Scenario:Sig - Druga Pirates' Request

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Druga Pirates' Request

The Druga Pirates want Sig to experience the world outside of Yudhisthira but she refuses to leave. The crew is able to persuade her to join them, once the matter with Albacore has been settled.

(Captain) and company arrive at Yudhisthira Island expecting a peaceful vacation, but they are soon embroiled in a crisis that threatens the entire island.
As the fierce conflict continues, the crew is approached by some unexpected visitors.
Scallywag 1: Ah, there ye are. We know yer true skyfarers, so we gotta a favor to ask of ye.
Vyrn: Who's that? Oh, it's the Druga Pirates. The ones led by Sig.
Scallywag 2: Aye, that'd be us. We came to speak on behalf of the others.
Lyria: Um, what might that be? It seems that you have something on your mind.
Scallywag 1: I'll just say it. Will ye let the boss become a part of yer crew?
Lyria: Huh?
They speak passionately about their boss, and believe that she is meant for more than the mundane life of an island fisherman.
Scallywag 2: Deep down, the boss really wants to leave the island.
Sig: What nonsense are you two babbling about now?
Scallywag 2: Ack! Boss?
Sig: I knew you lot were hiding something from me. Whose idea was this?
Scallywag 1: Wait boss, we...
Sig: All of you are out of line! I decide what's best for me, end of discussion!
Sig: Now return to your posts!
The Drugas disperse immediately at Sig's sharp command.
Sig: What a headache. I'm sorry. I hope they didn't say anything unusual to you.
Lyria: Umm... Is it true that you want to leave Yudhisthira?
Sig: I don't have any particular reasons for wanting to leave.
Sig: I was born on this island, and I was raised on this island. My home isn't something I can leave behind so easily.
Sig: Still... I do wonder about the world outside of Yudhisthira sometimes.
Sig: So maybe I did give them the impression that I wanted to leave.
Lyria: Then why don't you come with us?
Sig: No, don't worry about it! This was just a small misunderstanding.
Sig: My life here is good enough for me.
Sig: Besides, I have yet to fulfill my destiny.
Sig: I can't leave this island until that matter has been resolved.
Scallywag 1: So if we beat Albacore, then ye can leave the island!
Sig: Huh? Why are you lot still here?
Scallywag 2: We're the Druga Pirates! Ain't no one prouder to have ye as a boss than us!
Scallywag 2: That's why we don't wanna hold ye back, Boss.
Sig: Humph, you lot are blunt as ever.
Sig: It's far too early for you to be worrying about your boss...
Sig: But it would be inconsiderate of me to ignore the feelings of my crew.
Sig: You're the captain, right? How about it, (Captain)? Will you let me join your crew?
  1. Of course!
  2. Welcome aboard.

Choose: Of course!

Sig: Well, you've reeled me in.

Choose: Welcome aboard.

Sig: With a response like that, I don't have a good reason to refuse, do I?
Lyria: Yay! So that means you're coming?
Sig: Aye. I'll make myself at home on your airship. Thanks for taking me in!
Vyrn: Hehe! Looks like the Drugas really admire Sig!
Sig: Those sea dogs never think before they act. Really now, how did it come to this?
Scallywag 1: Hehe... I'm pretty sure we take after ye, so...
Sig: Ahem. Anyway, I can't leave just yet.
Sig: My fate is still entwined with that cursed fish, and I must settle the score.
Sig: Will you and your crew lend me a hand, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Of course! That was our plan from the start! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) makes an unbreakable promise with Sig beneath the bright, blue sky.
The fight with primal beast Albacore would be resolved before they leave the island. But that's a tale for another time.