Scenario:Niyon - Melodies Unheard

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Melodies Unheard

The crew fights through an undead-infested town, and Niyon is knocked out after helping defeat the monstrous undead leader. When she awakes, she finds her powers to hear the melodies of others in disarray and joins (Captain) for an impromptu performance in a quiet field.

Undead Horde: Groooar...
Niyon: ...!
Vyrn: What's up with this town? It's in way worse shape than Siero said!
Niyon: A dreadful melody flows through this town... and it's only growing louder.
(Captain) and the crew are on a request to clear out an undead-infested village.
The undead hordes continue to grow. Their numbers seem to be unending.
Niyon: I want to go back.
Vyrn: I know, right? If we don't end this soon, we're dead meat... Is the source of that melody you mentioned close by?
Niyon: Yes. Just a little farther.
Niyon: This melody is truly horrific though. I might not be able to do anything about it.
Vyrn: I had no idea what this melody stuff you were talking about was at first, but I think I have an idea now...
  1. We can count on you, Niyon.
  2. Rest on the ship, Niyon.

Choose: We can count on you, Niyon.

Niyon: Right. Thanks, (Captain).
Vyrn: Yeah, and we sure can't tell where those Halloween rejects are gonna pop out from next.
Lyria: But you don't seem to be feeling very well, Niyon...
Niyon: I'm fine. (Captain)'s voice gives me strength.
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Choose: Rest on the ship, Niyon.

Niyon: ...
Vyrn: Yeah. You don't look like you're doing so good. Feel free to head back.
Niyon: No. I really don't want to hear this melody anymore...
Niyon: But if you can't depend on me, (Captain)... Well, that would be even worse.

Continue 1

Niyon continues to struggle forward even as she suffers pain from a melody (Captain) and the others can't even hear.
Niyon: Ah...
Niyon suddenly loses concentration and slumps to her knees. The crew rushes over to help her back up.
Undead Horde: Groooar...
Vyrn: W-we're gonna be surrounded at this rate! Run for it, (Captain)!
(Captain) picks up Niyon and her harp before quickly dashing away.
Niyon: Sorry.
Niyon weakly mutters while cradled in (Captain)'s arms. The captain gently covers her ears.
Niyon: ...
(Captain) continues to carry Niyon while following her directions to a nearby street corner.
Writhing Shadow: Graaagh!
Niyon: ...!
Vyrn: I-is it me... or is that thing a little different from the others? It's really gross lookin'!
Niyon: Let me down, (Captain). That's the source.
Niyon: If we combine our harmonies, I'm sure we can quell the darkness within its heart.
Vyrn: All right! Let's do this, (Captain)!
The crew confronts the massive shadow in front of them, which they believe to be the undead leader.
In spite of the overwhelming hordes, (Captain), Niyon, and the others manage to attack the shadow.
Writhing Shadow: Rgh...
Vyrn: Did we get it?
Writhing Shadow: Grraaahhh!
Niyon: ...!
Lyria: Niyon!
Niyon: Agh... Hngh...
Vyrn: What's wrong, Niyon?
Niyon: Rgh...
Lyria: Niyon, is everything okay?
Niyon: That creature's final notes were truly horrific... A mixture of anger, malice, and hatred...
Niyon: Just hearing them was enough to plunge me into the same despair that the monster felt.
Vyrn: Seeing you suddenly lose consciousness freaked me out. I'm just glad nothing serious happened to you!
Niyon: ...
(Captain) draws closer to the sickly Niyon. She quietly begins to speak.
Niyon: Hey, (Captain). Could you come with me for a bit?
Niyon: I'm a little worried about how well I'll be able to perform...
Niyon returns to her feet and looks at (Captain).
(Captain) readily agrees, happy to do anything to ease her anxiety.
After (Captain) tunes the Nine-Realm Harp, the two of them wend their way to a grassy field.
Niyon: I'll match your melody, (Captain). Whenever you're ready.
(Captain) concentrates for a moment, decides on the first note, and begins to play.

Melodies Unheard: Scene 2

Niyon realizes she's lost her ability to hear the melodies of others and visits Anre, co-founder of the Eternals, to discuss the situation. Realizing she may be expelled from the Eternals, Niyon decides to regain her powers through the Nine-Realm Harp.

Niyon: ...
Niyon's melody is as beautiful as always.
However, her superhuman ability to match the feelings of those listening seems to have been lost.
Niyon: As I thought... I can no longer hear your melody.
Lyria: Is something wrong, Niyon?
Niyon: I haven't been able to hear anything since we fought the leader of those undead.
Lyria: What?
Niyon: My ears can hear just fine, but that monster's final notes remain, almost like a ringing.
Niyon: It's too loud. I can't hear anyone's melody.
Lyria: Oh my gosh! That's terrible!
Niyon: Yes. If there's a silver lining, it's that I can no longer hear some... other unpleasant sounds as a result.
Vyrn: But you'll recover after a while, right?
Niyon: I don't know. This is the first time I've ever experienced such a thing.
Niyon: If I don't recover, then...
Vyrn: T-then?
Niyon: Then I will surely be ejected from the Eternals.
Vyrn: Say what?
Anre not in crew

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Anre is a crew member

Niyon contacts Anre through the Knickknack Shack.
Anre: So you've lost your ability to hear the melodies of others, Niyon?
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Anre not in crew

Afterwards, Niyon hands a letter to Sierokarte. It's addressed to one of the founders of the Eternals.
Anre: Hello, Niyon. It's been a while! I read your letter.
Anre: And I take it you people are the crew Niyon's currently working with?
Anre: My name is Anre. Co-founder of the Eternals, and wielder of the spear.
Anre: So you've lost your ability to hear the melodies of others, Niyon?

Continue 2

Niyon: Yes.
Anre: That's quite the conundrum. I thought about what to do on the way here.
Anre: If you're unable to recover your power, I see no other option but to have you remove yourself from the Eternals.
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: I'm not entirely sure what the situation is here, but... why the serious expression?
Niyon: I was chosen to become an Eternal because of my power to match the melodies of others when performing.
Anre: This allows her to manipulate the emotions of all who listen. She could render even an army of millions powerless if she chose to.
Anre: That's why it's been said that she could bring even a country to its knees.
Anre: For her to lose such a power would leave me with no other choice. The Eternals have to be the mightiest player on the sky's stage, you see.
Niyon: ...
Anre: It seems rumors are already spreading. We must make a decision quickly. Will you stay in the Eternals, or is it time for us to bid farewell?
Anre: I don't want to lose you, Niyon. Do you understand what you must do?
Niyon: Yes.
Anre: Good. I hope you'll be able to avert our worst-case scenario.
Anre's words hang heavily in the air as he departs.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: E-even if you leave the Eternals, you'll still be part of our crew, Niyon!
Vyrn: That's right! So turn that frown upside down!
Niyon: I can't stay here. It's only going to cause trouble for everyone.
Vyrn: Trouble? Whaddaya mean?
Niyon: There are many who would want revenge against me for things I've done. And many more who will see the weakened Eternals as a target.
Niyon: As long as I'm with you, (Captain), your crew is in danger.
Niyon: You may even be forced to fight more than one foe. A significantly greater challenge than your fight against the Erste Empire.
The crew doesn't know what to say. Vyrn and Lyria chime in in an attempt to convince Niyon to reconsider.
Vyrn: You're not really thinkin' about leaving us, are ya, Niyon?
Lyria: We can't let you go it alone out there!
Niyon: Heheh... Thanks for the concern. But I don't plan on going it alone.
Niyon: There's still one path left to me. One way for me to get my powers back.
Niyon: I will use the Nine-Realm Harp myself. It's going to take some time for it to accept me, but I'm sure it can be done.
Lyria: You need the Nine-Realm Harp... to accept you?
Niyon: Right. As the revenant weapon guiding sound itself, it should be able to return my powers to me.
Niyon: I'll be staying with you until then. Is that all right, (Captain)?
  1. Sure.
  2. Nope.

Choose: Sure.

Niyon: Heheh... I'm glad to hear it.
Vyrn: Like there's any other option here! Whatever happens to you, everything's gonna be all right as long as we're around!
Lyria: Yes! I'm sure everything's going to be just fine!
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Choose: Nope.

Niyon: Meanie.
Vyrn: What's gotten into you? You're not seriously planning on abandoning one of your crewmembers!
Lyria: Why would you say such a horrible thing?
Niyon: You're not serious. Are you?
Niyon reads the captain like a book. (Captain) stares at the floor in embarrassment.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Just another one of (Captain)'s bad jokes? But wait a sec... You can't hear the melodies of others right now, can you, Niyon?
Niyon: I've been listening to (Captain)'s melody for a long time now. I don't need to hear that melody to know what the captain's thinking.
Niyon smiles and (Captain)'s face turns beet red. There's nothing else that needs to be said.

Continue 3

Shortly thereafter, the crew returns to their rooms aboard the Grandcypher.
Someone knocks at (Captain)'s door.
Niyon: Can I talk to you for a moment, (Captain)? Um...
Niyon stays silent for a few moments, so (Captain) encourages her to continue.
Niyon: Pick me up.
Niyon: You know. Like when we ran through that town...
(Captain) is slightly distraught by the request, but Niyon uses magic to levitate. She places an ear on (Captain)'s chest.
Niyon: I can hear everything. Your heart, your muscles, your bones... The melody that flows within you.
Niyon: Can I stay like this for a little bit? It's the only way I'm going to get the Nine-Realm Harp to recognize me.
Niyon: The rhythm of your life as it pulses through your body... It's an etude I must master if I'm going to play the Nine-Realm Harp.
Niyon: It's a gentle melody. One I've always loved.
Niyon: Hm? What is it?
Niyon: Oh... Well, of course I'm embarrassed.
Niyon looks down and smiles gently.
It doesn't take a heart reader to see that she's at peace... even if only for a moment.