Scenario:Cassius - On Floating Islands

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(Captain) pays a visit to a Society-run medical facility to see how Cassius is doing.
Cassius, recovering in bed, props himself up on his elbows when (Captain) enters his room.
Cassius: Perfect timing, (Captain). I have a question for you.
Cassius: I've been wondering since my time at the Central Axis...
Cassius: How is it that the islands here remain aloft? The more I consider the problem, the more it baffles me.
Cassius: Gravity is clearly in operation here, so how can such heavy masses float?
  1. Good question, come to think of it.
  2. They float because they're light.
  3. What's gravity?

Choose: Good question, come to think of it.

Cassius: I see. So you've never even questioned it. Fascinating.
Cassius: Then the fact that islands float is so deeply ingrained in your people's consciousness that it never occurs to them to examine the physics.
Cassius: Which means seeking an explanation from any of you would be an inefficient use of my time.
Cassius's curiosity rose by 100!
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Choose: They float because they're light.

Cassius: ……呆れたな。
Cassius: If islands floated because they were light, then everything lighter than the rock and soil which comprise them would float straight off into the cosmos.
Cassius: I see I will have to look elsewhere for intelligent answers.
Cassius's curiosity rose by 50!
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Choose: What's gravity?

Cassius: Gravity is the force which draws objects toward the ground—in other words, the reason why matter has weight.
Cassius: Are people here not familiar with the concept?
Cassius: Or perhaps a more logical conclusion is that you know the concept by another name.
Cassius: Fascinating, in either event.
Cassius's curiosity rose by 75!

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