Scenario:Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 4: Sakura's Clow Card Bonds - Episode 2

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Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 4: Sakura's Clow Card Bonds - Episode 2

The Windy, who communicates to (Captain) and the others through Petra, leads everyone to a temple that has a row of horse statues in front of it. They notice that one of the statues is broken before heading into the heart of the complex.

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Tomoyo: You look great, Sakura-chan!
Lyria: Yes! You look like a cute little kitty cat!
Vyrn: What! You changed costumes again?
Vyrn: It looks good on you—but you're super brave to wear somethin' like that!
Sakura: Where'd you get this one? Don't tell me you were packing it with you this whole time.
Tomoyo: Nope.
Tomoyo: Last night I asked Katalina to let me borrow a sewing kit.
Tomoyo: I haven't stayed up that late in such a long time!
Sakura: Hooeee!
Tomoyo: Hehe. Seeing you on this deck, in your cute outfit... It makes me so happy!
Tomoyo: It kind of reminds me of the day we first captured Thunder.
Sakura: Ahaha, yes it does.
Syaoran: Thunder has a wild spirit. If you're not careful, it'll strike you down with thunder faster than you can blink.
Sakura: W-well obviously!
Petra: The wind has begun stirring. The disturbance at the ravine... We are nearing whatever brought upon the spirits' confusion.
Syaoran: Where are we?
Tomoyo: What a mysterious place...
Sakura: Is that... a horse?
Windy has guided (Captain) and the others to a temple, which has several horse statues lined up in front of its exterior.
Windy: ...
Tomoyo: There are certainly a lot of horse statues here.
Vyrn: Looks like they could just spring to life at any time, huh?
Petra: Everyone, look over there!
Sakura: One of the statues was destroyed?
Lyria: It was! But why would only one of them be smashed?
Windy: ...
Petra: Windy is calling. It says that Thunder is just ahead.
Kero-chan: Then we'd better carry on!