Scenario:Siegfried - Facing the Demons

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Facing the Demons

While searching for Hagen, Siegfried explains why he left the airship. Several days earlier, Siegfried had received an ominous letter from Hagen, threatening the safety of the country. Following the letter's instructions, Siegfried went off alone to stop Hagen in his scheme.

(Captain) and company, now reunited with Siegfried, are in search of a man named Hagen.
Siegfried quietly begins his story, revealing why he left and how he'd found himself here.
Siegfried: It began several days ago, you see...
Several days earlier, Siegfried receives a startling letter.
???: I've placed a fatal curse on this land, and it shall fall first on that beloved village of yours.
???: If you don't move quickly, the people you once rescued will find themselves in hell once again.
???: I'll be waiting where the view is splendid. Come alone, and tell no one.
???: Tell me, Siegfried. Will you settle this just as you did then?
Siegfried: It can't be...
After reading the letter, Siegfried quickly leaves on his own.
Siegfried: Let me make it in time...
Monster: Gwaaa!
Siegfried: Out of the way!
Monster: Gwaaa...
Beasts begin to close in on Siegfried, intent on devouring him.
Siegfried: You caught me in a bad mood. There's no holding back now!

Facing the Demons: Scene 2

While rushing through the forest, Siegfried hears a woman's scream. He follows the sound to find a village in ruins. Having come too late, he chooses to give peace to the suffering villagers, who've now turned into undead shadows. He silently raises his blade to finish off the bizarre beings gathering before him.

Several days earlier, Siegfried receives an ominous letter from Hagen and runs off alone to seek him out.
While rushing through the forest, he hears a woman scream.
Siegfried: Over there.
Following the sound, Siegfried finds himself in a village.
But the abysmal scene before him reveals that it's already too late.
Siegfried: I didn't make it...
Village Woman: Save me... Please...
A woman pleads to him for help.
Village Man: Gurghgh...
A man approaches the injured woman from behind, but there is something bizarre about his appearance.
Siegfried: ...
Siegfried: I may be too late, but at least I can end this quickly.
Village Man: Agh...
Siegfried slices through him in one broad sweep.
Siegfried: Miss, it's safe now. Are you hurt?
Siegfried turns back toward the woman...
... but her face is more ashen than before, and she begins to groan just as the man did.
Village Woman: Grrr...
Siegfried: ...
Siegfried: May you rest in peace.
Village Woman: Nghh...
Siegfried: ...
Drawn by the voices, strange figures begin to gather from all around.
Siegfried silently raises his blade and dashes head-on into the throng of shadows.

Facing the Demons: Scene 3

Siegfried reveals that Hagen is a necromancer, and that a similar incident had happened in the past. Siegfried regrets his carelessness in letting Hagen escape long ago, so Lancelot and Vane, along with (Captain) and company offer to help him get Hagen this time. With a new resolve, they head for the hill where Hagen awaits.

Moving through the forest, (Captain) and company, along with Siegfried, chase after Hagen.
A sense of unspoken urgency can be felt in the air.
Siegfried: As I was tracking down Hagen, I noticed the smoke rising through the air.
Siegfried: And then I found you.
Lancelot: I see. So that's how it is.
Lancelot: And just who is this Hagen guy anyway?
Siegfried: Hagen uses supernatural powers to control the dead. He's a necromancer.
Siegfried: I've no doubt. That monster was a zombie in my armor.
Vane: Woah! That thing was a zombie!
Vane: But, he seemed to recognize Lancey...
Siegfried: Perhaps, he's gotten ahold of something of mine and used sorcery to bind the two.
Siegfried: In fact, something similar happened in the past.
Siegfried: I'd chased him down, and I'd almost had him. But I let him escape.
Siegfried: All of this is due to my carelessness.
(Captain) and company could see the regret in his face.
Lancelot: Siegfried... Let's get Hagen this time.
Vane: Yeah! We'll do whatever we can!
Siegfried: I suppose you're right.
Siegfried: Just grumbling about it won't do us any good.
Siegfried: I'm much obliged to the both of you.
Vyrn: Heh heh! We'll give you a hand too!
Lyria: Yep! We can do it if we work together!
Having learned of the circumstances befallen Siegfried, the crew is eager to bring down Hagen.
(Captain) and company exit the forest and reach a church on a hill.
There, with a full view of the royal capital below, Hagen and his zombified warrior lie in wait.
Hagen: Finally... Finally! The time has come!
Zombie Knight: ...
Siegfried: Hagen. What is it you're after?
Hagen: Ah? What am I after? You know well enough.
Hagen: I'm here to ruin you and this land!
Hagen's spell causes countless zombies to spill out of the graves in the churchyard.
Siegfried: Enough. I'll not have you disgrace the dead any longer!
Hagen: Oh? Then try and stop me, Siegfried! For I am Hagen!
Siegfried: Don't think this will turn out like last time. I've brought friends with me.
Hagen: Bah... Now go! Destroy them all!
Zombie: Gurghgh...
Zombie: Brruergh...
Zombie Knight: As you wish.
With a sinister and deadly gaze, the swordsman moves toward the crew.
Siegfried: Lancelot, Vane, (Captain)! You handle the zombies over there!
Lancelot: Roger! Let's go, Vane!
Vane: Gotcha, Lancey! Lyria, you stay right behind me!
Lyria: Thanks! But, I'm gonna fight!
Vyrn: All right! You ready, (Captain)?
Siegfried: Leave Hagen and the swordsman to me. Now let's go!

Facing the Demons: Scene 4

Siegfried slays the zombie swordsman in one stroke. Hagen escapes into the church and finds a mother and child. Taking them hostage, he uses the opportunity to deal Siegfried a fatal blow. But Siegfried strikes back with a hidden blade, destroying Hagen. Despite his mortal wound, Siegfried heals quickly and grimly confesses that he may no longer be human. However, this is accepted and encouraged by his comrades, giving him strength for the journey ahead.

(Captain) and company drive back the mob of zombies.
Meanwhile, Siegfried battles against the zombie knight.
Siegfried: Haaah!
Zombie Knight: Nghh!
With incredible force, Siegfried slashes the abomination in two.
Zombie Knight: Agh... Nghh!
Hagen: It can't be! My greatest creation in only one stroke!
Siegfried: In the end, it was a wooden puppet in my likeness.
Siegfried: You could never defeat me with just that.
Lancelot: Excellent! Siegfried's got him!
Vane: Yeah! Leave it to Siegfried!
Hagen: Curses! You pests!
Hagen: Curses! Curses! Curses!
Seeing that he's been cornered, Hagen escapes into the church.
Siegfried: The end draws near. Prepare yourself, Hagen.
Just then, Hagen sees a mother and child trembling in the shadows of the church.
Hagen: Ha ha! The heavens haven't given up on me just yet!
Mother: Help us... Please...
Child: Mama...
Hagen: Don't move or I'll end their lives!
Siegfried: Humph...
Hagen: Oy! Did you hear me? Throw down your sword!
Siegfried: All right.
Siegfried reluctantly obeys, tossing away his blade.
Siegfried: I did as you asked. Now let them go free.
Hagen: I'm not done! And don't let your friends come near!
Siegfried: Stay back, everyone.
Lancelot: Siegfried!
Vane: But we can't!
Siegfried: Please... just do as I say.
Lancelot: Understood.
(Captain) and company decide to follow Siegfried's instructions.
But in that moment, his attention strays...
Siegfried: Nghh... Agh!
And Hagen's blade pierces through him.
Lancelot: You fool! Enough!
Siegfried: Don't move, Lancelot!
Lancelot: ...
Vane: There's no way we'll just stand here and watch!
Siegfried: Please... I'll be all right.
Hagen: What was that? You'll be all right, you say?
Hagen: I've pierced a vital point! You won't be moving much longer.
Siegfried: ...
Hagen: And with your body, I will no doubt create the ultimate pawn.
Hagen moves over to Siegfried's side.
The necromancer begins casting his sorcery on Siegfried.
Hagen: Ah... Huh?
But suddenly, deep crimson blood begins to spurt from Hagen's neck.
Siegfried has slit his throat with a blade hidden in his sleeve.
Siegfried: Are you hurt? Agh!
Splattered in Hagen's blood, Siegfried struggles to crawl closer to the two captives.
Mother: I... I... I'm sorry!
Hagen: Frightened, the mother hurries away with her child in tow.
Hagen: It would seem... you've always been a monster.
With a weak smile, Hagen speaks between shallow breaths as the zombies begin to disappear.
The crew rushes over to Siegfried.
Lancelot: Siegfried... No...
Siegfried: Nghh... Agh!
Vane: Wait, Siegfried! If you take out the sword, you'll spew blood everywhere!
Siegfried: Nghh... Gah...
Siegfried: Hehe. I guess I really overdid it this time.
Lancelot: Siegfried! You must remain conscious!
Siegfried: Sorry, Lancelot. Let me sleep... for just a while.
Lancelot: Siegfried! Siegfried!
Siegfried closes his eyes in relief, but the voices calling his name won't reach.
Hagen's scheme is thwarted thanks to Siegfried and the crew.
The face-off on the hill as well as Siegfried's victory halt the wave of undead creatures from spreading throughout the land.
Several days pass.
Siegfried lies in a room within the castle's infirmary, surrounded by friends.
Lancelot: ...
Vane: ...
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Siegfried: Agh... Nghh...
Lancelot: Siegfried!
Siegfried: Lancelot? Where am I...
Lancelot: You've been sleeping this whole time!
Lancelot: But I'm sure relieved, Siegfried.
Vane: I had to carry you all the way back here, you know!
Vane: Lancey was useless. He was so upset!
Lancelot: Oy, Vane!
Vane: Ha ha! I'm just kidding!
Vane: You found a doctor for us pretty quick!
Siegfried: Lancelot, Vane... (Captain) and the crew...
Siegfried: You have my thanks.
Siegfried: I know... you've all gone out of your way for me.
Vyrn: Aw, don't worry about that. After all, we're friends!
Lyria: Yep! I'm so glad everyone's safe now!
Siegfried: I knew you'd say that.
Siegfried: Agh!
Siegfried's face twists in pain as he tries to lift himself up.
Lancelot: Siegfried, don't push yourself!
Vane: Ah! That reminds me! The doctor took a look and said that your bleeding had stopped.
Vane: That injury should've been fatal, but you're like a beast or something! The doctor was shocked!
In fact, Siegfried's wound is almost entirely healed.
He places a hand against the scar and smiles weakly in answer.
Siegfried: Actually, ever since that encounter with Fafnir when I was soaked in its blood...
Siegfried: My body seems to heal faster than others.
Siegfried: Humph... What do you think? I guess I really am a beast or something.
The room grows still at Siegfried's confession.
Vane, trembling slightly, reaches out to Siegfried.
Vane: No no no! You're incredible, Siegfried!
Vane: You're so cool! You're like, beyond hero-level!
Siegfried: You think... I'm cool?
Lancelot, unable to stand it any longer, begins to laugh.
Lancelot: Ha ha! Cool... huh?
Lancelot: Indeed, Vane's got it right this time.
Lancelot: As long are you're okay, Siegfried, we have no complaints.
Siegfried is moved by their words, but hides his feelings in a scowl.
Siegfried: Good grief... I'll never get rid of you two...
Vyrn: They're right though. We don't mind it at all!
Lyria: It seems you have lots of friends who care for you, Siegfried!
Surrounded by friends, Siegfried shows them a rare smile.
Siegfried: Humph.
Siegfried: (Looks like I won't be fading away quietly...)
Siegfried is back on his feet in no time, thanks to the nursing, and some nagging, from his comrades.
In a room full of laughter and warmth, he learns to accept himself as he faces the long journey ahead.