Scenario:Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 4: Sakura's Clow Card Bonds - Episode 4

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Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 4: Sakura's Clow Card Bonds - Episode 4

Even though the lost Clow Cards have been captured, the spirits of the ravine are still acting strangely. Magisa infers that Sakura and her friends should go home as soon as possible to help return things to normal. Sakura is hesitant to leave the new friends she's made but soon acquiesces, and Magisa sends them back with her magic.

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After capturing the Clow Cards, (Captain) and the others head back to the township to meet up with Magisa.
Magisa: I was waiting for you. I presume that Windy and Thunder came back to you?
Petra: Indeed. But even though the Clow Cards have been sealed, the spirits remain restless.
Petra: I wish to appease them as soon as possible.
Petra: It is impossible to deny that there must be some other cause for their turbulence.
Magisa: Yes. I believe so too.
Vyrn: What?
Magisa: The disturbance in this ravine... I believe there are two reasons why the nymphs remain provoked.
Magisa: The first is pure conjecture.
Magisa: But the other I have all but confirmed.
Magisa: It's due to the appearance of Sakura and her friends.
Sakura: Us? We're responsible?
Magisa: Sakura is capable of controlling the Clow Cards, so her potential is enormous. But she currently lacks enough magical capacity to wield them properly.
Magisa: The nymphs of the ravine understand this.
Magisa: So they're trying to steal them away, to take the hidden power of the Clow Cards for themselves.
Magisa: As long as the cards remain in this land, then the nymphs will continue their brouhaha.
Magisa: They may come for them in the most unexpected of ways, at the most unexpected of times.
Magisa: Therefore it's a bit too risky for Sakura and her friends to stick around here much longer. It is all the more imperative for them to find their way home.
Sakura: Is it really that bad...
Syaoran: And how do we find our way home? We don't know anything about the magic circle that brought us here.
Magisa: While you were gone, I remembered an ancient book I read in the past. It took me a while to find it in my book cellar.
Vyrn: A book?
Magisa: A grimoire. And contained within is a particular summoning circle you would find useful.
Kero-chan: That's a type of magic circle...
Petra: I sense a sinister energy. An unbelievable amount of dark energy is sealed within this book.
Kero-chan: Yeah, so much bad juju in there that I wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot sealing staff.
Magisa: Wise. A person with no magical talent would risk cursing him or herself by touching its cover—which would lead to an inevitable death. Perhaps.
Katalina: And you actually had me help you go searching for this book!
Lyria: What! Are you okay?
Lyria: Katalinaaa!
Magisa: Hehe. I was with her the whole time. I wouldn't let a curse befall Katalina, so don't worry your pretty little head.
Katalina: Of course...
Lyria: Magisa, are you sure you're both okay?
Magisa: Surely you've heard that I'm a genius witch? There's nothing called magic that I cannot master.
Kero-chan: Yeah, Witchy, you've got power to spare. Seems like you're always holding some back.
Magisa: Hehe...
The witch flashes the guardian beast a knowing smile before beginning to draw the summoning circle.
Kero-chan: Let's hope this works, so we can get back to Tomoeda.
Kero-chan: No idea what that first magic circle was or why it brought us here.
Magisa: Hehe. (Captain) wanted me to help you. How could I resist that?
Sakura: You're right, but...
Kero-chan: Witchy, we'd be nowhere if it weren't for you!
Magisa: And after my little talk with Syaoran, I find myself wanting to see you find your way home even more.
Sakura: What? Li-kun, did you do something to Magisa?
Syaoran: I didn't do anything! Why would you ask that?
Magisa: Come now, everything's ready. But a summoning alone won't get you back to your world.
Magisa: First we have to set the exit of this magic circle to your desired location.
Magisa: That will be the role of you two. That is to say, I need you to find a path that routes to Tomoeda. Your magic will be the guide.
Syaoran: Our magic? What do you mean "we need to find a way to Tomoeda?"
Magisa: Imagine the world you come from... Imagine it hard. Hah—I suppose you'll see what I mean once we get started.
Magisa: All right. Everyone, stand right here.
Sakura: Wait just a second...
Lyria: What's wrong, Sakura-chan?
Sakura: To go home so soon... It's just... It's just...
Sakura: I haven't thanked (Captain) or anyone else in the crew properly yet!
Magisa: ...
Sakura: You've all done so much for us, and we were just strangers to you before.
Sakura: And Lyria-san and I have become such good friends!
Sakura: To say goodbye without giving you all something in return... It's just...
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan...
Lyria: Sakura-chan.
Lyria: You don't have to do anything for us.
Sakura: Lyria-san?
Lyria: You've already given us so many fun memories together!
Lyria: You taught us about magic cards, and we saw you wearing Tomoyo-chan's cute costumes...
Lyria: Katalina got to pet Kero-chan, and
Syaoran did a lot for our crew.
Lyria: So you can go back to your world without any sort of guilt.
Lyria: We may never meet again.
Lyria: But we're friends forever!
Lyria: No matter how far apart we are, we're friends forever! Okay?
Sakura: ...
Sakura: Yeah. Thank you, Lyria-san.
Sakura: Also, um, Magisa. Thank you for teaching me a lot about magic. I learned a ton.
Magisa: Hehe. I'm glad to have helped.
Sakura: And Petra, thank you for helping us find Windy. We never would have found it if you hadn't listened for its voice.
Sakura: I'm sure Windy was happy it got to talk to you!
Petra: It is I who should be thankful for this wonderful experience!
Syaoran: Katalina. Thanks for back then. I'm sorry I have no way to repay you.
Katalina: What are you talking about? Children deserve to be protected. You have nothing to be ashamed of.
Syaoran: Right. Thanks again.
Sakura: (Captain), you did so much for us too.
Sakura: We'll never forget you!
Thank you everyone!
Tomoyo: You were all so wonderful. Thank you so much. Take care, okay!
Kero-chan: Bye, ladies! Bye, (Captain)! Thanks for everything!
Katalina: Cerberus, until we meet again!
Vyrn: Get back safe!
Petra: I shall pray for your safe return!
Magisa: Is everyone ready?
Syaoran: Yes. You ready, Kinomoto?
Sakura: I know for sure it'll work out.
Magisa: Hehe. I'm sure you'll all be fine. Good luck.