Scenario:Siegfried - Once Upon a Breeze

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Once Upon a Breeze

While vacationing in Auguste, (Captain) and the crew notice that Siegfried is giving the tourists a fright in his regular armor. They convince him to look for suitable summer wear and end up at a shop that sells traditional summer attire called yukata. Siegfried soon finds an outfit there that's the perfect fit.

Siegfried: ...
(Captain) and the crew, along with Siegfried, are getting some rest and relaxation on Benthic Island, one of the islands among the Auguste Isles.
But as to be expected, Siegfried is drawing some unwanted attention at the beach wearing his usual armor.
Siegfried: Hm... Looks all clear around here too.
Tourist 1: Eek! What's with the guy in all that armor?
Tourist 2: This is an island resort! Why wear a dark, heavy getup like that?
Vyrn: Uh-oh... Siegfried's spooky vibe is at it again.
Lyria: Yeah... I hope he doesn't get caught up in anything because of it.
Worried about what trouble might come, (Captain) and the crew decide to talk to Siegfried.
Siegfried: Hm? What are you and the crew doing here, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Listen, we were thinking maybe you could loosen up a little since we're on vacation and all!
Siegfried: Loosen up? I don't know about that. An enemy could show up anytime and anywhere.
Lyria: Yeah, but... isn't it hot walking around in armor?
Siegfried: Humph! It's like a second skin to me, so I've hardly noticed.
Siegfried: Hm? What's with that face, (Captain)?
(Captain) tells Siegfried about the tourists who were frightened by the armor.
Siegfried: Hm... I didn't think I'd come off like that to other people...
Siegfried: Mmm. It wasn't my intent, but something should be done about it...
(Captain) suggests that they look together for summer clothes to suit Siegfried.
Siegfried: I see... Then thank you, (Captain). I appreciate the help!
And so (Captain) and the crew take Siegfried along to shop for a new outfit.
Siegfried, (Captain), and the crew visit a row of shops along the beachfront.
Vyrn: Hey! I think these funky-patterned pants would look neat on you!
Siegfried: Hm... Funky pants? How about something cooler for the weather?
Vyrn: Hmmm... But can we find something like that in your size?
Siegfried: You have a point. It's not easy to find clothes in the right fit.
Lyria: Oh! How about this? It's a shirt with puppies on it!
Siegfried: Puppies? Well, I do like dogs.
Lyria: Hm... But maybe it's just a little too cutesy for you, Siegfried.
Siegfried: Too cutesy, you say... Not sure what to make of that.
They each continue searching for something just right for their armor-clad crew member but come up empty-handed.
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria are about half-way into combing through a clothes rack when Vyrn notices something.
Vyrn: Wait... Where did Siegfried go?
Lyria: You're right. He's disappeared on us!
Vyrn: Hold on. You don't think he went and got himself lost, do ya?
They call his name in hopes he'll answer from somewhere nearby.
Siegfried: (Captain), I'm right over here!
Siegfried comes over with something in his hands.
Siegfried: I'm looking at these bargain pieces from a store across the way.
Siegfried: This is called a mankini, and then there's this rainbow fundoshi...
Siegfried: But which do you think would look best on me, (Captain)?
Siegfried holds up both pieces of clothing with a genuine smile on his face, blissfully unaware of the implications of his wearing either item.
  1. The mankini, I guess...
  2. The f-fundoshi... I guess.

Choose: The mankini, I guess...
Siegfried: Hm... I see. Then I'll go try this on in the dressing room over there.
Siegfried disappears behind the curtain without another word.
After a few minutes, he asks for the final verdict.
Siegfried: What do you think?
Lyria: Wow! It fits like a glove and makes you look so cool!
Vyrn: Yeah! It definitely fits like a glove—that's for sure!
Vyrn: Makes you look pretty manly, but I dunno...
Siegfried: Hm... Then I suppose I'll go with this one.
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Choose: The f-fundoshi... I guess.
Siegfried: Ah... Just from looking at the cloth, I can sense the tailor's pride in making this.
Siegfried disappears behind the curtain without another word.
After a few minutes, he asks for the final verdict.
Siegfried: Well? What do you think?
Lyria: The fit looks so smooth, but seems wild and free!
Vyrn: You said it! I can't put my finger on it, but I get this powerful thirst for freedom and—
Vyrn: Wait! What am I sayin'?
Siegfried: Hm... Then I guess this is the one.
Continue 1
Siegfried is on his way to pay the clerk for the item when an unexpected voice calls out.
Jin: Hm? Well if it isn't (Captain) and the crew! What are you up to?
(Captain) tells Jin that they've been looking for some new clothes for Siegfried.
Jin: Ah... I think I understand the problem here. And if that's the case, then I know just the place for you to check out, Siegfried.
Vyrn: Oh, yeah? That'll be a big help!
Jin: Now then, let's not waste any time! Follow me!
Siegfried: Right behind you!
They return the items to the store before heading away from the row of shops.
Vyrn: Too bad those shops didn't have what we were looking for...
Lyria: But you seem like you're enjoying our shopping trip, Siegfried!
Siegfried: Yes. It's not often that I get to take time and choose my attire so carefully.
Siegfried: Spending time with all of you on this little task has truly meant a lot to me.
Before long, Jin leads them to a curious shop.
Siegfried: Jin, what kind of store is this?
Jin: It's a specialty shop for yukata.
Lyria: Yukata? What's that?
Jin: Excellent question! A yukata is casual attire worn during the summer in my homeland.
Jin: It's made from woven silk, so it's both soft to the touch and breathable. It's the perfect outfit for hot weather!
Jin: The style is casual with just a hint of refinement, so I think it's just what you're looking for, Siegfried.
Siegfried: To think I'd come across a find like this... I'm grateful for your expert eye, Jin.
Jin: No, no! It's nothing! Now let's find some garments just right for Siegfried!
Vyrn and Lyria: We're on it!
They all begin searching for the perfect outfit for Siegfried.
As they pore over designs and materials, they look around the shop for accessories as well.
Vyrn: Ooh! How about this pattern? It'll look fantastic on you!
Lyria: Yeah! And this fabric is light and airy too!
Jin: Ah! Have we finally narrowed down the choices?
Siegfried: Whew... Now what do you want me to try on next?
Despite constantly going in and out of the dressing room, Siegfried seems pleased about it all.
After some time Siegfried dons the most splendid ensemble put together through their efforts.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! I think we finally found a winner!
Lyria: Yep! I feel like this is the best outfit we'll see!
Jin: I had you try this one on knowing it would be the one for you.
After hearing all this, (Captain) waits eagerly for Siegfried to appear.
Just then (Captain) notices that the shuffling behind the curtain has stopped.
Vyrn: I think he's ready!
Lyria: It looks like he's stopped moving around in the dressing room there!
Jin: So... what do you think?
Siegfried: Sorry it took so long...
Vyrn: Ooh...
Lyria: Ahhh...
Jin: Ah...
Siegfried: Mmm-hm... And with this I can still carry my sword, so it's just what I'm looking for.
Siegfried: So, (Captain)... How do I look?
  1. You look terrific!

Choose: You look terrific!
Vyrn: We got it right this time! It looks like it was made just for you!
Lyria: Yeah! It looks great! And you look so cool!
Jin: I knew it was right on the mark! I'm glad I could be of help this once!
Siegfried: Humph... You'll have me blushing soon enough with all these compliments.
Siegfried: Thank you, (Captain). All of you.
At that moment a soft breeze blows through the shop.
The cool breeze gently strokes their cheeks, a quiet reminder of the nearing summer sunset.