Scenario:Sig - The Wide Green Yonder

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The Wide Green Yonder

Sig and the crew settle down for a meal of bonito sashimi at a local tavern, but Sig informs the owner that it isn't bonito. Learning that the fake fish had been purchased from a traveling peddler, the crew ventures into the forest to confront the seller.

The crew disembarks on an island to fulfill a request by a client.
They finish the request without incident and go for a meal at a local tavern.
Sig: Great work today, everyone! We really nailed it!
Vyrn: Heheh! The village chief said he was glad he requested us for the job!
Lyria: Yeah! I'm glad we were able to resolve everything in the end!
Shopkeep: Welcome! Are y'all the airship crew I've heard so much about? Then everything's on the house!
Sig: Aye! Thank you, I can't wait!
Shopkeep: No problem! We have something good for y'all today!
The shopkeep eagerly slides dishes onto the table.
Sig: Oho!
Vyrn: Hmm? Is this some kind of meat? But it's raw!
Shopkeep: Hah hah hah! It's supposed to be. It's a type of seafood dish.
Lyria: Huh? This is fish?
Shopkeep: Yup. It's an Auguste specialty, y'see.
Sig: It's called sashimi. They slice the fish into bite-sized slices that you dip into sauce and eat.
Vyrn: Ooh, I see! This is a thing from Sig's hometown.
Lyria: Um... Is this black liquid the sauce?
Sig: Aye. Just lightly dip the fish in it and stuff the whole thing in your mouth!
Vyrn: Let's see... Mmm! I've never tasted anything like this before!
Lyria: Munch, munch... Ooh! What a unique flavor!
Sig: Now it's my turn. I'll have you know we fishers have very discerning tastes!
Sig: Let's have a taste... Munch...
Sig: Hm?
Shopkeep: Um, so what's the verdict? Does it stack up to home?
Sig: Mm, well, it's not bad exactly...
Sig: It's just... What kind of fish is this?
Shopkeep: Heh heh heh... I'm glad you asked!
Shopkeep: I should have known you would notice. This fish is of the highest quality! It is none other than bonito!
Lyria: Gasp! B-bonito?
Shopkeep: You got it. I bought it from a peddler who came into town recently.
Sig: Hm... A peddler, huh...
Sig: Tell me, did you know that bonito is a legendary giant fish that lurks in the seas of Auguste?
Shopkeep: Huh? Legendary? No, didn't know that. I'd only heard about it in passing...
Sig: I knew it... This fish isn't high quality at all. It's basically worthless.
Sig: What is this fish doing in this village? I don't know what you were told, but you were lied to.
Shopkeep: No... But I... It can't be!
Sig: To be fair, this one does look like a bonito, but it doesn't taste like the ocean.
Sig: Trust me. I know what I'm talking about.
Shopkeep: I-I can't believe it...
Sig: I'm sorry this happened to you. Do you know where we can find this peddler?
Shopkeep: Yeah. He should be in the forest to the north.
Sig: What do you say we pay this peddler a visit, (Captain)? The fisher in me isn't about to let this one go.
Vyrn: Let's go! Whoever they are, I don't like their style!
Lyria: Yes! I can't overlook this either!
Sig: All right! Then it looks like we've got a job to do!

The Wide Green Yonder: Scene 2

The crew finds out that the peddler has been selling monster meat that tastes like bonito for huge profits. Seized with righteous indignation as a fisher, Sig is prepared to punish the hostile peddler.

The crew heads deep into the forest. Soon they spot a suspicious figure.
Peddler: Heh heh heh... Yes, this will do nicely.
Sig: There he is. He must be the peddler.
Lyria: It looks like he's digging a hole.
Vyrn: Hm... Maybe it's some kinda trap. Is he hunting for animals or something?
Sig: I'm not sure. Let's just wait and see.
Peddler: Come on, right this way. That's it... Right into the hole...
Peddler: Tch... I don't got all day! Get over here!
Monster: Grrr...
Peddler: Yahoo! You fell for it!
Peddler: Guess I should be thanking you for making me rich! Eh, bonito?
Vyrn: What the? You're telling me that sashimi we had was actually that thing?
Lyria: Oh no! We really ate that caterpillar-looking monster?
Peddler: Hey! Who's out there?
Lyria: Oops! S-sorry...
Sig: Well, no use in hiding now.
You there. Explain yourself!
Sig: Do you intend to pass that monster's meat off as bonito? This is no laughing matter to a fisher such as myself.
Peddler: Humph. So you saw everything, did ya?
Peddler: Fine, you got me! But you'd better not steal my idea, ya? I thought of it first!
Vyrn: This ain't a joke, pal! What you're doing is fraud!
Peddler: Listen, I'm just spicing up people's lives a little! These country bumpkins have never tasted the real thing. You should be thanking me!
Lyria: That's not right! You're lying to them!
Peddler: Hah hah hah! It's their fault for getting tricked!
Peddler: Now then, enough talk! I'll turn you people into sashimi too!
Sig: This guy's rotten to the core. Let's get him, (Captain)!

The Wide Green Yonder: Scene 3

Sig uses the monster meat to make a special dish known only to fishers for the despondent shopkeep. The amazing flavor restores his confidence, so much so that he adds it to his menu.

Upon returning to the village, the crew decides to tell the shopkeep the truth of the matter.
Shopkeep: Huh? It was monster meat?
Sig: Sorry you had to find out this way. But we got your money back at least. Here.
Shopkeep: Thanks. I can't believe I put so much effort into preparing a monster dish... Haha! Guess I'm certainly gonna be a laughingstock.
Vyrn: Aw, don't let it get you down, mister!
Lyria: Is there anything we can help you with?
Shopkeep: Hm? Oh, no, don't worry about me. I'm just a bit tired right now.
Shopkeep: Sigh...
Sig: What's with that attitude? Quit acting like you're going down with the ship!
Sig: I didn't go through all this trouble just to make you feel bad about it!
Sig: On the contrary! Now that you know what you're working with, don't you think you could make a more suitable dish?
Shopkeep: What?
Sig: For example... No, you know what? It'd take too long to explain. I'm going to borrow your kitchen!
Sig: Heh heh... This is perfect!
Vyrn: Hey, hey, you never told us you could cook.
Sig: Of course I can. I cook on the ship when I'm out fishing. This is easy compared to that.
Sig: All right! It's done! Dig in, everyone!
Shopkeep: Whoa! This is delicious! What is it?
Sig: This monster tastes like bonito, but the meat isn't as firm.
Sig: So when you've got softer meat, the best way to prepare it is to mince it, mix well with condiments, and you're done.
Sig: Where I'm from, we call this tuna salad!
Lyria: Nom, nom... Thish ish—nom—shooo good! Who knew a—chomp—monshter could be so tashty!
Vyrn: This is incredible! I'm impressed, Sig! You're not the sea slug I took you for!
Sig: What was that? Are you volunteering to be in the next dish?
Vyrn: Nooo! It was a joke! A joke!
Shopkeep: Hah hah hah! I never would've thought up a dish like this. Color me surprised.
Shopkeep: Thank you. I feel like I've gotten some of my confidence back.
Sig: No problem! And don't forget, tons of those monsters live in the forest. You can make all the tuna salad you want!
Sig: I'll give you the recipe. Just remember me once you make it big!
Shopkeep: You got it!
Years later tuna salad, known previously only to fishermen, would become a worldwide craze.
Sig would go on to gain fame in select circles for her role in introducing tuna salad to the masses.