Scenario:Romeo - The World is our Stage

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The World is our Stage

After receiving an invitation from Juliet to see a public performance of a theatrical troupe, (Captain) and the crew find themselves visiting Montague territory. They decide to explore the stalls while they wait for their rendezvous with Juliet. It is there, at the busy square, that they encounter a group of hooligans planning to abduct Juliet.

Some time had passed since the crew had begun journeying with Romeo.
One day, an invitation arrived from Juliet for a play being held in Verona.
The crew visited the central square of the Montague town, which was lively and bustling thanks to the plays which were running there.
Romeo: The Fortune Theater may not have as long a history as the Globe, but Juliet and I are quite partial to it.
Romeo: We return here endlessly to re-watch the plays.
Vyrn: Errrr, really? Do you not get bored, watching the same thing again and again?
Romeo: Indeed, we do not. A performance is akin to a living creature.
Romeo: Having a different director and different actors makes all the difference.
Lyria: I see! I'm learning lots today!
Romeo: Juliet and I are really quite committed fans. We can recite the entire script without looking.
Romeo: And it is only natural that we are quite strict with our appraisals.
Vyrn: Haha! Sounds like you're enough of a fan to get away with it!
Romeo: That may be the case.
Romeo: There is still time before my rendezvous with Juliet. Shall we inspect the nearby stalls?
Lyria: Ooh, yes, let's (Captain)!
At the same moment, a woman, accompanied by two men, was looking around the bustling central square.
???: You two! Make sure you're ready for this!
???: …Tonight, it's time to say goodbye to this lifestyle of ours for good…
Angry-Looking Man: But, do you really think that they will show up in this crowd? Suddenly it's hard to believe…
Thickset Man: Awwww, I'm hungry, Rosaline…
Rosaline: Oi! I let you eat to your hearts content just a while ago!
Thickset Man: I'm already… hungry again… I don't think I can… work… like this…
Rosaline: Pfft! I'll go buy something for you from one of the stands. Just wait there and don't do anything!
Rosaline headed over to the stands.
Vyrn: Apple flavored candy is amazing!
Lyria: Nothing beats these chocolate-covered bananas! They're so sweet!
Romeo: I'm pleased the pair of you found something you appreciate.
Just then, Rosaline and Romeo unintentionally bumped into one another.
Rosaline: Oi! Watch where you're going, bozo!
Romeo: My apologies. Are you hurt at all? …Yikes!
Romeo noticed that the force of their collision made Rosaline drop a corn-on-the-cob she was holding.
A flustered Romeo apologized profusely, and bought a replacement corn-on-the-cob.
Romeo: It was my fault. Please forgive me.
Rosaline: Well, as long as you accept blame.
Romeo: Also, take this as an expression of my remorse.
Romeo handed some cotton candy over to Rosaline.
Rosaline: O-oh… Well, thanks!
Rosaline left Romeo and hurried off.
She returned to her friends with the corn-on-the-cob and cotton candy.
Thickset Man: Rosaline, thanks…
The thickset man attempted to take the corn-on-the-cob and cotton candy from Rosaline.
Rosaline: Oi, numbskull! That's mine!
Rosaline shielded the cotton candy in her arms.
Angry-Looking Man: The target's arrived! They have a lot of companions with them though…
Angry-Looking Man: In position guys…
Rosaline: Roger!
Thickset Man: Hang on guys…
Rosaline confirmed the presence of their target: Juliet.
Juliet: My, my, Romeo, what's that you have there?
Romeo: An expression of my heart, forever as bursting point since I met you.
Juliet: Tee hee…
Juliet was carrying some cotton candy and giggling.
Next to her was the man who gave Rosaline her cotton candy not so long ago.
Even from a distance, they were clearly a pair who loved each other dearly.
Rosaline: Pfft! It would seem I'm a numbskull myself…
Rosaline threw her cotton candy into a bin.
Rosaline: Right… Let's go guys!
Suddenly, some hoodlums appeared before (Captain)'s crew.
Lyria: Eeeeek! Oh no, my chocolate banana!
Thickset Man: I-I'm sorr?
Angry-Looking Man: You dunderhead! Don't apologize!
Thickset Man: I-I'm sorr?
Angry-Looking Man: Enough already! Don't take it personally, but care to entertain us a little?
Thickset Man: Let's do this! No holding back!
Hired Thugs: Yaaar!
Vyrn: What the? Who are these strange guys?
Romeo: In any case, it looks like they mean business… (Captain), we fight!

The World is our Stage: Scene 2

The crew defeats the ruffians crowding the street, but Juliet is put to sleep with a potion and abducted. Desperately pursuing the kidnapper, Romeo manages to corner them aboard the theater ship. However, the kidnapper turns out to be the woman that Romeo had been kind to back at the food stands.

Angry-Looking Man: Huff… Huff… These guys… fight like monsters…
Angry-Looking Man: …We've no choice. Fall back!
Thickset Man: W-wait! Don't leave me!
No match for (Captain)'s crew, the group of men hurriedly escape.
Vyrn: Hey! Come back here you fiends!
Romeo: Wait!
Just then, Romeo noticed that Juliet was nowhere to be seen.
At the edge of his vision, Romeo spotted a shadowy figure abducting Juliet.
Romeo: We must pursue them over there!
Lyria: Juliet! And who's that… woman?
The kidnapper was fleeing with Juliet on her shoulder, who had been put to sleep with a potion. The crew began pursuing them.
Rosaline: Pfft! Those good for nothing scoundrels! They couldn't even stop them from following!
Vyrn: Oi, somebody! Catch that woman!
Romeo: Saying that alone will not do.
Romeo: Hear me, people in this square! To anyone who is able to catch that woman, I, Romeo, pledge a reward!
Townsperson 1: Wha… Is that? Sir Romeo?
Townsperson 2: Hey! If we catch her we get a reward, he said!
The people in the square became rowdy upon hearing Romeo's words. The townspeople unified at once, and blocked Rosaline's path.
Rosaline: Drat!
With no other choice, Rosaline changed her escape route and ran off onto the theater ship.
Vyrn: Yikes! She's ran off onto the theater ship!
Romeo: Under no circumstances will I let her get away!
The despairing Rosaline ran from room to room, mowing down anyone in her way.
Rosaline: Move, move, move! Anyone who doesn't get outta my way is gonna get hurt!
Eventually, the crew cornered Rosaline in the dressing room.
Rosaline: Drat! I got this far…
Romeo: I-it's you! From before!
Rosaline: Yes! Yes it is!
Rosaline: Come any closer and the princess gets it!
Romeo: You're a poor actor! If you were going to kill her then there wouldn't be any point in kidnapping her.
Rosaline: Grr! It's as you say. It's your fault that everything is ruined.
Romeo: I beg you… Just let Juliet go and surrender.
Rosaline: And if I say "no"?
Romeo: I will stop you with all my might.
Rosaline: I knew you'd be a nuisance.
Rosaline: You think I can just say "okay, sure" and give up after making it this far!
Romeo: Give up! Don't lay a finger on Juliet!
Rosaline: You fool. I have no intention of laying a finger on her.
Rosaline: Are you her Prince Charming? If it bothers you that much, then you'll just have to defeat me to rescue your princess!
That moment, some men force their way in front of the crew.
Thickset Man: W-wait! Stop!
Vyrn: It's those losers from before!
Angry-Looking Man: What are you playing at, Rosaline! We need to escape and quickly!
Rosaline: You guys… Why are you here?
Angry-Looking Man: You don't even have to say the word, we're there for you!
Thickset Man: Y-yeah.. Y'know…
Rosaline: Geez! Numbskulls, the both of you!
Thickset Man: Oi, Prince Charming and his crew! You're gonna have to go through us!
Hired Thugs: …!

The World is our Stage: Scene 3

With everybody safe and sound, (Captain)’s crew hand the kidnappers over to the guards. However, amid all the commotion, the lead actors of the play were injured, and Romeo and Juliet unexpectedly take to the stage as last minute stand-ins. The two give a spectacular performance, and receive much deserved plaudits from the audience.

Angry-Looking Man: Huff… Huff… You guys are strong…
Thickset Man: Huff… I-I'm sorry…
Rosaline: Enough… I surrender. Do what you want with us.
The crew had defeated Rosaline and rescued Juliet.
Rosaline and her group were handed over to the guards on suspicion of trying to abduct the princess.
Romeo: Juliet!
Juliet: Romeo… I…
The crew explained what happened to Juliet.
Juliet: I see. It would seem that everyone was troubled at my expense…
Romeo: No, I am the one to blame. If I had been more vigilant…
Just then the theater director enters the changing room.
Theater Director: Oh, this isn't good…
Lyria: What's happened?
Theater Director: Never mind that right now! Thanks to you guys causing a riot…
Theater Director: The leading pair of actors got injured for the play that is about to start…
Vyrn: No way! Don't you have any stand-ins?
Theater Director: The curtain is about to be raised! I don't have time to find anyone!
Juliet blamed herself for causing so much commotion at her expense.
Juliet: I shall recompense you for any losses caused by the cancellation of the play.
Theater Director: Pfft! I don't care if you're a princess or whatever, but that's not the problem here!
Theater Director: Our theater ship travels around performing. If we are unable to get that performance to the audience, then it's all pointless!
Romeo: I too apologize. You have my sincerest regrets…
Theater Director: I need to think of a way of getting the audience to leave without being angry.
Juliet: If there is anything at all I can do to assist then I will.
Romeo: I will also do anything in my power.
Juliet: …What's that?
Juliet noticed the play script in the theater director's hands.
Juliet: Excuse me, but could I possibly have a look at that script?
Theater Director: Oh… Err, sure.
The puzzled theater director handed the script over to Juliet.
Juliet: Hang on a moment… This ship isn't… the Fortune Theater, is it?
Theater Director: Are you befuddled somehow? Of course it is!
Juliet: Oh my… How wonderful!
Juliet: I can't believe that right at this moment I am standing in the dressing room of the Fortune Theater's ship.
Juliet: Did you hear that Romeo! The Fortune Theater!
Romeo: Indeed, Juliet.
Juliet, in high spirits, started reciting from memory the lines of that night's play.
Romeo instinctively joined her by reciting the matching lines.
Theater Director:
Lyria: Wow!
Vyrn: These two are awesome…
The crew became fixated on the exchange between the two.
Juliet: Oh my! I'm sorry I got carried away at a time like this!
Romeo: I am sorry. The words simply found their way to my tongue!
Theater Director: Hey, you two… Just now you said you'd do pretty much anything, right?
Vyrn, Lyria, and (Captain) sat in the audience, watching the stage on the edge of their seats.
Lyria: (Romeo. Juliet. Break a leg!)
Vyrn: (This is so tense, it can't be good for my heart.)
With the stage enveloped in an air of tension, Romeo and Juliet engaged in a long exchange of lines.
The tale came to its climax. The audience were speechless at their true to life performance.
The final line was uttered and the curtain fell silently.
Finally brought back to reality, the audience began giving much deserved compliments on the pair's performance.
Romeo: Well I never! To think that one day we would be performing on stage!
Juliet: Yes. Today, one of my dreams came true!
Romeo: Just one of your dreams? What about the rest?
Juliet: Our promise… Don't forget it.
Romeo: Yes, of course.
During the announcement for the curtain call, a look of satisfaction formed on Romeo and Juliet's faces.
And so, their reunion was unexpectedly concluded on the bright stage with the falling of the curtain.