Scenario:Christina - Christina's Fans

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: Scene 1

Christina: You pig...! Don’t you tarnish the beautiful Jewel Resort with that vulgar noise!
Christina’s voice echoed throughout the majestic Jewel Resort, and the rowdy customers were dragged away by the casino bodyguards.
Casino Liner Bodyguard: To think we clumsy minions would cause you so much trouble...! Please forgive us, Lady Christy!
  1. You should forgive them.
  2. “Minions”...?

Choose: You should forgive them.

Christina: Hahaha! You’re so funny, little piggy. ...It’s not a joke.
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Choose: “Minions”...?

Christina: My fans work as casino employees and are my eyes and ears!
Christina: I make them happy, and they do as they're told. Win-win, am I right?

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Christina: Even if I have to yell at them from time to time, it just makes them happier! What's the point in pretending like I feel bad!
Christina: My motto is, “Show your guests a good time, and you’ll rake in the cash!”
Christina: Here at Jewel Resort, we have a zero-tolerance policy for buzzkills! Do I make myself clear?
Casino Liner Bodyguard: Yes, ma’am! You’re right, Lady Christy! I’m honored to receive your guidance! Thank you so much!