Scenario:Shiki Ichinose - Chemical Perfumer

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Chemical Perfumer

Shiki hits it off really well with her new friend and makes a name for herself as an ace perfumer in the girl's village. When a dangerous scent threatens the safety of the village, Shiki vows to find a way to counteract it.

Shiki: Nnrgh... Yawn... Wait, what?
Shiki Ichinose looks around as she rubs her heavy eyelids.
She realizes that she is in unfamiliar territory.
Shiki: Ooh... I'm getting a sense of mystery here. My curiosity's piqued!
Shiki cheerfully surveys her surroundings.
Shiki: Hmm... I don't think I've ever seen plants like these...
Shiki: Sniff, sniff...
Shiki: Whoo! Even the scents are new to me! Aaand...
Emdina: ...
Shiki: A creature I've never seen before! Is this a dream? This is just too good to be true!
Shiki: Let's see... My senses are working just fine. Could this actually all be real? Ahaha, whatever it is—it's definitely not normal.
Shiki: If I've been transported to another world for some otherworldly reason...
Shiki: This must seem like a disappearing act back home. Aww, I was just getting ready to perform at the concert too...
Shiki: Meh, it'll all work out!
Shiki: I don't smell Minami-chan anywhere. Maybe I should just wander around until something interesting happens.
Girl: Eep!
Shiki: Hm?
Girl: A m-monster? Don't come any closer!
Shiki: Heh heh heh!
Shiki: Chemical Monster Shiki at your doorstep! Grawr!
Girl: Aaagh! Wait, huh?
The girl calms down a bit upon realizing that Shiki has taken off her costume and is approaching barefooted.
Shiki: I'm actually not a monster, just a good ol' human!
Girl: Umm... Er... Are you sure? Why were you dressed like that?
Shiki: I was wondering the same thing myself! Why don't we figure it out together?
Girl: No waay!
Girl: Teehee! That tickles so much, miss!
Shiki: Hahaha! Mm, you smell good!
Shiki: I'll give you a special present! With this you'll be more charming than ever!
Girl: Ah, what a wonderful smell! Is this perfume? Are you a professional perfumer?
Shiki: Nope. I'm a chemically-powered high school idol!
Girl: Chemically-powered high school idol?
Shiki: Meh, let's get back to playing together already! Hey, do you know any cool places we can check out?
Girl: Yeah, I know the perfect place!
The two hit it off really well after that, and play together until nightfall. Before she knows it, Shiki is completely comfortable in the girl's presence.
After learning that Shiki doesn't have any particular destination in mind, the girl invites her new friend to her village.
The villagers welcome Shiki warmly, and she decides to stay there for some time.
Girl: Shiki-chan? Hey, where'd she go?
Shiki: Ta-da! Behold, Shiki-chan before your very eyes!
Girl: Eek! How did you get down th—Was there even a room there?
Shiki: Some nice guys lent me their underground cellar, so I'm using it as a chemical lab.
Shiki: Tinkering with stuff down there sure beats standing around with nothing to do!
Shiki: You know how there's so many plants around here with scents I've never smelled before? I figured maybe I could make something cool with the stuff!
Shiki: And guess what? I've already made my first concoction right here! Fancy trying it together?
Girl: Ahh... This smell is so relaxing...
Villager 1: What's that fragrance in the air? I-I can feel the relief all over my body!
Shiki: The plant I used for this perfume included some fast-acting fatigue-recovery substances. Mm-mm-mm, smells good and works good!
Shortly thereafter Shiki begins mass-producing this mysterious new brand of perfume.
It is an instant hit with the villagers, and her reputation as a grade A perfumer spreads like wildfire.
Shiki: (If I can keep this up, maybe word of me will eventually reach Minami-chan, wherever she is... Hope she'll come find me when it does...)
Girl: Hm? What's wrong, Shiki-chan?
Shiki: Ahaha, it's nothing. Why don't we try heading farther out tod—
Shiki: Huh?
Shiki: (What's this sweet smell?)
Shiki: Everyone, hold your breath!
Villager 1: Huh? What... Pi.
Pi... ñya?
Villager 2: Nggh, I'm not feeling too... Pi, ñya?
Piñya? Piñya...
Shiki: Hyaah!
Noticing something is amiss as the villagers begin to emit strange sounds, Shiki sprays a perfume all around her.
Girl: Yikes!
Shiki: Back to the chem lab, pronto!
Villagers who are still fine follow Shiki to her underground lab.
Girl: Um, what do you think is happening to the village?
Shiki: No idea. All I can tell you is it's probably a bad idea to go outside right now.
Shiki: I haven't tested it yet, so I can't say this with certainty, but...
Shiki: Sniffing too much of that fragrance out there can't be good for us.
Shiki: No idea how long it'll take for the smell to go away. Going outside like this could be risky.
Villager 3: But then what are we to—
Shiki: Hahaha, relax! A genius like me always has a plan up her sleeve for situations like this!
Shiki: Leave it to Shiki-chan to whip up something to wipe out that sweet fragrance!
Villager 4: You're the best, Shiki-san! Thank you!
Shiki: No need to thank me. You've helped me so much; I'm just doing what I can to repay you.
Shiki: At least I'm sure that's what Minami-chan would've said.
Shiki: Hehehe... This world sure is exciting!
The unprecedented crisis shakes up the village.
Shiki Ichinose buries her head in research to find a way to overcome the catastrophe.