Scenario:Niyon - Harmony Restored

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Harmony Restored

Niyon has come out of the gauntlet unscathed and with her position as an Eternal intact. A few days later, she asks (Captain) to play another performance—a duet between the greatest musician in the skies and the captain who once outplayed her.

Niyon has finished her trial and proven her abilities.
(Captain) and company are relieved to see that her position as a member of the Eternals is secure.
A few days later, Niyon visits (Captain) with a curious question.
Niyon: Hey, (Captain).
The captain gently encourages her to continue.
Niyon: After fighting the other Eternals, the Nine-Realm Harp and I have grown quite familiar with each other. The cacophony in my ears has died down quite a bit too.
Niyon: But some of it still remains. Can you help me get rid of it?
There's a tranquility to Niyon's eyes, but it drifts over depths that blaze quiet and hot.
Niyon: Just a little more, and the Nine-Realm Harp will fully recognize me. And to do that...
Niyon: You were the first to be accepted by the Nine-Realm Harp. And I want to immerse myself in your melody. All of it.
Niyon: If I do so, then the cacophony that remains within me will vanish completely. I'll become as sensitive as I was before... No. Even more so.
Niyon: I want to become stronger. For your sake. For the person who protected me.
Niyon: I want to continue being your greatest duet partner.
Niyon: So... Ready to perform, (Captain)?
Niyon's passion permeates the air, and—like the melody in her heart—pierces deep within (Captain)'s breast.
What awaits them next is a far more passionate, far more incredible performance than any they have yet experienced.
The duet between the mystical musician and the person who bested her begins once more.

Harmony Restored: Scene 2

Niyon and (Captain) play on, blissfully unaware of the passage of time. Anre tells her to come to him if something ever happens again, and Niyon returns to (Captain), the one person she can truly feel comfortable with.

Niyon: (I can hear it... All of it... The melody you make... From your heart to your fingertips...)
Niyon: (Our sounds resonate as one... and then there are chords... all enveloped in those short little rests... and then more resonance...)
Niyon: (I'm completely in harmony with you... Like our hearts are connected as one... Ah, such profound comfort...)
(Captain) is overcome with a strange sensation as well. It's almost as if Niyon is listening to everything in the captain's head.
(Captain) can hear Niyon's thoughts as well, including what she desires next. (Captain) responds by beginning to pluck the strings.
The two continue their duet, free of thought, free of worry, unaware of the passing of time.
Niyon: Heheh... That was fun.
Niyon smiles after playing her last note, a drop of sweat falling across her brow. (Captain) smiles right back at her.
Niyon: You can tell, can't you? I'm okay now.
Niyon: Heheh... Thank you, (Captain). All of this is thanks to you.
Satisfied with their performance, the two wend their way back to the ship.
Anre: Hello there.
Niyon: Anre?
Anre: I could hear your performance all the way from here. It was spectacular.
Anre: It appears I have no need for concern. The other Eternals should feel better as well.
Niyon: Yes. I'm fine now.
Anre: Now then. I suppose it's time for me to put on the finishing touches...
Niyon: Finishing... touches?
Anre: Spreading rumors about you through my business connections, you see.
Anre: Niyon of the Eternals... Even now her power is enough to swat primal beasts like flies.
Anre: Anyone who so much as thinks about bringing arms to bear on the Eternals will be annihilated by her in moments...
Niyon: That's not me.
Anre: You have to exaggerate a little when advertising. Anyway. I'll be on my way.
Anre: You've found yourself a good partner, Niyon. To be honest... as a cofounder of the Eternals, seeing you forge such a powerful bond makes me a little jealous.
Anre: The next time some grave calamity befalls you, I'd like you to talk to me about it. Now then...
Anre takes his leave.
Niyon: ...
(Captain) asks Niyon, who's staring sullenly at the ground, what's wrong.
Niyon: I know I can rely on the other Eternals to help... But I'm a little scared of counting on anyone other than you and the crew for special treatment, (Captain).
Niyon: I guess only certain melodies invite my trust.
After she says this, Niyon floats over and rests her ear on (Captain)'s chest.
Niyon: But you're the only one with a melody I'd want to listen to like this.
Niyon closes her eyes and lets (Captain)'s calming melody wash over her.
(Captain) watches her peaceful expression, and, for just a moment, can almost hear her soothing melody.