Scenario:Christina - Christina's Encouragement

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: Scene 1

Christina: Hey there, little piggy! You look like you’ve gotten the hang of it. I’d say it’s about time I knocked your feet out from under you!
  1. That hurts!
  2. You’re mean!

Choose: That hurts!

Christina: Oho... I like the sound of your whimpering! Hahaha! You’re so cute! I like you, kid.
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Choose: You’re mean!

Christina: And such defiance! Good. I don’t mind a kid with a little backbone.

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Christina: I'm just trying to give you a little motivation, before you get too full of yourself and end up on the street! You ought to thank me, little piggy.
Christina: If you can control that greed for coins, in time you’ll grow big and end up covered in mud like a real pig.
Christina: Fight tooth and nail for your prize, little piggy... and I’ll decide if you’re worthy!You should feel honored!