Scenario:Seox - A Fear Unmasked

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A Fear Unmasked

When (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn come up on deck to check on Seox, he reviles himself as a monster. (Captain) then challenges him to a duel as if to prove something.

Some time passes after Seox of the feared Eternals joins the crew.
Seox: Graah!
Vyrn: Go, go, (Captain)! He's open!
Seox and (Captain) are sparring on the deck of the Grandcypher.
Seox: Too easy!
Lyria: Ah! (Captain)!
Vyrn: Well, that settles it! Masked Wonder wins the round!
Lyria: Seox is so strong!
Vyrn: Today might've been a loss, but (Captain)'s win rate has been on the up lately.
Seox: You'll be at my throat if I let my guard down for even a second. You're really something, (Captain).
Lyria: Teehee, I guess (Captain) is getting stronger too!
Lyria: But now that the match is over, my stomach's grumbling...
Vyrn: Huh? But all you did was watch, Lyria.
Lyria: I know, but...
Seox: Heh.
Seox chuckles amid the lively conversation—the sign of another peaceful day.
A mysterious event comes to pass one night.
Seox: ...
A restless Seox goes out on deck to gaze at the night sky.
Seox: Serenity fills the night air...
With everyone else in the crew asleep, the Grandcypher has fallen silent.
Seox: Whew...
In the soothing tranquility of the night, Seox lets out a peaceful sigh.
Just then, something catches Seox's attention.
Seox: Huh?
Seox senses movement and readies himself for whatever may come.
Seox: ...
A few shadows hop aboard the grounded Grandcypher.
Seox holds his breath and fades into the darkness, all while observing the shadows.
Thug 1: This way, guys.
Thug 2: This ship is huge... I think we've hit the jackpot!
Thug 1: Don't make too much noise. I don't think anyone's up, but let's play it safe.
Thug 3: Does it matter? We're killing them all either way.
Seox: ...!
Seox leaps into action.
Thug 3: Hm?
Thug 4: Stick to the plan and split into two groups.
Thug 4: Wha!
Thug 1: What the hell?
The only sounds breaking the silence are the muffled screams of the invaders as Seox's claws make short work of them.
Thug 1: Ngh!
Thug 2: You... monster...
Seox: ...!
Seox: Pant... Wheeze...
Seox breathes heavily as he looks down at the fallen bandits.
Seox: A monster they called me...
???: Urgh! This little brat's responsible?
???: Look what you've done to Karm!
???: You hellspawn... You wretched monster!
Seox: I've never forgotten.
Seox stands dazed as he stares at his bloodstained hands.
He soon hears the sound of soft footsteps approaching.
Lyria: Is someone there? Hm? Seox?
Seox: ...!
Lyria: You're still awake? At this hour?
Lyria: Eep!
Lyria lets out a shriek when she notices the bodies lying on the ground.
Vyrn: Whoa! What's this all about?
Seox: Why did you come up here?
Vyrn: (Captain) mentioned feeling something off up here, so we came to check it out.
Seox: I see...
Lyria: So who are these people?
Vyrn: Wait, weren't these guys on the wanted poster we saw in town this afternoon?
Lyria: Ah! They're the group that's been robbing skyfarers and merchants all over!
Vyrn: So they came after us too?
Seox: Seems like it.
Lyria: Whew... I guess that was a close one.
Vyrn: And you fought them off?
Seox: ...
Lyria: You went up against this many alone? I hope you're okay!
Seox: I'm fine. Losers like them can't even touch me.
Vyrn: That's impressive! Just goes to show how strong you are, Masked Wonder!
Seox: I'm a monster after all...
Lyria: Huh? What's that, Seox?
Seox: I said I'm a monster...
Vyrn: Aww, c'mon, Masked Wonder! It's not like you to say that!
Seox: Never mind... Forget I ever said it.
Lyria: But...
Seox's expression remains hidden beneath his mask, but the tone of his voice suggests there is much more to the matter.
(Captain) and company, having become closely acquainted with Seox, are well aware of the fact.
Seox: I'll clean up here. You guys—
(Captain) walks up to Seox as if blocking his path.
Seox: What is it?
(Captain) takes up a fighting stance in front of Seox.
Seox: What's the meaning of this?
Vyrn: Time for another sparring match, I guess.
Seox: Huh? Now? In the middle of the night?
  1. Please!
  2. Have at you!

Choose: Please!

Seox: You...
Vyrn: C'mon, Masked Wonder! A bit of midnight sparrin' never hurt anyone!
Vyrn: You spar all the time anyway! What have you got to lose?
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Have at you!

Seox: What the? Stop that!
Seox: (Captain)!
Vyrn: Careful, Masked Wonder! (Captain)'s serious and you'd better be too!

Continue 1

Seox: Grgh!
Still somewhat confused, Seox responds in kind to (Captain)'s flurry of attacks.

A Fear Unmasked: Scene 2

(Captain) comes out on top, exclaiming that the victory makes the captain even more of a monster than Seox. As they quibble over semantics, a strange voice rings out in Seox's ears.

Lyria: Yay! Score for (Captain)!
Vyrn: Good going, (Captain)!
Still breathing heavily (Captain) looks directly at Seox.
Vyrn: Hm? (Captain)?
(Captain) claims that this victory makes the captain even more of a monster than Seox.
Seox: ...!
What are you saying?
Lyria: I guess that makes sense...
Vyrn: If you're a monster, then (Captain), who just beat you, can only be more of a monster.
Seox: No! I don't buy that! (Captain) could never be a monster!
Lyria: Then you're not a monster either, Seox.
Seox: That's...
Faced against a deadpan Lyria, Vyrn, and (Captain), Seox finds himself speechless.
Seox: What is it you're trying to say?
Vyrn: The thing is, Masked Wonder...
Vyrn: Every one of us knows you're super strong, but we've never thought of it as a bad thing.
Lyria: Of course not! Your strength has helped us time and time again. It's always a relief knowing you're with us!
Lyria: So please stop saying such awful things about yourself...
Seox: I see...
Seox sighs with a downward glance, as if giving everyone's words careful thought.
But something suddenly sounds in the distance.
???: Never forg... you've...
Seox: ...!
What is that?
A cold chill goes up Seox's spine as a mysterious voice speaks right into his ear.
???: You...
In addition...
Seox: What is this?
Vyrn: What's wrong, Masked Wonder?
Seox: Ack!
Vyrn's voice startles Seox as the fleeting presence vanishes.
Lyria: Seox?
Seox: No, it's nothing...
Seox: (I don't hear it anymore. Was it all in my head? But then...)
Vyrn: I don't know what it is you're still worried about, but I'm telling you: you're definitely not a monster.
Vyrn: After all...
Seox: Wha?
Vyrn: Without this mask...
Seox: Guh! S-stop! Keep your hands off!
Vyrn: You see? There's no such thing as a monster who'd run in fear of having its mask taken off.
Seox: D-don't come any closer!
Lyria and (Captain) watch Vyrn and Seox's little game of tag with delight.