Scenario:Andira - Keeper of the West-Southwest

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Keeper of the West-Southwest

(Captain) and crew are heading to the west-southwest temple when they come across an unusual young girl floating in the air. Seeing that she is about to crash into the airship, (Captain) jumps into action to save her. Andira is intrigued by (Captain)'s selfless actions. Andira, who has inherited powerful magic abilities and a sacred duty from her ancestor, asks (Captain) to allow her to join them on their journey.

While on their travels, the crew hear of a temple which opens its doors to the public only once every twelve years.
Anila is a crew member

The previous year the crew had visited Anila, the guardian of south-southwest. This year they decide to head west-southwest.
Anila not in crew

Hoping to pray for good health and fortune, the crew make for the temple in the west-southwest.
The crew are making their merry way toward the temple when as if by magic a girl appeared before them.
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, (Captain). Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
(Captain) could see it too. A girl, lying atop a cloud. The crew are astonished to see that she is in fact sleeping.
Lyria: Ah! What a precarious place to be sleeping!
Vyrn: I wonder what she's doing sleeping on a cloud like that?
Roused by the crew's inquisitive voices, the girl reluctantly awakens.
???: …Yaaawn… Aaah… Go on… Just do it…
Vyrn: Oh I'm sorry, did we wake you?Hey! What are you doing here anyway?
???: Hmm… I'm so sleepy… Don't worry, I can take it…
The girl lies back down, obviously eager to get back to sleep.
However (Captain)decides to jump up onto her cloud.
(Captain) and the girl manage to just avoid getting hit by the airship, but instead fall off the cloud.
???: Eek!
(Captain) holds on tightly to the frightened girl as they plummet to the depths beneath the skies.
???: Uh… Huh? Why did you jump on me like that?
  1. I couldn't let you fall alone.
  2. I don't know, it just happened.

Choose: I couldn't let you fall alone.
???: R-really? Incredible! Weren't you scared?
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Choose: I don't know, it just happened.
???: Bwahaha! Really? That's funny! But, aren't you scared?
Continue 1
The girl asks this to (Captain) with a glint in her eye.
  1. I'm terrified.
  2. I'm not… s-scared…

Choose: I'm terrified.
???: Understandable, after all we're pretty much done for. Such a shame, you seem like a nice person.
(Captain) apologizes to the girl, who seems surprisingly nonchalant considering their situation.
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Choose: I'm not… s-scared…
???: You must be really strong. Thank you for helping me.
The girl grabs a hold of (Captain)'s shaking arms.
(Captain) apologizes to the girl, trying to not sound scared.
Continue 2
???: Hee hee. Why are you apologizing to me?
The girl's expression quickly shifts. (Captain) is still visibly shaken by their less than ideal circumstances.
???: Hahaha. I like you. What's your name?
(Captain) answers.
???: (Captain), huh? As I thought, and interesting name for an interesting person.
(Captain) asks for her name.
Andira: Andira. My name's Andira.
Andira: All right, I think it's about time I saved you, (Captain).
Andira: Hold on tight!
Andira wraps her tail around (Captain).
Andira: Light as a feather… Kinto-un, appear!
The cloud that Andira had been riding earlier appears before them.
Relieved that they are safe, (Captain) tries to get on the cloud… And falls straight through it.
Andira: Heheheh… Sorry! But this cloud is just for me.
Andira settles herself back atop her magic cloud, then readies her staff.
Andira: Absolute freedom in endless skies! Go, Nyoi Bo!
As Andira chanted her incantation she points her staff upward, and it starts to extend.
The staff breaks through the bottom of the Grandcypher and lodges itself in firmly, putting a stop to their fall.
Andira: Don't worry, I'll pay for that!
(Captain) can't help but laugh along with Andira.
Andira: All right, let's get back to the ship.
When Andira and (Captain) get back on board they are greeted by Vyrn and Lyria.
(Captain) tells them what happened.
Lyria: Oh I'm so glad you're both OK.
Vyrn: What the hell do you think you were doing!
Vyrn: And Andira, what were you doing sleeping on a cloud way out here?
Andira: I… Well… Um… Anyway, thank you for your help.
Vyrn: You're welcome, though I don't know how much help we were.
Andira: Oh, and I want to pay you back for the hole I made in your ship. If you come with me I can get you the money.
Lyria: Don't worry about that, it's not that big anyway!
Lyria: Besides, you saved (Captain)'s life, so if anything we owe you!
Andira: No, no, no. I've been a great nuisance to you all.
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! Anyway, we should really get going, we need to get to the west-southwest temple.
Andira: You do? Well then, as thanks for saving me I shall be your guide and show you the way.
On the way to the temple (Captain) tells Andira of their quest to find Estalucia.
Under Andira's guidance the crew find their way to the west-southwest temple.
Andira: This is the monkey temple in the west-southwest.
Lyria: Wow. Thank you so much, Andira!
Andira: Please, it's the least I could have done.
Vyrn: Man, this place is packed.
Vyrn: Huh? What's that?
Vyrn points to where a crowd is gathered. In the center is another Andira.
Lyria: Is that… Andira? But, Andira's right here…
Vyrn: It seems so…
Lyria: Oh, I know! Andira must have an identical twin!
Andira: Nope.
Andira: I'm the real Andira. The one over there is just a fake.
Vyrn: What? What do you mean, "fake"?
Andira: I'll explain everything later. Come back when the crowds have gone.
Andira mutters a word and the Andira surrounded by the crowd suddenly disappears.
Lyria: Wow! She just disappeared into thin air!
Once the crowd dispersed, the crew goes back to Andira.
Anila is a crew member

Andira reveals her identity as the guardian of the west-southwest.
She is in fact the master of the monkey temple.
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Anila not in crew

People have come to the monkey temple to pray for health, wealth, and good fortune.
However in truth the temple was built after the War to look over both the Sky Realm and the Astral Realm.
The twelve cardinal points are governed by the Twelve Divine Generals, each taking turns to be guardian for a year.
This year is the turn of the monkey temple in the west-southwest, and Andira has been chosen as the guardian.
Continue 3
Vyrn: Wow, I would never have guessed someone like you would be given that kind of responsibility!
Vyrn: It's amazing they let someone as young as you be in charge of an entire temple!
Andira: Not really.
Lyria: No, it really is! And you have amazing powers! Like before when there were two of you!
Andira: That was just a magic trick. It's a skill that's been passed down through the generations in my family.
Andira: It started with one ancestor of mine who traveled with a great monk called "Sanzo"…
The girl slumps her head, as though she was hiding something.
Lyria: Did something happen with this "Sanzo"?
Andira: Erm… well… the legend of "Sanzo" is… well you actually remind me of it.
Vyrn: What are you trying to say? Start from the beginning!
Andira: I'm just saying… Helping people without any thought to your own safety…
Andira: (Captain) really reminds me of Sanzo.
For some reason Andira seems to get a little angry as she points to (Captain).
Andira: Long ago my ancestor joined with Sanzo on a journey to a distant land known as "Tenjiku."
Andira: Ever since I first heard the story I've always longed to go to Tenjiku.
Andira: Now I'm thinking that if I join with you guys, that maybe I'll get the chance to find Tenjiku.
Andira looks out at the horizon.
Andira: …This is something I've been waiting my whole life to do.
Andira: (Captain), will you allow me to join you in your travels?
  1. Let's find this "Tenjiku"!
  2. Of course, buddy!

Choose: Let's find this "Tenjiku"!
Andira: Are you serious?
Andira: Yay! I can't tell you how much this means to me! Thank you so much!
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Choose: Of course, buddy!
Andira: Buddy, I like the sound of that!
Andira: All right, let's do this together!
Andira: Heehee. And don't worry, I'll protect you from whatever comes our way!
Continue 4
Andira: And I'll of course help out your two companions, as well.
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean, "companions"?
Andira: I thought you two, the red one and blue one, were (Captain)'s traveling companions.
Vyrn: I… I'm not a companion!
Lyria: Hee hee, calm down now, Vyrn.
Vyrn: I'm not gonna be shut up this time!
Vyrn: I'm not just a "companion," I'm (Captain)'s oldest and closest friend!
Andira: Oh, well I do apologize. I was being rude.
Vyrn: Humph… Well put.
Andira: Ah!
Lyria: Is something wrong?
Andira: There's something important I forgot to tell you!
Vyrn: What is it?
Andira: I'll have to get permission to leave from my grandfather!
Lyria: What!
Andira: If we don't then the whole temple will wonder where I've gone!
Lyria: Hee hee…
(…I'd totally forgotten that she's still just a child…)
Vyrn: OK! First we go to your house, then we go on an adventure!
And so Andira's journey with the Grandcypher crew begins.
Andira gets permission to leave from her grandfather, and she officially becomes a member of the crew.