! But maybe we should make sure she's really not hurt…
Amira: You guys aren't as useless as you look.
Thug 2: Oof…ugh… What are you? Are you a monster?
Thug 1: Cough…cough… I told ya, a normal girl can't just fall outta the sky like that…
Thug 3: Shut up! Whatever, we need to stop her!
Amira: You…
Thug 3: Y-yes?
Amira: I need your clothes. Erm… I'll give 'em back, I promise.
Thug 3: K-keep 'em. Just, leave us alone and never come back!
Amira: Oh, well, thank you.
With a satisfied little laugh, Amira slowly got to her feet.
Amira: I should get back to the ship, they must all be so worried about me…
Amira: Ah, but I should probably clean my clothes first.
Amira: But then before that, I need to get something to eat.
Amira: Nom nom nom… Munch munch munch…
Shopkeep: Madam, I have to say, that's quite an appetite you have!
Amira: Nom nom… Thank you! But you know, I've only just started. More!
Shopkeep: More? OK! We'll just keep the food comin'!
The whole restaurant enjoyed the show being put on by the restaurant owner and the young woman.
When, with the sound of clanking armor, a solitary soldier appeared.
Imperial Soldier: Apologies for the interruption. Have any of you seen the skyfarers from this wanted poster?
Tavern Regular 1:
Tavern Regular 2:
Imperial Soldier: Humph, when are you going to learn to show us the proper level of respect?
Imperial Soldier: Don't you realize that we could destroy a tiny shop like this without even breaking into a sweat?
Shopkeep: There ain't no one like them skyfarers here! Looks like no one remembers seein' 'em either, so you can be about yer way!
Imperial Soldier: Is that so. Still, that's no reason to leave.
Shopkeep: What's that supposed to mean?
Imperial Soldier: You, miss, I don't think I've seen you before. You're not from around here, are you?
Amira: Nom nom nom…
Imperial Soldier: Excuse me, miss? I'm talking to you.
Amira: Nom nom nom…
Imperial Soldier: Don't ignore me! You don't want to know what I do to people who ignore me!
Amira: Nom…nom? Huh?
Imperial Soldier: I was asking, have you seen these skyfarers before?
Amira: Sure. That's (Captain) and Lyria. And then the, what's-his-name, the tasty-looking lizard.
Imperial Soldier: Hoho, well this is quite the turn of events. I don't suppose you know where these miscreants are?
Amira: Why'd you want to know?
Imperial Soldier: Isn't it obvious? I am to find them and present them to his excellency, the prime minister. Then I might get a reward.
Amira: Oh dear. I don't think they're gonna like that.
Imperial Soldier: What? Just what are you trying to say?
Amira: (Captain) promised me. They're gonna take me to Helheim.
Amira: That's why they're not gonna like it. How can they take me to Helheim if you take them to the "prime rib-ster"?
Imperial Soldier: Helheim? What a stupid name. I'm sure they were just lying to make you happy.
Amira: …………
Imperial Soldier: Yes, these criminals obviously just lied to you so that you would trust them.
Imperial Soldier: These are the people who have stolen the Empire's secrets. Do you really think they're worth protecting?
Amira: You're wrong. (Captain) wouldn't lie to me. I think you're the one who's lying.
Imperial Soldier: Wha?? Fine. I'm done with the "good cop" routine…
With a wave of his hand, the Imperial Soldier was soon joined by a number of his comrades.
Imperial Soldier: Men! Arrest this woman!
A belt of light came forth from the soldiers, wrapping itself around Amira.
Amira: What! This feels, weird…
Imperial Soldier: You're not talking now, but let's see how cooperative you'll be after a bit of "persuasion"!
Amira: (Captain) said… They'd take me to Helheim… They promised…
Amira: I believe (Captain)… (Captain) would never lie!
Vyrn: Hey! Amira!
Lyria: Miss Amira!
Vyrn: Humph… It's weird, Amira should be somewhere on this island…
Lyria: She's not here. I was sure that she'd make her way to the town.
Amira: …………
Vyrn: Ah! Hey, over there! Isn't that Amira?
Lyria: You're right! Thank goodness! Miss Amira! Over here!
Amira: (Captain)… Lyria…
As soon as Amira saw (Captain) she immediately ran toward them.
However, she did not look happy.
Amira: (Captain), do you mind if I ask you a question?
Amira (SR) not in crew

Amira: You wouldn't lie to me, would you?
  1. Of course not!
  2. What do you think?

Choose: Of course not!
Amira: Oh, well that's a relief.
Lyria: What happened to you?
Amira: Nothing… As long as you're telling the truth I'll be fine.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: What do you think?
Amira: I don't think you are. I trust you, Captain (Captain).
Amira: What's that? You want to know why I asked you?
Amira: Maybe later…
Continue 1
After talking with (Captain), Amira had an expression of extreme relief.
And, as if on cue, her stomach decided this was the time to speak up.
Amira: Owie…
Amira: I know! (Captain), let's go to that tavern over there! Their food is the best!
Amira: You must all be hungry, too, right? Let's go!
Lyria: Heehee. That's the Miss Amira we know!
Vyrn: Yeah! I was worried when you told me she fell off the ship…
Vyrn: But she seems none the worse for wear! Don't you think, (Captain)?
And so, dragged along by Amira, the crew made their way to the tavern.
Vyrn: Amira, I just have to ask… What's with those clothes?
Amira: What, these things? I met a kindly old man who gave them to me. Do you like them?
Lyria: I love them! That look really suits you!
Amira: Heehee!
An ecstatic Amira decided that she was going to keep the clothes she was given, and put them prominently in her closet.