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Steadfast Sniper

(Captain) and the crew team up with a famed sniper, Silva, to take out a swarm of monsters. After completing their joint mission, imperial soldiers appear, causing the party to flee. Silva aids them in their escape but gets swept up in the commotion herself.

(Captain)'s crew accepted a quest from the Knickknack Shack and went to a town that needed defending from a swarm of monsters.
Immediately after arriving the crew is approached by Silva, a sniper hired for the same job.
Vyrn: Watch out, (Captain)! Behind you!
Monster: Graagh!
Silva: Over here!
Vyrn: Phew! You saved us right there! Thanks, Snipes!
Lyria: (Captain)! Are you hurt?
Lyria: Thank goodness everyone's all right! Come on, (Captain). We're nearly done!
(Captain) and the crew dispatch the remaining monsters with Silva's help.
Town Mayor: Thank you, all of you! The town is now safe thanks to you! We were close to just packing up and moving out...
Town Mayor: We don't have much to give you as thanks, but at the very least please stay for a while and rest.
Townswoman: While you were gone we prepared a feast, so please eat to your heart's content!
Lyria: Wow, it all looks so delicious! Thank you so much.
Silva: The town needs to focus on repairs. Under these circumstances I couldn't accept such a lavish meal.
Town Mayor: Nonsense! It's nothing compared to what you have done for our little town.
Town Mayor: And you, skyfarers, we can't thank you enough for your quick aid!
Vyrn: Everybody needs a little help when they're in trouble! Just glad (Captain) and I made it in time!
Town Mayor: It's good to know there are still good people out there. We can't thank you enough!
Silva: Wherever I am needed, that is where you will find me. Helping people is what I do.
Vyrn: Yeah, Snipes here even got us out of a sticky situation!
Silva: Your crew divided the monsters. They were easy targets once they were separated.
Lyria: Silva, you were incredible! You didn't miss a single shot!
Townswoman: Well, ya know—Silva is said to be the best shot in all the skies!
Vyrn: I can believe it! Seeing you in action was awesome!
Silva: And yet I'm nothing compared to the Eternals.
Lyria: The Eternals?
Town Mayor: Ah, looks like the next course is coming out now. Be sure to get it while it's hot!
Vyrn: Don't worry, we will!
More and more townsfolk crowd into the hall, creating a much more festive mood.
Silva: I see. So, (Captain), you are looking for a route to Estalucia to search for your father.
Vyrn: Exactly! Some people say it's stupid to look for him, but if anyone can find him, it's (Captain)!
Silva: Sounds like an impossible dream...
But that's nothing to be ashamed of. I too am called reckless for pursuing my goal.
Silva: But I will do anything to challenge the greatest archer the skies have ever known—Tweyen.
Lyria: Silva...
Townswoman: E-everyone! Imperial soldiers! Soldiers from the empire are coming!
Vyrn: What!
Silva: Imperial soldiers!
The townsfolk rush to (Captain), Silva, and the others to tell them of the approaching soldiers.
Town Mayor: We'll hold them off. Skyfarers, you should get out of town and head back to your airship!
Vyrn: Thanks for coverin' for us! We'll repay you one day!
Town Mayor: It's the least we can do. Safe skies ahead!
Lyria: Please don't put yourselves in any danger!
Townswoman: Skyfarers, this way! You can get out through the back!
(Captain) and the crew sneak through the town hidden by a throng of townsfolk.
Imperial Soldier: Hmph! They snuck away! Good thing we split up to cover more ground!
Vyrn: Argh! Imperials came this way too?
Lyria: The Grandcypher is on the other side of that bridge, (Captain)! Let's hurry!
Imperial Soldier: Haaalt!
After them!
(Captain) and the crew manage to cross the suspension bridge, the soldiers hot on their heels.
Imperial Soldier: A bullet! Where'd it come from!
Lyria: Look! The bridge is going to collapse!
Imperial Soldier: R-retreat! Retreat!
Vyrn: Let's get on the Grandcypher! Come on, (Captain), quick!
With the confused imperial soldiers retreating in the background, (Captain) and the crew safely board the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: We're not out of the woods just yet! Still gotta prepare for lift off!
The crew is frantically prepping the Grandcypher for a quick departure when a familiar face appears.
Silva: Sorry to startle you! Care if I come aboard?
Lyria: Silva! We're about to lift off. Hurry and get on!
Silva hurries on board, and the airship ascends into the sky.
Silva: I apologize for my brusqueness. Those imperial soldiers were harder to evade than I had expected.
Vyrn: You ran into them too...
W-wait! You were the one who shot the bridge down?
Silva: Yes. They were on horseback, so I knew they wouldn't be able to pursue you with the bridge out of the picture.
Silva: Normally they would have given up, but these soldiers were quite persistent. I barely managed to evade detection.
Lyria: We're sorry. If you hadn't stayed behind to help us escape, you wouldn't have had to deal with the soldiers.
Silva: No need to apologize. I acted of my own accord.
Vyrn: Feels like you got more to say than that!
Silva: Um... You're all such nice children. It was only natural to worry about you.
Silva: Sigh. But actually I have my own reasons to oppose the empire.
Lyria: Huh?
Silva: You see, I was born on Ravi Island in the great city of Mephorash.
Silva: I had to leave home to pursue my dream of becoming a sniper...
Silva: But while I was gone, the Erste Empire set up a blockade on Ravi Island. Returning home was not an option after that.
Silva: That's why I can't pass up a chance to scare the hell out of imperials when the opportunity presents itself.
Vyrn: Argh! Just thinkin' about not bein' able to go home chafes my tail!
Silva: You said it. I can't even contact my family. I was hoping that if I gain a bit of a reputation that they could at least hear news of me.
Silva: But I guess I'll need to pause that dream and hang up my rifle temporarily.
Vyrn: What? Why? With an eye like yours, Snipes, I'm sure you got people linin' up to hire you!
Silva: After picking a fight with the imperials? Hah.
Silva: I'm going to need to lay low for awhile until they stop looking for me.
  1. Let them come! We'll take them all!
  2. We're sorry for getting you involved.

Choose: Let them come! We'll take them all!

Silva: What? (Captain), have you misplaced your common sense?
Vyrn: Haha! Well it's true that joining us is not a good way to hide from the empire!
Silva: Do you mean to suggest I become one of your crew?
Vyrn: We'd love to have you and that impressive trigger finger, Snipes!
Silva: An interesting proposition...
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Choose: We're sorry for getting you involved.

Lyria: Yes. It is our fault that you can't continue to work...
Silva: Really, I acted of my own accord.
Hm, what was that, (Captain)?
Silva: Work with you? Well, if I'm going to be watched by the empire from now on, it would certainly be better to have allies.
Silva: I can't argue with that logic.

Continue 1

Silva: Fine. I'll accompany you on your journey to Estalucia.
Silva: (Captain), I can tell this is going to be an interesting trip. Make sure you put my rifle to good use.
Lyria: I feel better having you with us already, Silva!
Vyrn: Heheh! Hey, weren't we in the middle of a celebration before the commotion with the soldiers?
Vyrn: Let's give the party another shot—now that Snipes is with us!
And thus the famed sniper Silva found herself a part of the Grandcypher crew.
Although challenges would arise from her incorporation, the crew would quickly grow to appreciate the sheer scope of this sniper's skills.