Scenario:Festival of Falling Flame - Chapter 4: A Passionate Duel - Episode 3

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Festival of Falling Flame - Chapter 4: A Passionate Duel - Episode 3

Stirred by the monsters, the Phoenix awakens as has been Sturm and Drang's plan from the start. The crew leads the Phoenix to the plains outside to minimize damage to the ship and to others.

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Monster: Gwooan...
Katalina: Pant... Wheeze...
Drang: Wow, now that is a surprise! You guys are stronger than you look!
Richard: You two are the only ones left! Better say your prayers!
Spectator 1: You with the blond hair! That's the kind of spirit we like to see!
Spectator 2: We're behind you, skyfarers! And you too, little lizard!
Sturm: ...!
Vyrn: Look over there, (Captain)! The crowds are all coming back!
Richard: I'd wager this entire situation looks like a duel to them.
Katalina: I don't know your purpose in all this, but surely you realize you've lost.
Katalina: Let's not forget this is supposed to be a festival here. I suggest you back off.
Drang: You catch that, Sturm? What are we to do?
Sturm: You tell me.
Drang: Huh, me? Um, yeah, I'd say it's about time we backed off.
Sturm: ...
Fair enough.
Sturm lets out a deep sigh, sheathes her sword, and begins walking back to the cargo ship.
Katalina: ...
Richard: Heh. Chickening out, are you?
Drang: Nuh-uh! You've got it all wrong! This just means we've done enough!
Vyrn: Enough what?
Drang: Oh, surely you must've noticed! The fire monsters we let out were meant to be sacrificial offerings to the Phoenix.
Drang: We figured this'd be the perfect place for that, considering all the tough duelists here.
Lyria: Then that means the primal beast aura I've been feeling is—
???: Screeech!
Drang: Hah-hah! We kinda figured it was all just some superstition, but maybe not!
Drang: Though I can't tell if it's happy about being offered all those fiery monsters or if it's just really pissed off...
Drang: Well, whatever the reason is, the fiery bird's come out to say hello!
Drang: Now we'll just leave you with the Phoenix to spend some quality time together! Ciao!
Katalina: Hold it! Tch... I didn't think the Phoenix actually existed...
Richard: If the legends are any indication, it can scorch entire forests with mere blasts of hot air...
Lyria: I can feel its intense rage seething...
Katalina: We can't risk any innocent bystanders getting hurt! Let's lure it far away to the fields outside!
Vyrn: It's do-or-die time! C'mon, (Captain)!
The Phoenix proves to be no mere superstition, manifesting before the crew. They leap out of the Grandcypher and run off to draw the Phoenix away.