Scenario:Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 2: Sakura and the Airship - Episode 1

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Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 2: Sakura and the Airship - Episode 1

When (Captain) and the others arrive at the township closest to the ravine, Sakura immediately senses the presence of a Clow Card. They leave in the direction of the Clow Card and come upon The Watery. Upon seeing Sakura, the indignant Clow Card launches a burst of water at her and flees.

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Back at the township near Nymph's Ravine...
Petra: There is a quiver in the wind. This doesn't bode well.
Magisa: We're starting to see the effects of the disturbance.
Lyria: It's like no one's here. Where do you think everyone went?
Sakura: This place... It kind of gives me the creeps.
Sakura: Are you okay, Tomoyo-chan?
Tomoyo: Yeah. I don't feel especially different here.
Sakura: Really? Well, um, let's keep going.
Sakura: ...!
Tomoyo: What's the matter?
Sakura: I felt a Clow Card! But why can't I—
Sakura: It could be Windy!
Vyrn: What's this all about?
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan, please wait! You shouldn't go by yourself!
Petra: I will come too!
Vyrn: Oy! Where's everybody goin'?
Vyrn: Sheesh, these girls are a handful! I better follow 'em!
Sakura: It should be here!
Sakura arrives at a waterfall spilling into a large basin.
Lyria: The water in that pool is overflowing! It's like the water has a mind of its own!
Vyrn: It's not even rainin', so why is the water spillin' out everywhere!
Magisa: I see...
Petra faces the waterfall, quietly draws in a deep breath, closes her eyes tight, and begins chanting a soft incantation.
Petra: Spirit of water, that which dwells in these lands... In the name of the celestial wind, I beg you to lend me your powers...
Petra's body begins to glow with a faint light. The light travels through her torso, passes into her arms, and collects into the head of her staff.
Sakura: Whoa!
Tomoyo: That's amazing!
Petra lowers the staff into the water, and the light rolls out into the basin like a ball.
Lyria: Look, everyone! The water in the pool is going down!
Vyrn: I coulda mistook you for a water shaman, Petra!
Magisa: I'm afraid it's not over yet.
Petra: Mm?
Petra: Wh-what is this energy!
The water begins bubbling out of the basin again, this time more vigorously than before.
???: ...!
Petra: Could this be a water spirit?
Sakura: That's Watery!
Magisa: ...!
Watery: ...!
Sakura: Watery! Wait! Why are you here too!
The aqueous form that Sakura calls Watery looks the girl up and down, frowns, and disappears back into the basin.
Sakura: Wait!
Sakura: ...!
Sakura: I don't feel Watery here anymore...
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan! Are you okay?
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan, that was Watery just now!
Sakura: But...
Sakura: Why is Watery here? And why did it get mad at me?
Magisa: That nymph just now...
Petra: A voice I have never heard... The sudden appearance of a spirit...
Lyria: Sakura-chan, do you know this spirit?
Sakura: Um, well, I'm not sure how to explain...
Magisa: (Captain), shall we go back to the Grandcypher for a bit?
Magisa: Sakura and I... have a little something I'd like to discuss.
Magisa: Sakura, you wouldn't mind telling me about that nymph just now, would you, doll?
Sakura: No, not at all. (Watery... Why would you run away...)