Scenario:Ranko Kanzaki - Verdant Green Spirits

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Verdant Green Spirits

The crew comes to an island on assignment to take out mysterious monsters said to make strange noises. But what awaits them is the all-too familiar green creature, and not the primal beast they were expecting. Nonetheless the crew have a mission to accomplish. They draw their weapons against the green creature.

Anastasia: Primal beasts... We have fought so many of them.
Rin: Yeah. It seems like primal beasts have all sorts of powers. Water, wind...
Ranko: Power belonging to the raging beasts of the stars surpasses that of conventional wisdom. (Primal beasts sure are amazing!)
Ranko: Their beastly pulse is comparable only to the number of stars in the cosmos. (Looks like they can do tons of other cool things too!)
Rin: Oh yeah?
Anastasia: Ranko... Do you know a lot about primal beasts?
Ranko: The scarlet eye of Demon Ruler Brunnhilde sees all! (Seemed like a fun thing to look into!)
Rin: That reminds me... Weren't you asking Lyria and Katalina about primal beasts?
Rin: Haha, you sure do like learning, don't you, Ranko? I suppose you're a scholar at heart.
Ranko: Hah! It's only natural for a demon ruler! (It's nothing really!)
Anastasia: Molodezh! You're amazing, Ranko!
Ranko's cheeks turn red when the two smile at her.
Rin: But to know that there exist primal beasts with various other powers...
Rin: The primal beasts might have clues on how we can return to our world!
Anastasia: Da. Indeed. I hope there will be good clues.
The crew stops by an island for an assignment to take out monsters.
Lyria: Um, this must be the place they told us about.
Vyrn: Yeah, seems like it. The info we have on the monster is pretty vague though.
Rin: Vague is right. They're not even sure if it's really a monster.
Anastasia: Strani... Strange creature. They said they never saw it.
Ranko: Its siren songs are but a temptation to the underworld... (They also said it makes really strange sounds when it calls out.)
Rin: Hey... If you consider how the locals are talking about the creature...
Lyria: It could be a primal beast. I don't sense anything for now though.
Vyrn: Whoa! What's happening?
Rin: Wait, isn't that...
Anastasia: I've seen it before.
Ranko: A verdant green spirit comes upon us! (That cuddly fuzzy green thing!)
???: Shnaaargle-argle!
Vyrn: Erm, well... It's definitely a strange creature for sure...
Lyria: Ahaha, I guess it's not a primal beast after all.

Verdant Green Spirits: Scene 2

Although the crew defeat the green creature, they for some reason cannot shake off their affection for it. Anastasia, Rin, and Ranko reminisce about their loved ones back in their home world. Doing so makes them feel a bit gloomy, but Ranko's positivity gets them back into a happy mood.

Anastasia: So bednyaga! Ah, poor little thing...
Vyrn: Hm? Are you talking about the green thing?
Anastasia: Da. Prelestnaya. I thought it was kind of cute. So...
Rin: I don't know if I'd call it cute, but it looks really familiar. It's as if I've seen it somewhere before...
Ranko: Its figure is engraved into my soul as well... (I know, right!)
A calm silence fills the atmosphere as the three trade glances.
Anastasia: Producer must be worried...
Rin: Yeah, we really need to get back soon. If only we knew how...
Ranko: Mwahaha... My powers of darkness shall pave the way for us!
Ranko: (I can use some pretty strong magic! I'm sure we'll be just fine!)
Rin: Haha... Seems like you're enjoying yourself, Ranko.
Anastasia: Polozhitel'nyye... Positivity is a good thing. Even for pop idols.
Rin: That's right. And for us to get back to our jobs as pop idols, we're counting on you and your magic, Ranko.
Ranko: Behold, my ebony wings and crimson eye! (You can count on me!)
Vyrn: Erm... I have no idea what Ranko's talking about.
Lyria: Teehee... The three of them seem to get along so well though.
Vyrn: Haha, that's for sure!
The giggly young girls are a welcome presence, spreading warmth to the rest of the crew.