Scenario:Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 1: Sakura's Skyventure - Episode 3

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Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 1: Sakura's Skyventure - Episode 3

While heading toward Nymph's Ravine, (Captain) and the others hear a little girl screaming. They discover Sakura being tormented by fairies. Unable to leave Tomoyo and Sakura alone in a strange new world, (Captain) decides to help them.

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Vyrn: Magic? I'm learnin' it myself.
Vyrn: But I'm not like a master or anything yet.
???: Hooeeee!
Vyrn: Mm? Was that a voice just now?
Lyria: That was a girl screaming!
Petra: (Captain), let us hurry to assist her at once!
Lyria: Ah, (Captain)! Those two girls are surrounded by pixies!
Petra: We must save them quickly!
Magisa: Not so hasty, (Captain). You two either, Lyria and Petra.
Magisa: That girl there, she's dressed a little funny.
Tomoyo: Huh?
Sakura: Hooeee!
Magisa: You there. You should be able to hold some sway over the pixies. Center yourself before addressing them.
Pixie: ...
Sakura: Stop it!
Magisa: My, my... Well, you there, other young lady. Perhaps you could get the message across to her for me?
Tomoyo: Eh? Um, sorry, but who are you?
Magisa: I'm certainly a suspicious character—that much I recognize—but you can trust me. Or don't. I can't say I care one way or the other.
Magisa: But it wouldn't do to let little mischief makers go unscolded.
Tomoyo: R-right!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan, she's telling you to calm down and try talking to them!
Sakura: Talk to them! They're busy pulling on my clothes and hair!
Tomoyo: It's okay, Sakura-chan! Just let them know they're being bad! Scold them!
Magisa: ...
Sakura: Scold them? Um... Um...
Sakura: Ow, ow...
Sakura: Grr! All of you, teasing is wrong!
Pixie: ...!
At the girl's forceful cry, the pixies stop messing with her and begin looking at one another.
Tomoyo: I think they're listening...
Tomoyo: Just like that! Keep going Sakura!
Sakura: E-everyone, please! Listen to me! No more teasing!
Her voice is firm as she addresses the pixies.
They seem to calm down significantly, before fluttering away in every direction.
Sakura: They actually listened!
Tomoyo: Wow, that was amazing, Sakura-chan!
Magisa: Hehe. I knew it.
Sakura: What just happened?
Sakura: U-um, thank you, miss! You really saved me!
Magisa: Oh? But I did no such thing. That was all your doing.
Petra: Greetings. I am relieved to see that you are not injured!
Vyrn: Hey, you girls sure are wearin' some pretty funny clothes. What brings you here?
Sakura: Um, eh, you see... We just...
Sakura: Huh? You... Have we met somewhere before?
Vyrn: Me? Pretty sure this is the first time we've met!
Sakura: Really?
Lyria: Oh, are you two perhaps apprentice magicians? Did you come here to practice magic?
Tomoyo: Apprentice magicians? I mean, no, but Sakura-chan is a really pretty, really cute magical girl.
Vyrn: A wha?
Tomoyo: Actually we were kind of, um, sent here all of a sudden...
Sakura: She's right. We don't know where we are or what happened.
Petra: Sent here all of a sudden? Is that possible?
Tomoyo: That's why we don't know anything. So, um, if you don't mind... Who are you all?
Lyria: Oh, right, sorry. We're skyfarers. This is the captain of our crew!
Vyrn: We travel the skies in a big airship!
Tomoyo: So you're travelers!
Sakura: A captain...
Lyria: Did you remember something?
Sakura: Yeah! Did you all happen to see a boy around here? Maybe he had a little stuffed animal thing with him?
Sakura: He should've been brought here with us, but we haven't seen him! He's a really important friend...
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan...
Tears begin to form in Sakura's eyes. Even Tomoyo ever so faintly begins to shake as she lifts a hand to comfort Sakura.
Lyria: Falling into a place you know nothing about and being separated from your friend... That sounds awful...
Petra: (Captain), should we not help this girl find her friend?
Petra: They have been brought here through mysterious means, so we cannot leave them on their own.
Vyrn: Hear, hear. We're headed to a little town thingy, right? Why don't we ask about 'em there?
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Magisa: Hehe. It looks like we'll be assisting you girls.
Tomoyo: Really? Thank you so much!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan, isn't this great?
Sakura: Yeah, it really is, Tomoyo-chan!
Sakura: Thank you, everyone!
Sakura: (Kero-chan, Li-kun... Stay safe wherever you are!)