Scenario:Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 4: Sakura's Clow Card Bonds - Episode 3

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Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 4: Sakura's Clow Card Bonds - Episode 3

The Thunder is waiting for (Captain) and the others inside the temple. Although it launches an attack, Sakura is able to seal the Clow Card without a fight. With all of the Clow Cards back under Sakura's control, the visitors from the other world begin to worry about how they're going to get home.

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Thunder: ...
Lyria: What was that?
Syaoran: Thunder. It's that wolf-shaped thing, but it looks like it's sleeping.
Sakura: Yeah! Try not to wake it!
Kero-chan: Great timing. We can seal it while it's dreaming away.
Sakura: R-right...
Kero-chan: If there's something you gotta say to Thunder, do it after you've captured it! If you let this opportunity get away, it'll be real hard to catch up to it again!
Syaoran: Cerberus is correct. That thing is fierce.
Syaoran: If we disturb it while it's sleeping, there's no telling how it would react.
Sakura: O-okay. Got it. I'll speak with it afterwards.
Sakura takes a step forward, accidentally kicking a pebble as she lifts her foot.
Thunder: ...!
Kero-chan: What's the big idea, Sakura! You woke it up!
Sakura: Like you need to tell me that!
Thunder: Grrr!
Sakura: Eek!
Surprised by the sight of Sakura and the others, the freshly awoken Thunder begins wrapping itself in lightning and growling at the intruders.
Syaoran: Tch...
Syaoran: Raitei Shourai...
God of Thunder!
Kero-chan: Sakura! You better help him out! Use the Clow Cards!
Sakura: But I... I can't fight!
Kero-chan: The heck are you saying? Sakura, you know what's happening right now, right?
Sakura: I know. And that's why I can't bear to fight!
Kero-chan: But it's right in—
Sakura: All of the captured cards, they all love their masters.
Kero-chan: Huh?
Sakura: And it's because of that love that Thunder is hurting!
Sakura: How can I fight it? I have to apologize...
Sakura: I have to get Thunder to forgive me!
Syaoran: Seriously? Now?
Sakura: Thunder!
Sakura faces The Thunder and begins slowly approaching it.
Even as the beast hurls lightning around the girl, she continues forward.
Thunder: Grrr...
Sakura: I'm sorry. It had to be lonely... Being here by yourself...
Sakura: You were suddenly in a place you didn't recognize... with no one around you...
Sakura: But it's okay now. I won't make you sad anymore. And I'm sorry it took me this long to find you.
Sakura: But I'm here now...
Sakura: So please. Come back with me.
Thunder: Grrr...
The Thunder appears to react to Sakura's plea.
Kero-chan: It's just a beast. Words don't mean
Syaoran: No, it looks like it understood what Sakura wanted to say.
Sakura: Come on...
Thunder: Grr...
Sakura stands in front of The Thunder, holding out her hand. After a moment, the beast draws near her and places its head in her palm.
Sakura: Hehe. Welcome home, Thunder!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan! You're so amazing!
Thunder: ...
As Sakura pets The Thunder, it happily stretches out on the ground and patiently waits for the girl to seal it.
Sakura: Return to the form you were meant to be!
Sakura: Clow Card!
Kero-chan: You really did it... Have to admit I was worried for a second there...
Sakura: You helped so much, Windy. Thank you. You can go now.
Sakura holds both The Thunder and The Windy in her hands. All of her lost Clow Cards back in her possession, she breathes a sigh of relief.
Sakura: Kero-chan, that's all of them, right?
Kero-chan: You bet! I triple counted this time!
Sakura: Whew, good... Now there's just one thing left to do...
Syaoran: Find a way back to our world.
Kero-chan: That might be our biggest problem yet.
Just as Sakura and her friends celebrate overcoming one hurdle, an even greater challenge has presented itself.