Scenario:Cordelia - The Attractive Ranger

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The Attractive Ranger

The client Cordelia searches for those affiliated with the Order of Holy Knights, but something seems amiss. When (Captain) and company help Cordelia fight off imperial spies, she reveals her true identity and joins the crew.

Headquarters of the Order of Holy Knights...
A commanding voice echoes across the solemn assembly hall.
Ranger: Take heed: I will now recite the decree from our commander.
Ranger: Too many of our members have been leaving the order on a whim as of late. But of particular concern is the disappearance of our captain.
Ranger: Those who disregard the time-honored traditions of the Order of Holy Knights are an insult to His Eminence!
Ranger: I hereby command you to seek out these traitors and subject them to an inquisition!
???: Aye. I swear upon my sword, body, and soul to pursue all that is just.
???: (Charlotta Fenia, the greatest captain our order has ever seen...)
???: (A Harvin's miniature frame may not be fit for battle, but her incredible swordsmanship and charisma transcend such limitations.)
???: (As far back as my memory stretches, this inquisition may be my most difficult mission yet.)
And so, the Order of Holy Knights unleashes its trump card.
Having accepted an assignment from Sierokarte, (Captain) and company wait for their client at a restaurant.
Their arranged meeting time comes and goes, but the client doesn't seem to show.
Just as the crew gets ready to leave, some girls in the restaurant begin to squeal in delight.
Fair Maiden 1: Yoo-hoo! You there! Mm, you're quite the looker. Why don't you sit next to me?
Fair Maiden 2: Well I'll be! I've never seen such a fine man in all my life!
Lyria: Hm? What's happening there? Maybe one of them is the client?
Drawn by Lyria's voice, the attractive individual approaches the crew and ignores the women making passes at her.
She introduces herself as Cordelia and bows in deference.
Cordelia: Skyfarers, I apologize for my tardiness. I lost track of time trying to turn down the advances of so many fair maidens.
Vyrn: Whoa, is this guy just stuck-up or what? Or maybe that's just how cool he is!
Cordelia: Haha, I'll take that as a compliment. But I am actually a woman, my little sire.
Vyrn: Pff, no way!
She goes on to explain that the assignment is to find certain missing people. But something doesn't add up.
As it turns out, the missing people are not ordinary individuals.
Cordelia: I figured skyfarers, who travel more than anyone else, would surely have heard something...
Lyria: Um, what kind of people are you looking for?
Cordelia: Well, it's a bit complicated. Have you ever heard of the Order of Holy Knights?
Baotorda is a crew member, Bridgette is a crew member, Any version of Charlotta is a crew member

Lyria: (Hm? Didn't we have someone like that in the crew?)
Vyrn: (Lyria, wait up. Something's fishy here.)
Lyria: (Something's fishy?)
Vyrn: (Yeah. I don't know how to put it, but I think we should ask for more details first.)
Vyrn: Hey, miss! Why are you searching for people from Lumiel anyway?
Cordelia: Are you saying you know something about them?
Vyrn: Erm, no... I was just wondering. Hehe...
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Baotorda not in crew, Bridgette not in crew, No version of Charlotta in crew

Vyrn: Hmm, never heard of 'em.
Lyria: Same here.
Vyrn: Hey, miss! Why are you searching for people from Lumiel anyway?

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Cordelia: ...
Cordelia sends the crew a sharp glance before responding.
Cordelia: That's not public knowledge. Due to the nature of the mission, I can tell you no more.
Lyria: Huh? What mission?
Cordelia: Anyway, I just need you to help me search for people affiliated with the Holy Knights.
Cordelia: If you're not up to it, feel free to turn me down. I'll simply ask other skyfarers.
Despite Lyria's and Vyrn's reservations, (Captain) promptly accepts the request.
Baotorda is a crew member, Bridgette is a crew member, Any version of Charlotta is a crew member

Vyrn: (Oy, (Captain)! Why would you accept an assignment like this?)
Lyria: (That's right! Who knows what she has in mind for our crew members!)
Vyrn: (Huh? Wait a sec. Lyria, it's the other way around.)
Lyria: (What? The other way around?)
Vyrn: (If we agree to do this, she'll have little reason to suspect us!)
Vyrn: (So if we just pretend to look for these people and lead her in a different direction, it might just work out for us. Right, (Captain)?)
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Baotorda not in crew, Bridgette not in crew, No version of Charlotta in crew

Vyrn: (Hey wait, (Captain). I really don't know about this... Don't you think she seems fishy?)
Lyria: (I was thinking that too. Especially when you consider she won't tell us anything.)
Vyrn: (Gulp... Let me guess... You accepted just to figure out why she's looking for those people?)

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Lyria: Ah, that makes perfect sense, (Captain)!
Cordelia: What makes perfect sense?
Lyria: Yikes! Uh, no, it's nothing!
Cordelia: Oh? In that case, we have a deal. Good luck with the job.
The crew chases after sightings of anyone matching the description of the missing people.
Madam 1: Hi there, handsome. You must be the one who put in the request about missing people.
Madam 2: Teehee. Come closer, darlin'. I'll tell you everything you want to know and then some.
Cordelia: To receive assistance from such lovely ladies would be a blessing.
Just as Cordelia sweet talks them back and approaches with a smile...
One of the madams suddenly whips out a sharp knife.
Cordelia: ...!
Cordelia sidesteps the dagger at the last possible moment and pins the woman down.
Lyria: Yikes! What's going on?
Cordelia: Hehe, making merry with gossipy women is all part of the job.
Cordelia: My good looks usually come in handy for that.
Cordelia: But unfortunately, things like this do happen every now and then.
Cordelia: Surely you imperial spies understand my meaning.
Caught off guard, the women signal each other by matching glances.
They realize their cover is blown and draw their knives, each with a vicious grin.
Female Spy 1: Tch... Curse you, Cordelia Garnet, Temptress of Lumiel!
Female Spy 2: Hahaha, prepare yourself! We are sworn to take out any who oppose the Empire!
The women attack like savage animals.
Cordelia steps up in front of (Captain) and company.
Cordelia: I think we can call an end to this assignment. Leave the rest to me. You should take your leave.
But the crew has no intention of leaving. They ready their weapons for what's to come.
Cordelia: For goodness sake... Hehe, I guess we're in this together.
Cordelia is vastly outnumbered. But with the crew's help, she gets through the situation unscathed.
After thanking the crew, Cordelia smiles awkwardly as she begins to reveal her true identity.
Cordelia: Now that I've dragged you into this, I suppose I'll have to tell you the truth.
Cordelia: I am Cordelia Garnet, the last resort of the Order of Holy Knights' Rangers.
Cordelia: We in the Rangers support the main military units through reconnaissance, sabotage, and diversionary tactics.
Cordelia: Similar to undercover operatives, we often take on classified missions requiring persuasion and assassination.
Cordelia: I, in particular, am well-known for exposing traitors in our midst through inquisition.
Cordelia: Since I specialize in unmasking possible turncoats, many among the Rangers despise me. I've long forgotten how to trust people.
Lyria: Hey, Cordelia. What's this inquisition you keep talking about?
Cordelia: Hehe, it might be faster for me to demonstrate.
Cordelia approaches (Captain) with a smile.
Cordelia: In the name of His Eminence, the Holy Knights shall now pass the divine judgement of inquisition upon you!
Cordelia: Swear to the azure sword that you will speak no falsehoods as you state your justice!
  1. My justice is... Erm...
  2. Do I have to spell it out for you?

Choose: My justice is... Erm...

Cordelia: Haha, it must be embarrassing for you to speak like this in front of everyone. I imagine you see everything you do for your friends as justice.
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Choose: Do I have to spell it out for you?

Cordelia: Heh, I thought you'd say that.
Cordelia: Ah, the trust you place in your friends is a beautiful thing.

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Suddenly, Cordelia comes to an epiphany and breaks into laughter.
Cordelia: Ahahaha... So that's how it is, eh?
Cordelia: You know where they are, don't you? The people I'm looking for...
Lyria: Huh?
Cordelia: Don't worry. I won't force the answer out of you. Your silence is your justice after all.
Cordelia: But now I have more reason than ever to spy on your crew.
Lyria: Umm... Does that mean you'll be joining us?
Vyrn: Hey, hey, Sneaky-delia. You can't really call it spying if we know about it.
Cordelia: Well then, I guess you have the upper hand for now.
The secretive knight Cordelia joins the crew, bringing with her a wave of uneasiness.