Scenario:Seruel - Knight of Ruin. Ruined Prince

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Knight of Ruin. Ruined Prince

(Captain) rescued Seruel when he was attacked by rogues, and Seruel asked why anyone would do such a thing for free. (Captain)’s response reminded Seruel of the knight he was searching for, so he decided to join the Order.

???: You people... You’re skyfarers, aren’t you? Though you look like you’ve seen better days...
During their travels, (Captain) and company were visiting a certain town when an unfamiliar youth called out to them.
Vyrn: Say that again?! HEY! You! The hell did you just say to us?!
???: Oh, pardon me... I haven’t introduced myself.
Seruel: My name is Seruel, and I am the crown prince of Irestill Kingdom.
Seruel: Due to certain circumstances, I am presently searching for a certain man...
Vyrn: Prince?! Why would a super important guy like you be out searching for someone?
Seruel: I am not as important as my title implies. Irestill was but a tiny kingdom, located at the foot of a mountain range.
Seruel: We never warred with other countries... Yes, it was a wonderful, idyllic kingdom, if you’ll forgive my arrogance in saying so.
Vyrn: Hm...? Hey, hang on a sec... “Was”...?
Seruel: Yes... It was wiped out, and in just a single night.
Seruel: The man I am searching for is the knight who caused my great kingdom’s destruction...
Lyria: It was caused by a single man...?!
Seruel: I see from your expression that you haven’t heard of him... You are of no help to me.
Vyrn: HEY! I heard that!
Lyria: U-Um... Hey! In that case, why don't you come with us?
Lyria: We travel around to all sorts of different islands, so we might be able to help you find him!
Seruel: I see... That is a fine idea... But I must decline.
Lyria: Whaaat?! But... how come?!
Seruel: I have no interest in traveling with strangers.
Seruel: My apologies for taking up your time. Thank you for your assistance.
With that said, the young man quietly disappeared from sight.
Lyria: Awww... I can’t believe he shot me down like that, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Hmph! The hell is HIS problem...?
Seruel: Have you seen this man? He is a famous spear user by the name of Naoise...
Resident: I haven’t, sorry... Although a lot of knights do come to this town...
Rogue 1: Hey, you! Are you the guy who’s been snooping around here...?
Seruel: Quite possibly, yes... What of it?
Rogue 2: “What of it,” huh?! How’s about you buzz off, pal?! We don’t take kindly to people sniffing around our territory!
Seruel: Is that so? “Sniffing around your territory,” was I? You speak like an animal... Then again, maybe that’s a fitting term for you.
Rogue 1: Say that again?! Don’t get cocky with me, pig...
Seruel: Oh...? And if I do? What will happen?
Rogue 2: What...?
Seruel: Oh, pardon me. I’m not accustomed to the dialect here, you see...
Seruel: Let me try to phrase it in such a way that you might understand...
Seruel: How about... “Try me. ”
Rogue 1: You swine!!!
Vyrn: This way, right?! Is this the way the man said he went?!
Lyria: Yeah! He said Seruel was surrounded by bad people...
Seruel: What was that about me and bad people?
Vyrn: Whoa!!! I-It’s you!!! You’re okay!!!
Seruel: Of course I’m okay... What’s got you all in such a panic?
Lyria: Well, one of the townspeople told us that you were surrounded by bad people...
Seruel: And...? What of it? What does that have to do with any of you?
Lyria: Well, nothing, but... isn’t it only natural to want to help someone in trouble?
Seruel: Heh... Well, I’m afraid you’re too late. I have already done away with those sorry malcontents.
As he spoke, Seruel pointed to a mountain of unconscious men.
Vyrn: You... d-did away with them...?
Seruel: Not to worry. I merely used the back of my sword... Against my better judgment.
Seruel: By the way... Do you people make a habit of this kind of thing?
Seruel: Rescuing people who bear no relation to you... People who are simply “in trouble”...
Vyrn: Heeheehee! Pretty much, yeah! Reason being, our (Captain) here is a big ol’ softy!
Seruel: I can’t imagine you people are on a journey just for the fun of it. Surely you must have a goal in mind.
Seruel: So why, pray tell, would you disregard your own interests and help others without benefit to yourselves?
  1. I simply can’t abandon them
  2. It’s a skyfarer’s duty to help people

Choose: I simply can’t abandon them

Seruel: I see... So you have no reason to help people, and yet still do it anyway...
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Choose: It’s a skyfarer’s duty to help people

Seruel: So it is a matter of pride for someone who lives in the sky... Good grief. You skyfarers are as bad as knights. The most stubborn bunch I’ve ever known.

Continue 1

Seruel: All right, you’ve convinced me. I was wondering why you reminded me of him, and this explains it...
Seruel: So, I’ve changed my mind. Would you allow me to accompany you on your journey?
Seruel: I believe you’ll find I’m quite capable with a sword. At the very least, I should be more helpful to you than that lizard.
Vyrn: Grrrr... Keep your rude comments to yourself, buddy!
Vyrn: Wait a sec! I thought you said you didn’t want to travel around with a bunch of strangers!
Seruel: You’re right. And it’s true that I don’t know you people all that well.
Seruel: But I know an awful lot about people like you. People who are too nice for their own good...
Seruel: People who tend to disregard their own self-interest and operate purely out of a sense of chivalry and justice...
Seruel: Because the man I’m looking for is exactly that kind of person.
And so, (Captain) and company were joined by Seruel, the prince of the lost kingdom.
It would not be long until (Captain) learned the truth behind what Seruel was searching for.