Scenario:Meg - Favorite Place

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Favorite Place

Meg joins (Captain) and Mari on the beach.
Meg: What's going on, guys? I was wondering where you went off to.
Mari: Teehee! We were just gossiping about you, Meg.
Meg: Wha? You didn't tell the captain anything embarrassing about me, did you?
Mari: Kidding, kidding. We were just shooting the breeze.
Meg: I don't know if I can trust you. Now I'm really curious...
Mari: I was asking (Captain) about cool places to visit in Auguste. Don't you wanna know too?
Meg: Sure I do! The crew would know best since they come here all the time.
Mari: So what's your favorite Auguste hot spot, (Captain)?
  1. Tono Island for its sushi.
  2. Doesn't get classier than Venera Beach.
  3. Cyrath Island for their eals.

Choose: Tono Island for its sushi.

Meg: Tono Island? Where's that?
Mari: You have to take a boat from Venera Beach to get there, right?
Mari: Ooh! I might have to check it out.
Meg: Sushi, huh... I'd love to try some—after I find out what sushi is.
Meg: Mari. Next time I see you, we're going to Tono Island together!
Mari: Huh... You're inviting me?
Meg: 'Course I am! My ideal Auguste isn't complete without you!
Mari: Meg...
Meg's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: Doesn't get classier than Venera Beach.

Mari: Sounds like an easy recommend for Auguste lovers.
Meg: Venera Beach is definitely a nice place. Didn't expect a resort to be at the top of your list though, (Captain)...
Meg: Come to think of it, that's where I first experienced a guy hitting on me.
Mari: He did what now? Tell me everything about this turdsack making moves on you!
Meg: Whoa, calm down there, Mari... Aren't you kinda overreacting?
Meg's loyalty increased by 75!

Choose: Cyrath Island for their eals.

Meg: Cyrath Island... That's where an electric eal knocked me out cold...
Mari: Which reminds me, I didn't get the chance to eat any eals.
Meg: Same here. I still need to get revenge on one in the kitchen and on an electric one in the sea.
Mari: Yeah, go shock 'em, girl!
Meg's loyalty increased by 50!