Scenario:Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 6: Sakura and the Primal - Episode 1

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Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 6: Sakura and the Primal - Episode 1

Sakura finds herself once again in the sky realm. She proceeds through a forest, where she is attacked by monsters. Syaoran appears and rebuffs the foes, and the two proceed forward together to rescue their dear friends and Clow Cards.

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Sakura: This is...
After throwing herself through the portal, Sakura sees that she's returned to the other world.
Sakura: I recognize this place! I knew that horse was from this world!
Sakura: But which way should I go from here?
Magisa: Sakura is capable of controlling the Clow Cards, so her potential is enormous. But she currently lacks enough magical capacity to wield them properly.
Magisa: The nymphs of the ravine understand this.
Magisa: So they're trying to steal them away, to take the hidden power of the Clow Cards for themselves.
Magisa: As long as the cards remain in this land, then the nymphs will continue their brouhaha.
Magisa: They may come for them in the most unexpected of ways, at the most unexpected of times.
Sakura: That's right—Magisa said that it's dangerous to be here with the Clow Cards.
Sakura grips The Watery and The Thunder in her hands.
Sakura: Please... Help me, cards. Let's get through this together!
Sakura: Whew... All right, let's move!
Sakura begins to walk through the forest, calling the names of her friends as she goes.
Sakura: Tomoyo-chaaan!
Sakura: Are you theeere?
Pixie: ...
Sakura: Wha! I know this fairy!
Sakura: Hey, have you seen my friends?
Pixie: ...?
Sakura: A girl about the same height as me, a-and a boy!
Pixie: ...
Sakura: Huh? What? Why are you pulling on my clothes?
Sakura: Did you really... understand me?
Sakura: Then you're trying to tell me where to go! Thank you!
Pixie: ...
Several pixies lead Sakura through the woods all the while shooting each other glances.
Sakura: Uh? Where are we?
The pixies have led Sakura to an open field.
Sakura: Umm... I don't see anyone here.
One of the pixies beckons Sakura to move further in.
Pixie: ...
Sakura: Keep going? O-okay...
Sakura: Hooeee!
Sakura: O-ouch...
Pixie: ...
Sakura: Argh! Did you guys trick me?
Pixie: ...
The pixies chirp in a chorus of pint-sized giggles before flying off.
Sakura: What should I do... This is a pretty deep hole...
Sakura: I forgot that those fairies are really mean...
Sakura's spirits are dashed as she looks up at the sky and realizes how deep she's fallen.
Sakura: I have to hurry up and save everyone!
Sakura: Sniff... And I told myself I wouldn't cry this time.
Summoning every ounce of her will, Sakura stops herself from succumbing to tears.
She looks down to see she had been accidentally gripping The Watery, which is now giving off a soft glow.
Sakura: Watery! That's right!
Sakura: Key that hides the forces of darkness, show me your true form!
Sakura: I, Sakura, command you...
Sakura: Release!
Sakura: A pillar! Make a pillar of water!
Sakura: Watery!
Watery: ...!
The Clow Card complies, and Sakura successfully rides the pillar to the top of the pitfall.
Sakura: Yeees!
Sakura: Thank you, Watery! We make such a good team! I'm glad you're with me!
Watery: ...!
Watery's presence brings Sakura confidence, so without a moment's delay she continues the search for her friends.
Sakura: Sigh... I better watch out for more fairies...
Sakura: And I better—
Monster: Groar!
Sakura: Eek!
Sakura: M-monster!
Another glow emanates from Sakura's hand. This time it's The Thunder making its presence known.
Sakura: Thunder, I ask you!
Sakura: Send forth your lightning!
Sakura: Thunder!
Monster: Groar...
Sakura: Did it work?
Sakura: Whew... Thank goodness... Thank you, Thunder!
Monster 2: Groooar!
Sakura: Eh?
Sakura: Eeeeek!
Monster: Groooar!
Monster: Growrrr!
Syaoran: Raitei Shourai!
Monster: Grrr...
The monster that had attempted to catch Sakura off guard is swiftly dispatched by Syaoran's magic.
Sakura: Li-kun!
Syaoran: Are you okay?
Sakura: Li-kun, why are you here? I'm so glad you're safe!
Syaoran: Yes. I'm safe, but—
Sakura: Li-kun! I'm sooo glad I found you!
Overcome with excitement, Sakura embraces Syaoran.
Syaoran: ...!
Sakura: Ah! Where's Tomoyo-chan? Is she with Kero-chan?
Syaoran: Ah... I haven't seen them. I sensed the presence of Clow Cards in this area, so I came here. That's when I saw you.
Sakura: Is that the raishinban you use to find Clow Cards?
Syaoran: Yeah. I thought if I used it, it would be easier to locate you or Cerberus.
Sakura: Good idea. I have Watery and Thunder with me, so it must have been easy.
Syaoran: What happened after I disappeared?
Sakura: After you disappeared, that horse took the Clow Cards.
Sakura: I called out their names, but I could only save these two.
Sakura: So I have to save them. I have to save the others.
Syaoran: I see...
Syaoran: Kinomoto, let's keep searching until nightfall.
Sakura: Okay, but do you have a plan?
Syaoran: We can use this to find out where that
card-stealer is hiding.
Syaoran: We're strangers to this world, but we'll be fine. We've be fine so far.
Syaoran: So I'm sure that Daidouji and Cerberus are safe out there.
Sakura: You're right!
Syaoran: First things first... Let's find out where those Clow Cards are—where that horse is.
Sakura: Yeah!
Although disheartened before, Sakura's mood is lifted thanks to finding Syaoran.
Sakura: Li-kun.
Syaoran: What?
Sakura: Hey, thanks for saving me!
Sakura: I'm glad you found me, Li-kun. I'm so happy it was you.
Syaoran: ...!
Sakura: Let's keep going!
Syaoran: O-of course!
In order to find their beloved friends and the stolen Clow Cards, the pair follow the raishinban deeper into the woods.