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Sonorous Ring

Silva and Lyria discuss Silva's past on the deck of the Grandcypher. Their conversation is abruptly interrupted by an encroaching monster swarm.

(Captain) and the crew are continuing their search for the great primal beasts aboard the Grandcypher.
Lyria: It looks like it's going to be a while until we reach the next island, (Captain).
Lyria: Huh? I wonder why Silva's sitting on the deck by herself?
Lyria: Silva, are you all right?
Silva: Hm? Something I can help you with, Lyria?
Lyria: Um, well, you were just sitting down on the deck here. So...
Silva: Oh! Sorry if I worried you. I've just been adjusting my rifle.
Silva: I thought I would take advantage of the fresh air and all of this space on deck.
Lyria: Oh, so that's what you're up to! Your gun's all in pieces...
Silva: I've dismantled it for cleaning. It's dangerous, so be careful not to touch it.
Lyria: Okay! Wow, so this is what the inside of a gun looks like!
Silva: This little beaut was custom-made for me. Got it from the master at this workshop I used to frequent.
Silva: Thanks to its special mechanism, it fires further and hits harder than any normal rifle.
Lyria: Now that you mention it, I guess I've never seen a gun as large as yours.
Silva: It's top quality, even among other customized pieces. See? Look here—the craftsmanship is exceptional.
Silva: After I had to leave Ravi Island that workshop took good care of me.
Lyria: Oh. They must be like a second family to you.
Silva: Family, huh? I guess you could say that.
Silva: Heh-heh. The master has two daughters, and the older one is excellent with designs. She helped a lot with this rifle's blueprint.
Silva: And the younger daughter, well, I guess she's about your age, Lyria.
Silva: When she was a toddler, she'd trail her older sister around everywhere. She was so cute.
Lyria: They sound like sweet sisters!
Silva: Yeah, we all had a good time together. I was really happy they took me in. It made being cut off from my own family just a little easier.
Silva: I hope they're all doing all right... The master, his wife, and those two sisters...
Lyria: When we have some time, let's go visit them at the workshop!
Silva: Yeah. It must seem ungrateful, all this time and no contact. Aaand there you have it, an assembled rifle.
Lyria: Wow! You put that complicated thing together even while we were talking!
Silva: Compliments embarrass me. You just get a knack for these kinds of things over time, Lyria.
Silva: I used to be careless, so gun maintenance would always take a lot of...
Silva: ...
Lyria: Silva? Is something wrong?
Silva: (Captain)! Lyria! Look over there! A large swarm of monsters!
They see something like a fuzzy black dot in the distant sky.
Lyria: Huh? That's a swarm of monsters?
Silva: I'm certain of it! And at our current pace, they're going to cut straight across our path!
Lyria: This is bad! We have to turn!
The crew tries to alter the Grandcypher's course, but the creatures approach with unanticipated speed.
Monster: Graagh!
Vyrn: Wh-whoa! They're already this close?
Silva: Evasion is out of the question now. There's no other choice.
Silva positions her rifle toward the encroaching swarm.
Vyrn: Snipes, what are you doin'! It doesn't matter how good you are, what's one gunner gonna do against that entire pack?
Silva: ...
Silva: Got you!
A bullet bursts out of Silva's rifle, finding its way into the center of the monster swarm. It cuts past air, wing, and limb until finally burying itself deep in the flesh of the most imposing monster.
Almost instantaneously the swarm loses momentum as swaths of monsters scatter in all directions.
Vyrn: Huh? Wh-what just happened?
Silva: I injured the swarm's alpha. The rest of the pack will be temporarily confused.
Silva: Now's our chance, (Captain)! Let's head for a nearby island!

Sonorous Ring: Scene 2

After clearing their way through the monsters, (Captain)'s crew land the ship on a nearby island.

The monsters continued their erratic and confused swarming, giving (Captain) and the crew a chance to land on a nearby island.
Vyrn: Yeesh! The skies are overrun with 'em!
Silva: Facing that many—things could turn ugly...
Silva: For now let's get somewhere safe. I spotted a town while we were landing. Come!
Vyrn: Geez, you have some serious concentration skills! Spottin' a town while fighting monsters!
Lyria: Your eyes are so sharp! You really are amazing, Silva!
Silva: Not really. Compared to Tweyen, my skills are nothing impressive.
Silva: That girl is far more... Nevermind, let's save the chatting for later.
Silva: (Captain), the monster swarm is starting to re-form. Let's proceed with caution.

Sonorous Ring: Scene 3

Arriving at a town, the crew learns that monsters swarm over the island during their migratory season. The townspeople normally repel the swarms by ringing a bell, but this year the monsters appeared unexpectedly early. The party decides to ring the bell in place of the townspeople.

(Captain) and the crew head to the next town, careful to avoid a head-on confrontation with the monster swarm.
Vyrn: Phew! We sure had it tough back there!
Silva: Yes, but we made it here with no serious injuries.
Townsman: Are you folk from the airship that touched down just now?
Silva: That's right. We ran into a giant swarm of monsters.
Townsman: How awful! The skies above this island serve as migration paths for those creatures around this season, you see.
Townsman: That's why we don't travel in airships until the season's over.
Lyria: Is that so? I suppose we should have gotten more information before coming here.
Townsman: Under normal circumstances we'd ring the bell on top of the hill to chase off the creatures.
Vyrn: A bell?
Townsman: Yes. Since the monsters dislike the sound, we use it as a repellant.
Townsman: But this time, the migration came earlier than we thought—too quick for the bell keeper to get to the bell tower.
Silva: Once the swarms arrive it must be difficult to reach that tower safely.
Townsman: Exactly. I'm afraid this time, we had no choice but to take shelter in our homes until the danger passed.
Townsman: However the largest swarm has yet to come, so there's no guarantee we'll be safe inside our homes from now on...
Silva: In other words this current swarm is merely a vanguard.
Silva: If a larger swarm comes later, it could put the Grandcypher at risk.
Vyrn: More monsters, more problems...
Silva: We should pay a visit to the bell tower. What do you think, (Captain)?
Silva: We'll be able to handle the current amount of monsters as we head toward the bell tower.
Silva: Repelling the main force before they even arrive seems like the most logical course of action.
  1. Right on! Let's head for that tower!
  2. Or we could just chill in the ship?

Choose: Right on! Let's head for that tower!
Townsman: Really? Of course the town will do something to repay you!
Vyrn: Oh, yeah? Sounds like rupies to my ears!
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Choose: Or we could just chill in the ship?
Silva: Well... Of course that's one option...
Silva: However, we also have to consider our food reserves. I think it would be best to deal with the situation directly.
Lyria: You're right, Silva. We can do it, (Captain)!
Continue 1
Silva: Let's go, (Captain). The sooner, the better!

Sonorous Ring: Scene 4

The monster swarm is bearing down on the island when Silva saves the day with her quick thinking. A banquet is thrown in her honor, but all of the sudden praise reveals the sniper's bashful side.

Lyria: Wow... This isn't even all of the monsters, and there are already so many.
Silva: Yes. Even staying inside would provide little shelter against this many.
Vyrn: We've gotta hurry up, ring that thing, and drive 'em off quick!
Lyria: Just a little farther to the bell tower! Huh? Black clouds? Is it about to rain?
Silva: No! Not clouds! That's the main force!
A massive corps of monsters is approaching in the distance, their sheer numbers blanketing the skies.
Lyria: L-let's hurry! We have to ring the bell and scare them away!
Vyrn: Faster! We have to make it in time!
Silva: Wait.
Lyria: Silva!
The sniper begins to load her rifle with an unusual bullet.
Vyrn: Sniper, no sniping! We're not gonna make it in time!
Silva: No, we're close enough already!
Silva draws a breath, takes aim, and pulls the trigger.
Lyria: ...!
A single heartbeat later the bullet strikes the bell, emitting a sonorous ring.
Rebuffed by the sound, the monster swarm scatters and flees.
Vyrn: Y-you gotta be kiddin' me!
Silva: Phew... I was worried about hitting the correct angle to maximize the ringing, but it looks like it went well.
Vyrn: I'm runnin' out of words to describe you... You're too amazing!
Vyrn: Even after getting this close, that bell looks like the same size as an apple! How'd you hit it?
Silva: Heh-heh... I won't pretend I'm not proud of that shot, but it's still a little too early for praise.
Silva: We won't stop the swarm just by sounding the bell once. I'll bet they'll be back before long.
Silva: Let's clear a way to the bell tower and then go back for the bell keeper.
Lyria: Yes. Everyone be careful! Let's go, (Captain)!
The crew arrives at the bell tower. Silva takes guard in the belfry while the rest of the crew escorts the bell keeper from town.
Repelled by the bell, the growing monster swarm was unable to descend. It passed harmlessly over the island without causing any trouble.
Silva: Phew... What a relief. We got through that more or less unscathed.
Lyria: Yes! Thank goodness the townspeople and our ship are all right.
Vyrn: Yeah, all thanks to Snipes and her quick wit!
Silva: Really it was nothing.
Lyria: Of course it was! If you hadn't rung the bell at that exact time, I hate to think what could have happened.
Townsman: Allow us to give our thanks too. We would never have made it without you.
Vyrn: Way to go, Snipes!
Silva: Oh, well, um... You know, I...
Lyria: Huh? Silva, your face is bright red!
Silva: I-I'm not deserving of such praise...
Vyrn: Whaaaat? Of course you are!
Silva: (Captain), not you too! Y-you're embarrassing me!
Silva: Being praised like this after a tense moment... I don't know—it just makes me self-conscious.
Lyria: Hee hee! You're blushing, Silva. It's so cute!
Silva: Even Lyria's jumping in now! Is everyone making fun of me?
Vyrn: Hehe! Not at all! Right, (Captain)?
Silva: Oh really?
Vyrn: Hehe! You know what? We should throw a party! We can spend all night talking about how great Silva is!
Silva: H-hey now! I knew it! You are making fun of me, aren't you!
Silva: Listen, you shouldn't make fun of grown-ups! You hear me?
That night at the banquet, Vyrn recounts Silva's great deeds to the townsfolk, deeds that would grow to become legendary.
As Silva passes from table to table, people adorn her with accolades. This treatment causes the blushing sniper to lose her stern battlefield demeanor.
And while the remainder of Silva's journey with the Grandcypher crew would continue to temper her attitude, the sniper's trigger finger would be forever ready for the next target.