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Summer Chaperon

Siegfried attempts to build a sand castle with Danua and her puppet friends, but they're not getting anywhere. When Sara and Graphos pass by, Siegfried enlists their help. With the castle completed, Siegfried leads everyone, including (Captain), on a shoreline search for sea creatures.

Danua: Crumble...
Gretel: Hey, Danua! This tower is about to topple over!
Hansel: Hm... And this castle wall here won't hold up much longer either.
Danua: Shells...
Gretel: You can't start decorating with shells until you fix this crack here!
Hansel: Forget it. The gate's all crumbled. This castle's as good as gone.
Danua: Urgh... Waaah...
Siegfried: Ha-ha! It's all right, Danua.
Siegfried: If it falls then we'll just make another one.
Gretel: Hey, Siegfried! You keep babyin' her like that and we'll never get this sand castle finished!
Fearing a scolding from Gretel, Danua is hiding behind Siegfried in the shadow of his large frame.
Hansel: Hm... Looks like Danua's taken a real liking to him.
Today Siegfried is busy making a sand castle with Danua, Hansel, and Gretel.
But as time passes, signs of ever finishing the structure are nowhere in sight.
Sara: Huh? Is that Danua and Siegfried?
Siegfried: Oh, it's you, Sara! You came at just the right time.
Sara: What's everyone up to here?
Siegfried: Actually, I'm trying to build a sand castle with Danua and her friends, but it's not going so well.
Siegfried: We could sure use some help from you and Graphos if you can spare it. Would you mind?
Sara: No, not at all! Right, Graphos?
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Sounds like Graphos wants to help too!
Siegfried: Thanks, you two. I couldn't ask for better help for the job.
Siegfried: Now then, let's switch gears and build a better castle!
Everyone: All right!
This time under Sara's careful direction, they begin working on a castle.
Sara: Let's see... If the sand we use is wet enough, then it'll be harder for it to crack.
Danua: Wet...
Sara: Right! So it'd be best to mix this sand with some more water.
Graphos: ...
Siegfried: Good! Then Graphos and I will go fetch some water.
Gretel: Okay! We'll handle things here!
Hansel: Be sure and take your time with it.
Time passes quickly as the castle-building pleasantries continue.
Sara: Yep... It's finally finished!
Graphos: ...!
Gretel: Ha-ha! Look what you can do when you put your mind to it!
Hansel: You said it. It's completely different from before.
Danua: Castle...
Sara: That's right! All thanks to the castle leader, Princess Danua...
Sara: Oops!
Danua: Mm?
Sara: I'm sorry! Just now, I... I called her a princess...
Danua: No...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says don't worry, she doesn't mind.
Gretel: Ha-ha! In fact, she likes it!
Sara: ...!
Sara: Then it's all thanks to you, Princess Danua, that we made such a pretty castle!
Siegfried grins as he watches the two girls getting along so well.
Siegfried: I think you all did great.
Siegfried: Especially you, Danua, since you wouldn't give up believing in yourself no matter how hard it got.
Danua: Heh-heh...
Siegfried: And you were a big help too, Hansel and Gretel, for helping Danua without complaint.
Gretel: Well, of course! We're always lookin' after her!
Hansel: Hm... Except one of us was loudly squabbling with Danua earlier, but we'll pretend that didn't happen.
Siegfried: And you, Sara...
Sara: Y-yes!
Siegfried: I appreciate you working with us at our pace, considering Graphos could do it all in a blink of an eye.
Sara: Well... I mean...
Siegfried: Because of you, the time we spent on this undertaking has truly meant a lot to me. Thank you.
Danua: Thanks...
Sara: I should be thanking you! For letting me hang out with all of you!
Graphos: ...!
Siegfried: We make the best team!
Danua: Next...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua wants to know what we're up to next.
Siegfried: Next? How about we go and observe the sea life found around the coastline?
Danua: Okay...
Gretel: Ha-ha! Danua's rarin' to go!
Siegfried: Good. Then I'll lead the way.
Sara: ...
Siegfried: Sara, will you come along too?
Sara: Huh? Is it okay if I come with you?
Siegfried: Of course it is!
Siegfried: You stuck with us through building a sand castle! There's no need to be shy now.
Sara: Okay!
Siegfried: All right, Danua and Sara. Now follow me!
Danua: Okay...
Sara: Okay! Here we go, Graphos!
Nearby, (Captain) and the crew are watching Siegfried, Danua, and Sara hanging out together happily.
(Captain) can't help but smile at the peaceful scene playing out on the beach.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! They're really getting along!
Lyria: Yeah! And it looks like they're having so much fun!
Siegfried walks over to them with a gentle grin on his face.
Siegfried: Hey guys, would you like to come along with us?
Vyrn: Yep! Count me in!
Lyria: Let's go too, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods at Siegfried in answer, smiling ear to ear.
Siegfried: Thanks. And I'm counting on you to help keep things in line.
And so (Captain) and the crew follow Siegfried on a sea life search along the shore.

Summer Chaperon: Scene 2

At Danua and Sara's request, Siegfried escorts them to a festival nearby, along with (Captain) and the crew. The two girls play a cork gun game, but, after realizing the game is rigged, Siegfried helps the two girls win a prize. Afterwards they all hold hands and walk home like one big family.

Siegfried has finished leading everyone in their coastline search for sea creatures.
They're all taking a pleasant walk along the beach.
Danua: Hear...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says she hears sounds coming from over there.
Sara: Actually... something does sound a bit noisy coming from that direction.
Gretel: Hey, look! There's a crowd of people there too!
Siegfried: It looks like there's a festival being held...
Danua: Festival...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says she wants to check out the festival!
Sara: A festival, huh? If it's all right, I'd like to go too.
Siegfried: Then let's all go have a look. What do you say, (Captain)?
  1. We might as well!

Choose: We might as well!

Danua: Go...
Sara: Yay! Looks like Danua can't wait to see the festival either!
Siegfried: That settles it. Let's head on over to the festivities.
On arriving at the site, they're floored by the sheer number of people there.
Siegfried: Danua and Sara... I wouldn't want you getting lost, so do you mind holding onto my hands?
Danua: Squeeze...
Sara: O-okay...
Danua and Sara bashfully hold out their hands to Siegfried.
Siegfried: This isn't my first time at a festival. I promise there's nothing to worry about here.
Siegfried: So there's no need to be anxious!
Sara: Okay!
Danua: Okay...
With hands linked, Siegfried escorts the girls through the festival area.
Danua: Gimme...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says—
Siegfried: That she wants to eat a crepe, right?
Gretel: Yeah! You're a mind reader!
Siegfried: Humph... Call it a lucky guess!
Siegfried: How about you, Sara? Would you like a crepe?
Sara: I'd love to try one!
Siegfried: Then I'll buy one for all of us. Everyone, come and pick a flavor.
Vyrn: Wow! Are you sure? You're a swell guy, Siegfried!
Lyria: Yay! Thanks, Siegfried!
Siegfried buys everyone a crepe and they gobble them up in delight.
After stuffing their cheeks with crepes, they continue walking through the festival.
Danua: Cork...
Sara: Does that say... cork gun game?
Siegfried: That's right. Would you two like to give it a try?
Danua: Try!
Sara: I want to try it!
Siegfried: All right. Let's go over and play.
Siegfried pays the booth attendant so both Sara and Danua can play.
Attendant: All righty! You little ladies ready to give it your best shot?
Danua: Yeah...
Sara: I'm ready!
Attendant: Good, good! Just aim for the prize you want. If ya knock it down, you can take it home with ya!
Danua: Too hard...
Sara: How should I do it?
Siegfried: First you need to ready the gun by pulling the slide as hard as you can.
Sara: The slide? Got it!
Siegfried: Then you cork the barrel from this end. Try to pick a smooth cork.
Danua: Cork...
Siegfried: Then, with your arms at your sides, hold the gun steady against your shoulder. Look through the scope to aim for the prize, and pull the trigger.
Siegfried: Now try it for yourselves. It's best to learn by doing it.
Taking his advice to heart, Danua and Sara ready their guns and aim for the same prize.
Danua: Missed...
Sara: Yeah... It's not easy to hit the mark.
Attendant: Come on now! Don't hold back! The prizes are here for the takin'!
Danua: Can't...
Sara: Me neither. I'm sorry, Siegfried...
Siegfried: Hm... Well you two are smart to aim for the big prize, so shall I give you some tips?
Sara and Danua nod eagerly in answer.
Siegfried: Now pay attention... You've got to get the prize well within your sight.
Danua: Sight?
Siegfried: A big prize like that one won't fall even if you hit it right in the middle.
Siegfried: It's weak spot is really on the top left side, so you aim for it from a bottom right angle.
Sara: The top left side... From the bottom right angle...
Siegfried: You've got it? There's no need to knock it down by force. You need only to turn it.
Siegfried: And be sure to aim a little higher than the target, taking air resistance into account.
Siegfried: Now if you're ready, wait for my signal and slowly pull the trigger.
After helping the two with their aim, Siegfried stands behind them and begins the countdown.
Siegfried: Ready...
5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Go!
Danua: Go!
Sara: Go!
Danua and Sara pull their triggers at the same time.
The two corks go flying and knock the prize off balance just as planned.
The prize falls in a perfect arc to the table below.
Danua: Fell!
Sara: We did it! We got the prize, Danua! Look, Siegfried!
Siegfried: Good job, you two. That was quite a feat.
Attendant: What! How did you... There's no way it could fall!
Siegfried: Humph... I'm sure you made that one trickier to get than the others, but you underestimated us this time.
Attendant: Ha... Ha-ha... D-don't listen to your dad, girls! I'd never do such a thing!
Danua: Our?
Sara: Dad?
Attendant: Hey, I'll even give ya another prize on the house! Be sure an' share it as a family, okay?
Siegfried: Oh, many thanks! While you're at it...
Siegfried: Let's include some prizes for the other kids behind me.
Attendant: S-sorry? The other kids?
Vyrn: Whoa! Are we gonna get some free stuff too?
Lyria: Yay! Thanks a bunch!
Attendant: I g-gotcha! But I'm only doing this for you!
Siegfried: Much obliged.
With a wide grin on his face, Siegfried leans toward the attendant and begins to whisper.
Siegfried: I'll overlook the trick you pulled, but only because these kids are around.
Siegfried: But the next time I see you pulling a hustle like that, I won't be so kind.
Attendant: U-understood... I'll stop that from now on...
Siegfried: Shall we go then, everybody?
They all leave the booth with a prize in hand.
Sara: Our dad, huh?
Danua: Papa...
Siegfried: Ah... I suppose it wasn't right to lie and go along with what he said about being your father.
Siegfried: I apologize if it that upset you two.
Sara: No, please don't apologize.
Danua: Happy...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says she was happy when he called you all a family.
Gretel: Ha-ha-ha! But you make an interesting family seeing as none of you look alike!
Sara: Even so, I was happy to hear it.
Sara: And that includes Graphos. Right?
Graphos: ...
Siegfried: Well, Sara and Danua, if you're willing to put up with a man like me, I'll play the part anytime.
Sara: Wh-what do you mean a man like you?
Sara: You're strong, kind, and you know...
Sara: Wait, never mind!
Danua: Family...
Gretel: Look! Danua wants you all to hold hands as a family!
Vyrn: Well, it'll keep us all from getting lost at least!
Lyria: And we are like one big family!
Siegfried: You too, (Captain). Give me your hand.
Beaming ear to ear, (Captain) holds out a hand to Siegfried.
And like a picturesque family, they walk down the path home together.

Summer Chaperon: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew decide to stick around the beach for the Flower of Light festival before going home, but the fireworks show is delayed. Siegfried goes to find out the problem and hears that a monster offshore is threatening the show. He sets off to get rid of the monster.

While walking back, (Captain) and the crew see spectators who've gathered for the Flower of Light festival.
They decide to stick around for this festival as well before returning home.
But it's well past the festival's start time, and not a single firework can be seen in the sky.
Sara: Hmmm... No fireworks yet.
Danua: Firework?
Siegfried: Mmm... They should've begun quite a while ago too.
Hansel: Hm? Looks like a crowd is gathering way over there...
Siegfried: I'll go and take a look.
Siegfried: Could you stay here, (Captain), and keep everyone together?
(Captain) nods back confidently.
Siegfried: I'll be back.
Siegfried disappears into the crowd.
Festival Official 1: With that monster showing up offshore, we'll just have to cancel the festival.
Festival Official 2: Yep. If we make a wrong move, we risk sinking the boats out there.
Siegfried: Hm... I see. I think I've got a solution.
Festival Official 1: And who are you?
Siegfried: Just a passerby! But believe me when I say it's too soon to give up.
Festival Official 2: Hey, what's a nobody like you talking about? You haven't even seen the monster that—
Siegfried: And a boat's... right over there. I'll bring it right back!
Festival Official 1: Hey! Did you hear what I said?
Siegfried ignores the two as he hops aboard a boat to take it offshore.
Festival Official 2: He's long gone...
Siegfried steers his boat toward the other festival boats carrying pyrotechnicians.
Siegfried: All right... This should be the area, I think...
Pyrotechnician: Hey, you! What're you doin' over here in a dinghy like that?
Siegfried: I came to get rid of the monsters delaying the festival.
Pyrotechnician: Don't be stupid! If you know what's good for ya then you'll scoot on outta here!
Pyrotechnician: Huh? Th-there's one now!
Crab of War: Blub blub...
Siegfried: Look, I've got nothing against you, but there are people excited for the festival to begin.
Crab of War: Blub blub!
Siegfried: So you need to leave... And I'll show you the way out!

Summer Chaperon: Scene 4

Having defeated the monster, Siegfried returns to the beach, but the crew is gloomy thinking that the festival is canceled. Siegfried encourages them not to give up, telling them to call forth the fireworks. After raising their voices, fireworks appear in the sky. (Captain) overhears tourists talking about a swordsman who saved the festival and realizes it was Siegfried. Siegfried asks (Captain) to keep his deed a secret between them.

Siegfried returns to the beach where (Captain) and the crew are waiting.
Siegfried: Hope I didn't take too long.
Vyrn: Hey! Where'd you go? Did you hear that they're calling off the festival?
Sara: It's too bad since everyone was really looking forward to it...
Danua: Too bad...
Siegfried: Now, wait. It's too soon to give up hope yet!
Siegfried: As long as you have faith, then those fireworks will light up the sky.
Sara: Huh?
Siegfried: How about using your voice and telling the fireworks you won't give up on them?
Siegfried turns his face toward the sky in demonstration and raises his voice.
Siegfried: Great flowers of light! Burst high and bloom in beauty before our eyes!
Sara: Flowers of light! You can do it!
Danua: Flower...
Gretel: Rise on up!
Hansel: Come on!
Vyrn: Hey! Sparkly things! We can't wait to see ya up there!
Lyria: Flowers of light! Please show yourselves!
Everyone, including (Captain), raises their voice to call forth the fireworks.
Just then a ball of light streaks into the air from offshore.
When it reaches the highest heights, a ring of fireworks bursts in the sky.
Sara: Wow! So these are fireworks? They're so pretty!
Danua: Pretty...
Siegfried: Indeed... They are beautiful flowers of light.
(Captain) asks Siegfried where he ran off to earlier.
Siegfried: Well... it turns out our three favorite goofs are festival first-timers too, so I just couldn't let you all miss out on it.
Siegfried: Hey, you three! We're over here.
Siegfried turns around and waves his hand, as if motioning to some people in the crowd.
Soon enough, Lancelot, Vane, and Percival can be seen carrying food and drinks.
Lancelot: Siegfried! Sorry we took so long!
Vane: Hm?
Vane: Oh! You were with (Captain) and the crew all along!
Vane: Man, you wouldn't believe the lines back there! It took us forever to get all this!
Percival: Hey, Vane! Watch where you're going or you'll trip over your own paws!
Vane: Yeah, yeah, I hear ya! You're such a worrywart, Percy!
Percival: Humph. It's not you I'm worried about. It's the food we brought for everyone to eat.
Lancelot: You watch your step too, Percival! I don't want to get back in that line again.
Percival: Nonsense. I could carry all this blindfolded with no problem.
Lancelot: Ah! There's a huge crab by your foot!
Percival: What!
Lancelot: Ha-ha! I'm just kidding! Relax!
Percival: Lancelot, you jerk!
Vane: Whoa, whoa, whoa! No pushing, Percy!
Vane: And hurry, Lancey! He's on a warpath!
Lancelot: Ruuun!
The three meet up with the crew after navigating the crowd.
But just then Danua starts walking toward the shoreline.
Danua: Near...
Sara: Ah! Wait, Danua! Where are you going?
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says she wants to go closer to see the fireworks.
Gretel: Hey now! You'll get lost going off by yourself like that!
Lyria: Vyrn! Let's follow Danua and Sara!
Vyrn: All righty! Count me in!
Vyrn and Lyria follow the two girls to the shore.
Siegfried: Listen, you three. I've got a favor to ask.
Lancelot: What is it?
Siegfried: I know you just got here, but I don't want those kids out there alone. Would you mind going with them?
Vane: No problem! We'll do it!
Percival: Humph... If you're going then I have no choice, seeing as I'll be the only adult there.
Lancelot: All right, Vane! Sounds like patrol duty!
Vane: You got it, Lancey! Call me chief of the beach patrol!
Percival: Who cares about that! Let's hurry and catch up to my royal subjects before we lose sight of them.
The three leave to catch up to the others headed for the shore.
Only (Captain) is left, standing quietly in the sand with Siegfried.
Siegfried: Why don't we have a seat somewhere, (Captain)?
Siegfried finds a terrace nearby and sits down.
(Captain) silently sits down next to him.
With eyes cast down, (Captain) tries to think of something to talk about in hopes of breaking the clumsy quiet between them.
But it's then when (Captain) notices small drops of water falling slowly from the sleeve of Siegfried's yukata.
Tourist 1: Oh, my! The festival wasn't canceled after all!
Tourist 2: Yup. I heard a crab of war was causin' trouble offshore, so they were gonna call it all off.
Tourist 1: I wonder what made them suddenly change their minds...
Tourist 2: Well, I heard from a pyrotech that this guy showed up with a huge sword and split that sucker in half!
Tourist 1: You're kidding! Breaking a shell like that is no easy feat! Who could've done something like that?
Tourist 2: Who knows? Before he knew it, the guy had already left without sayin' who he was.
Having finally understood where he disappeared to, (Captain) turns to Siegfried to speak.
But just then a huge explosion of fireworks sounds off in the sky, bathing Siegfried in light. (Captain) can only stare in wonder.
Siegfried: Shhh...
Siegfried winks at (Captain) and holds a finger to his smiling lips.
  1. Our little secret, huh?

Choose: Our little secret, huh?

Siegfried: That's right... And I'm forever grateful to you.
With a warmth in his eyes, Siegfried watches the fireworks as well as the crew in the distance as they slowly draw near.
Siegfried: It's gorgeous, (Captain).
  1. It sure is...

Choose: It sure is...

(Captain) watches as the fireworks burst, burn out, and burst again.
Wishing with each flash of light for this moment never to end.