Scenario:Feower - Encountering the Eternals III

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Encountering the Eternals III

Feower tells (Captain) that they must duel when the Four-Sky Blade is awakened. He threatens to hunt down everyone in the crew if they try to bail.

The crew take a rest in their airship, anchored at dock.
(Captain) looks intently at the Four-Sky Blade, which Feower calls a revenant weapon.
Vyrn: Sigh... (Captain)'s staring at that dagger again.
Lyria: But it's so pretty! It's tip is really something else!
Feower: Mmm... A true beauty indeed. Looks like it'll soon be awakened.
Vyrn: You think so—Wha? How did you get in here?
Lyria: U-umm... Feower? Of the Eternals?
Feower: Ahaha, sorry. I have a habit of sneaking into places.
Feower: Sneaking up to targets and taking them out unnoticed is my specialty.
Vyrn: Hey! You're not gonna scare us off this ship!
Feower: Ahahaha, relax. I wouldn't do anything like that to (Captain).
Feower: I want a fair fight, so I've come to challenge (Captain) to a duel.
Lyria: A duel? Why would you—
Feower: Why would I want to? Well...
Feower: That Four-Sky Blade you carry is one of the revenant weapons.
Vyrn: Huh? What are those?
Feower: Ten legendary weapons hailing from the great War, or even earlier.
Feower: Weapons said to break the heavens and pierce the stars...
Feower: They were sealed away due to their immense power... and thereafter hidden throughout the sky.
Feower: But here you are with one of your own, and you come close to breaking its seal.
Lyria: So you came here to stop us because it's really dangerous?
Feower: Nope. That doesn't concern me at all.
Vyrn: T-then what?
Feower: (Captain) intends to awaken the terrifyingly powerful Four-Sky Blade.
Feower: If successful, (Captain) will become the most powerful dagger wielder in the world.
Vyrn: Well... I guess you could say that.
Feower: Yes! Which is why it cannot be allowed.
Vyrn: But why?
Feower: I am Feower, a member of the Eternals and strongest dagger master in all the skies.
Feower: Glory, honor, or anything of the sort does not interest me. All that matters is my own satisfaction.
Feower: My desire is to beat the legendary revenant dagger and kill its wielder...
Feower: Only then can I reaffirm my status as strongest in the skies.
Lyria: That's awful...
Vyrn: Hey! You shouldn't say things like that!
Feower: Silence! If you so much as try to run from me, I will kill you. I'll slaughter everyone in your crew.
Vyrn: Wha!
Feower: Hehe. So... I'll see you again when you've awakened the Four-Sky Blade.
With that, Feower melts back into the darkness.