Scenario:Silva - The Face of a Sniper

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The Face of a Sniper

Unable to find Cucouroux and Camieux's uncle, Dan, Silva enlists the aid of Tweyen. After locating him, Silva engages in a drinking contest. In her inebriated state, she confesses to Tweyen how deeply she feels about her and the crew.

Silva: Not here either...
The Miners' Association, which sells metals to the various workshops, begins increasing prices to an outrageous degree.
At a loss, the guilds decide to create a new alloy for trading with the association.
The man appointed to spearhead its creation is none other than Cucouroux and Camieux's uncle, Dan, who resides in Valtz.
Silva: Where in the skies did Dan go...
Although Dan is not known for being a bad person, he does have indolent habits.
Today he has decided to go into hiding.
Silva: Everyone at the foundry is waiting for him... Cucouroux... (Captain)...
Silva: ...
Silva: I don't have another choice... I'll rendezvous with her first and have her help me.
Silva climbs a tower which gives her a full view of the city, draws her knife, and bathes it in sunlight.
Silva: Haha... I haven't used this trick in a while.
She lets light reflect off the blade while focusing it on various parts of Valtz.
Moments later, she spots a light like her own flickering in the distance.
Silva: She always was fast to pick up on my signal.
The two use the light to communicate their locations. This is a mode of contact that only they employ.
Tweyen not in crew

Before Silva appears a woman who floats in the air using powerful flight magic.
???: Haha... We haven't communicated like that in a while.
Tweyen is a crew member

Tweyen appears before Silva.
Tweyen: It's been so long since you've used that, Silva.
Silva: True. I thought it appropriate for the occasion.
Tweyen is one of the Eternals—a group whose members each specialize in one of the ten weapons. Tweyen wields the bow.
I'm heading to Valtz, so would you like to enjoy a meal together?
Tweyen not in crew

After writing this letter, Silva sent it to Tweyen.
Tweyen is a crew member

After writing this letter, Silva left it in Tweyen's room on the Grandcypher.
Tweyen: So many memories come rushing back. Memories of how we met and the things we've done...
Silva: Really...
Tweyen: Yes...
These two are lifelong companions who at times fight long, hard battles with each other.
With the two face-to-face, those days long forgotten now come back to both of them just like it was yesterday.
Tweyen & Silva: So...
Tweyen & Silva: I...
Tweyen: You go ahead.
Silva: No, please. Tell me what you need to.
Tweyen: I really insist that you go first...
Silva: I... I didn't just ask you out to eat. I need your help.
Silva: But before I give you the details, please tell me what you wanted to say...
Tweyen: You have a favor to ask me?
Tweyen: Wait... Go on, please. I don't have anything important to say anyways.
Silva: All right...
Silva explains why she has come to Valtz and describes what Dan looks like in detail.
Silva: I've looked everywhere, but I can't find him. I was hoping you could assist me with your extraordinary eyesight.
Tweyen: Of course. Leave it to me.
Silva: I'm sorry about asking for your help when all you were expecting was a meal with me.
Tweyen: Don't worry about it. This won't require me to do anything beyond looking around anyways.
The awkwardness that plagued them moments ago vanishes. This seems to relax Tweyen as she gazes across town.
Her eyes are special. They allow her to see far beyond what any normal person can.
Tweyen: There is a man who matches the description you gave me.
Tweyen: Oh no! He's just entered a tavern.
Silva: A tavern?
Tweyen: He's not sitting in any seat that I can see from this angle.
Silva: All right. Thank you, Tweyen.
Tweyen: Hehe... It was nothing. Are you going after him?
Silva: Yes...
Silva: I'll be right back. I'm sorry to make you wait here, but it'll only be for a minute.
Tweyen: Oh... No problem! I'll just be here then...
Tweyen walks with Silva down the tower to see her off.
Tweyen: (Maybe it's because of the knife... But all these memories suddenly coming back to me is making me nervous.)
Tweyen: (When Silva comes back, this time I'll tell her exactly how I feel...)
Tweyen: (I can't let this opportunity go to waste... Not when we get to be all alone...)
Tweyen: I can't...
The resolved Tweyen stares at the far-off tavern and waits for Silva's return.
Tweyen: I wonder if something's happened to Silva... From her casual tone, it sounded like she'd be back real soon...
Tweyen: Is she in some kind of trouble...
Tweyen grows worried and decides to head to the bar in search of Silva.
Tweyen: I hope she won't be mad I didn't keep my word...
Tweyen peeps into the window of the tavern.
Tweyen: Gasp!
Silva lies face down on a table in the tavern. Sitting across from her is a man who looks panicked.
Between the two is a large empty pitcher knocked sideways in such a way as to paint a full, yet bleak story.
Uncle Dan: S-Silva... Are you okay?
Silva: Yesh... I'm... Hiccup... Fine...
Silva: Gimme... more...
Uncle Dan: Hell no! You're dead drunk.
Uncle Dan: And why do you keep drinking when I've already said you win?
Silva: ...
Silva: Huh? Oh... Hiccup... Fine...
Uncle Dan: Phew...
Silva: We'll need... Hiccup... One more round to... Settle this...
Uncle Dan: I just said you won. Can you even hear me anymore?
Silva: Huh? Oh... Hiccup... Fine... I heard ya...
Silva: But we'll just need... Hiccup... One more round to... Call it...
Uncle Dan: Damn it! You're spilling it!
Uncle Dan: Sigh... This is pretty bad...
Tweyen: Silva, are you okay?
Uncle Dan: Hm? Would you happen to be a friend?
Tweyen: I... Yes! I am.
Uncle Dan: Great! That's exactly what I needed.
Uncle Dan: We, uh... were trying to settle something and ended up having a drinking contest.
Uncle Dan: But as you can see, she's out of it. And I can't just go walking around with her like this... What would people think, ya know?
Tweyen: A drinking contest? Silva does that?
Uncle Dan: Y-yeah... It was all her idea too!
Tweyen: I... see.
Tweyen: I think I understand what's going on now. Let me take her.
Tweyen: I see you've had your fair share of drinks as well. Can you make it home alone?
Uncle Dan: Yeah. I'll be fine. Just a little wobbly is all.
Tweyen: All right. Please be careful.
Uncle Dan: Sure thing. Thanks for worrying about me too.
Uncle Dan: This is the first time I've met one of Silva's friends.
Uncle Dan: Please take good care of her.
Tweyen: I will. You can rest assured I will get her home safely.
Uncle Dan: Oh, I'm not talking about just tonight. I mean, be a good friend to her as long as you can.
Tweyen: Huh?
Uncle Dan: You were worried about Silva and came to check up on her, right?
Uncle Dan: She's a strong one and so everyone thinks she can hold her own no matter what.
Uncle Dan: But you came to see if she needed help. That shows me how much you care about her.
Tweyen: ...
Uncle Dan: Just be good to her.
Tweyen not in crew

Dan tells Tweyen where the foundry is and then takes his unbalanced leave.
Tweyen is a crew member

Dan takes his unbalanced leave.
Tweyen: How much I care...
Tweyen not in crew

Tweyen: Silva, come on. You have to go back to your crew, right?
Silva: Cr... ew...
Tweyen is a crew member

Tweyen: Silva, come on. You have to get back to (Captain), right?
Silva: (Captain)...
Silva: I really do... Hiccup... Owe (Captain)... so much...
Tweyen: Huh?
Silva: A chance meeting... that led to a warm welcome... (Captain) always supports me...
Silva: Haha... That's not all... Everyday on that ship is full of fun... Like when I lived with the gunsmiths...
Tweyen: Silva...
Silva: The gunsmiths... Hiccup... Cucouroux, Camieux... My precious...
Silva shares the names of the two she considers her sisters.
Silva: That brings back memories... of when we first met... They were so small...
Silva: Cucouroux is a hard worker... Just so positive... She lights up everyone around her...
Tweyen: Is that so?
Silva speaks as if in a dream state, and Tweyen pulls up a chair to sit across from her.
Silva: Camieux... Is such an innocent... Hiccup... good child...
Silva: She always looks out for others... She always knows when one of us is down...
Tweyen: Sniff... You love them both, don't you, Silva?
Silva: Yeah...
Tweyen: How honest...
Silva: For them... I need to get Da—
Silva: Gasp!
Silva: Dan! Where is Dan!
Silva tries to stand suddenly, and Tweyen catches her as she stumbles.
Tweyen: I-it's fine, Silva. He just left alone earlier. I'm sure he's already arrived at the foundry.
Silva: Really?
Silva: Hm? Tweyen? When did... you get here?
Tweyen: Just a moment ago. I became worried since you didn't come back.
Silva: Oh... I'm sorry... Now you're worrying about me again...
Tweyen: Again?
As if drained of energy, Silva lets her arms fall to the table.
Silva: You're someone I aspire to. Hoping to approach your level of combat prowess, I challenged you...
Tweyen: Right... And you won that battle.
Silva: But not the war!
Silva: I'll never be able to use that trick again! It was just a gamble that went in my favor! I can't ever use that hand again!
Silva: Beating you like that... doesn't prove I'm better than you...
Silva: Yet you... Even after the battle... you're still so good to me...
Tweyen: Silva... is that how you really feel...
Silva: ...
Tweyen: Silva?
Silva: ...
Tweyen: You feeling okay? Have some more water...
Silva: ...
Tweyen: Is she asleep... Hmm... Maybe I should wait a little bit.
Tweyen: Hehe... Maybe I'll just have a small bite to eat.
Tweyen: It's not every day I get to watch Silva sleeping.
Tweyen lends Silva a shoulder to lean on, and the two head toward the alloy foundry where (Captain) and the crew await them.
Camieux: Hey! Sis is back! And she's with Tweyen!
Lyria: Oh good! I was worried!
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong with Snipes?
Silva: ...
Cucouroux: Sis, you feel okay?
Tweyen: Silva's fine...
Tweyen explains what occurred at the tavern, including her run-in with Dan.
Cucouroux: Oh... So Sis went through all that trouble for the foundry...
Tweyen: Hehe... She did all that for you and Camieux. And I don't think she would call it trouble.
Cucouroux: Huh?
Tweyen: I'm sure of it.
Tweyen turns to (Captain).
Tweyen not in crew

Tweyen: Are you the leader? Silva had a few things to say about this crew.
Tweyen is a crew member

Tweyen: Silva had a few things to say about our crew.
Tweyen tells (Captain) all the good things Silva had mentioned about the crew.
Lyria: Every day is full of fun? I didn't know she felt that way.
Tweyen: She does. She appreciates all of you.
  1. We have fun with her too!
  2. We're the ones who appreciate her.

Choose: We have fun with her too!
Lyria: We sure do! Silva's company makes things more enjoyable!
Lyria: And I really love the tea she serves!
Vyrn: She rocks!
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Choose: We're the ones who appreciate her.
Tweyen: Hm?
Vyrn: Here, here. Snipes just makes things more fun.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Snipes is amazing! Especially when it comes to reading the wind and plant trivia. She knows lots of stuff!
Cucouroux: That's 'cause Sis needs to know everything there is to about shooting.
Cucouroux: All those stories she's told about the missions she's done have really been useful to hear. She's a pro through and through.
Camieux: Yeah! Sis's stories are always a great way to learn new stuff!
Tweyen not in crew

Tweyen: Hehe... I see. Then the feeling is mutual.
Tweyen is a crew member

Tweyen: Hehe... Good point. Then the feeling is mutual.
Vyrn: Hm? What do you mean?
Tweyen: Oh, it's nothing. I just understand how much you all care for Silva.
The crew all nod in agreement. Nothing could be more true.
Lyria: We really do love Silva!
Tweyen: Hehe... I'm glad to hear that.
Tweyen not in crew

Tweyen: All right then, I'm off.
Camieux: Really? Already?
Tweyen: Yes. I'm happy to have seen Silva after all this time. Let her know that.
Tweyen: With Silva in this state, she probably won't remember anything come morning.
Silva: Mph... Tweyen...
Tweyen: Hehe...
Tweyen glances once more at Silva before leaving the foundry almost reluctantly.
Tweyen is a crew member

Tweyen: With Silva in this state, she probably won't remember anything come morning.
Silva: Mph... Tweyen...
Tweyen: Hehe...
Tweyen glances once more at Silva before giggling softly.
Silva: Hm?
The next day Silva awakens in the foundry.
Silva: ...
While Tweyen was under the impression that Silva would not remember anything about the night before, she was wrong.
Silva: ...!
What have I done!
Silva recalls every word she said to Tweyen and begins to feel her stomach knot painfully.
Silva: How could I do that... I wish I could forget it all...
Silva reflects on the fact that she confessed how much she cares for Tweyen.
All her feelings were out in the open.
There were however some parts of her memory after leaving the bar that were causing her to draw a blank.
Silva: M-morning... (Captain)... Everyone...
Silva: ...
Silva: (Captain), I have a question... Last night... did I do anything inappropriate?
Silva: My memory is a little hazy...
  1. Nothing in particular...
  2. You went crazy!

Choose: Nothing in particular...
Silva: R-really? Thank goodness...
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Choose: You went crazy!
Silva: What!
Vyrn: Haha! It's a joke! (Captain), go easy on her.
Silva: A j-joke... Thank goodness...
Continue 2
Tweyen not in crew

Silva: (But... How am I supposed to face Tweyen the next time we meet...)
Tweyen is a crew member

Silva: (But... How am I supposed to face Tweyen when I see her...)
Silva: (Oh no... I get embarrassed so easily that I'm going to be as red as one of Vyrn's apples!)
Silva: (I know... I'll use my training as a sniper to calm my emotions and slow my heartbeat.)
Cucouroux: Morning, Sis! How ya feeling?
Camieux: Sis, good morning! Thanks for going to look for our uncle!
Silva: Morning, you two. I'm sorry I got back so late.
Cucouroux: Not a probl—
Cucouroux: Hm?
Camieux: Uh... Sis, is something wrong? Your face is bright red.
Silva: ...!
Cucouroux: Maybe the alcohol is still in your system. Why don't you lie down?
Silva: It's not that...
Camieux: Don't push yourself too hard!
Silva: (Urgh... Damn... As their role model, I have to put a better foot forward...)
Silva: (Tweyen... I still have much room for improvement... I'm no match for you...)
While Silva is known as one the best snipers in all the skies, she has no one she can confide these worries to. All she is left with is silent rumination.