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To Overcome Regret

While on a mission to protect a government official, Silva helps a city mount a defense against an approaching onslaught. Tweyen appears and unleashes her colossal power, surprising Silva and causing the sniper to call Tweyen a monster.

After completing their assignments for the day, (Captain) and the crew retire to the Grandcypher for the night.
Silva: ...
Silva is dreaming about an escort assignment she once undertook for an important client from Ravi Island.
Tweyen: Guarding a minister from Ravi, huh? Sounds like a serious job.
Silva: Yep. If I pull it off, they'll be talking about me in Ravi for sure. I'll finally be able to show my face back home.
Silva: I'll protect that minister no matter what. All my training as a sniper is finally going to pay off.
Silva parts from her best friend Tweyen and heads out to continue her assignment.
The sniper successfully brings the minister to his destination, but in the distance a frenzied, black cloud begins to ominously cover the sky.
Silva: (I can't see the beasts through my scope, but I can already smell them. Just how many are there?)
Silva is hit by a pungent stench as the footsteps of countless monsters rock the earth.
Silva: (I refuse to betray the trust of the people who sent me here by letting anything happen to the minister.)
Silva: (And even if I fail him, the least I can do is die trying. At least then I'll have my pride.)
Silva: (I'm so sorry, Camieux, Cucouroux... and Tweyen. We might never meet again.)
Silva: ...
Silva: (All right, come and get me! Just see what happens when you get into this gunner's range!)
Silva stares into the scope, not moving a muscle, and awaits her chance.
Something suddenly moves in Silva's peripheral vision, and she sees a ray of light streak over her head and pierce the ground in the distance.
Silva: ...?
More rays of light follow, and the area Silva is aiming at is gradually stained red.
Silva: Those look like Tweyen's magic arrows! But where's she firing from?
Silva turns to look for her friend, but Tweyen is nowhere to be found.
She stands there in stunned silence, watching the arrows shred the monsters.
Silva: I can't believe how strong you are, Tweyen... To think you can hit targets farther away than even this scope can see...
Silva: So you were too timid to show even me just how strong you really are?
Silva mutters as she watches arrows of light continue to streak over her head.
Silva: Ha-ha... What was I thinking?
Silva: I obviously couldn't have done anything against that many monsters. That must be why she came.
Silva can only watch as, well beyond her range, the ground is covered in blood.
Silva: Such devastating power...
Silva finally spots Tweyen, scarcely more than a speck of dust in the distance, and continues muttering to herself.
Silva: So this is what you were talking about...
Silva: The power of a monster...
The arrow fired as Silva mutters this veers off in an unexpected direction.
Silva: No way... Tweyen missed?
The barrage of magical arrows suddenly stops.
Silva: Don't tell me...
Silva: Did she see me? Did she read my lips?
Silva: Wait, Tweyen! That's not what I meant at all!
Silva screams desperately at her friend, but the sound of cannon fire drowns her out.
Silva: Looks like the monsters finally entered firing range...
Silva: And I can't just abandon my post and go to her now! Damn it!
Unable to pursue Tweyen, Silva joins the city's defense forces. Imagining how she might have hurt her friend's feeling, the sniper's grip on her rifle tightens.

To Overcome Regret: Scene 2

Silva is downhearted after causing her friend Tweyen so much pain. Her adopted sisters, Camieux and Cucouroux, notice her suffering, so they suggest she return to their family's workshop to take an extended rest.

Silva: Tweyen! Tweyen, where are you?
After narrowly repulsing the monster swarm, Silva races through the city, desperately searching for her friend.
Silva: Tweyen! Please don't leave me!
Silva: I was... I was so stupid!
Silva: Tweyen...
Silva: ...
Silva: Just a dream, huh...
Silva: (I can't change the fact that I hurt Tweyen... The most important friend I have...)
Silva: (That sensitive girl... So afraid of being called a monster...)
Silva: (I knew that, and yet I still said it.)
Silva: (It was my jealousy that made me say such a thing. I'm such an idiot!)
Silva begins her morning routine, her mind heavy with self-criticism.
Silva: (Tweyen... If you're known as a monster...)
Silva: (Then I want to be that type of monster too. Friends stick with each other after all.)
Silva: (But I'm scared. If I stood next to you... would I be able to unleash that same level of power?)
Silva: (On one hand I feel bad for leaving you, but on the other I keep running to protect myself...)
Silva: (I'd like to be friends again... if you'd take back an insufferable coward like me...)
Bathed in the morning sun shining through the window, a downtrodden Silva raises her head at the sound of a frenzied knock.
Cucouroux: Good morning, Silva!
Camieux: Gooood morning, Silva!
Silva: Ah, good morning, you two.
Cucouroux not in crew

Cucouroux: We came to check up on you! Hehe!
No version of Camieux in crew

Camieux: Just stoppin' by to see how you are, Sis! Hehehe!
Cucouroux: Hmm...
Silva: W-what are you looking at, Cucouroux? Do I have something on my face?
Cucouroux: Cammy, you know what I'm thinkin', right?
Camieux: Mhm-mhm! Maybe we're thinkin' on the same page!
Silva: Huh?
Cucouroux: Silva, you're sick, aren't you!
Camieux: Yeah! Your face color's all weird!
Cucouroux: Urgh... You always hide important stuff from us! We won't be fooled this time!
Silva: Oh... Uh—that's not exactly it...
A flustered Silva tries to break eye contact with the sisters, but a persistent Camieux walks back into her line of sight.
Camieux: Really? Truly, seriously, literally you're okay?
Silva: Yes, really. I'm fine.
Cucouroux: Urgh! That's even worse! You can't even tell when you're getting tired!
Camieux: Aaaah! Yeah! That's worse!
Cucouroux: Silva, you gotta come back to the house with us and get some more sleep!
Camieux: Yeah, Silva! Come home, eat Mom's food, and get some sleep!
Camieux: You'll be all better in no time flat!
Cucouroux: Yeah, yeah! Being tired's the first step to getting sick! Nothing good about skipping sleep!
Both Sisters: Sooo?
Silva: Thanks, Cucouroux, Camieux.
Silva: (Come to think of it... I promised Tweyen I'd introduce her to these two...)
Silva: (I can't even face her right now, much less keep my promise...)
Silva: (But this fear is something I have to deal with. I have to stop running.)
Cucouroux: Silva?
Silva: Ah, sorry for worrying you. Both of you.
Camieux: You're our sister! You can worry us all you want!
Silva: I'm so lucky to have you two around. Thanks.
Silva: Just this once I'll try to take your words to heart.
Cucouroux: Whaaat? Just this once!
Cucouroux: You should listen to us all the time! 'Til the end of time!
Camieux: Yeah, listen to me, Sis! I'm super helpful!
Silva: You're both absolutely right! And what would I do without your advice, Camieux?
Camieux: So you're gonna...
A wide-eyed Camieux grins and locks eyes with Cucouroux.
Silva smirks, walks out of the room, and goes to ask (Captain) to chart a course for her adopted family's workshop.

To Overcome Regret: Scene 3

Silva, hoping to make amends for her past transgression, decides to challenge Tweyen to a duel. The gunsmithing family supports her, and their display of generosity convinces Silva to show Tweyen the warmth of such a loving home.

Silva: Hello! Is anyone home?
Cucouroux: We're baaack!
Camieux: Mommy, Daddy! We're hooome!
Papa Gunsmith: Oh! All three of you are back! Come, let Papa get a look at ya!
Any version of Camieux is a crew member, Cucouroux is a crew member

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No version of Camieux in crew, Cucouroux not in crew

Mama Gunsmith: Oh, you ol' softie! We see our daughters all the time!
Mama Gunsmith: I'm so glad to see everyone's been happy and healthy!
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Any version of Camieux is a crew member, Cucouroux is a crew member

Mama Gunsmith: I'm so glad to see everyone's been happy and healthy!
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Camieux: Thanks, Mommy! Hehe!
Silva: Father, actually I've come to ask you something.
Papa Gunsmith: Let Papa guess: if you're back, it must mean you need a new rifle.
Silva: Yes...
Silva: I'm going to challenge Tweyen of the Eternals...
Cucouroux: ...!
Silva: I'm not attempting to match an Eternal in power. No, I need to surpass her.
Silva: Father, you can make a rifle to help me reach that goal. No other gunsmith will do.
Papa Gunsmith: Silva...
Silva: Yes, Father?
Papa Gunsmith: That gun you're using now, Coux put a lot of love into the design.
Papa Gunsmith: If it got any more sophisticated, you'd have quite a sensitive instrument on your hands. Not sure if it would hold out against an Eternal...
Papa Gunsmith: Right, Coux?
Cucouroux: Yeah. I designed the gun so maintenance would be a breeze.
Cucouroux: If we change it, something will have to give. Might get too heavy, or the accuracy could suffer...
Silva: It's a risk I'll have to take. Even if it's just once, I need to beat Tweyen.
Camieux: Silva...
Silva: It's not that I want the fame of bringing down an Eternal...
Silva: I-I just need to make amends... and recover something that I've lost. So... So...
Mama Gunsmith: You don't have to explain a thing, dear.
Silva: Mother...
Mama Gunsmith: How many years has it been since you left Ravi Island to start your training and wound up at our little shop?
Mama Gunsmith: You haven't said a selfish thing this whole time. Haha. Well, except for now.
Papa Gunsmith: Good grief. Since becoming your foster parents, we've cared about you so much.
Papa Gunsmith: No one knows just how serious you are—not like we do.
Papa Gunsmith: That seriousness, it was the only thing you ever gave us to worry about. But it looks like we raised you right.
Silva: Father...
Mama Gunsmith: You need to get something back, right? Well, go get it, honey! Get it and bring it back home!
Silva: Mother!
Cucouroux: All right! Looks like it's time to start planning!
Cucouroux: I was gonna say this sooner, but you don't have to worry about a thing! I'm a lot better at making designs than I was before!
Cucouroux: Oh! Just now! A flash of inspiration! If we can't change your gun too much, why don't we work on your bullets!
Camieux: Bullets? I'm real helpful at makin' bullets! Let me help!
Camieux: I got a special recipe for gunpowder!
Papa Gunsmith: Then it's settled! Time to get smithing!
The Gunsmiths: Yeah!
And thus the family of gunsmiths pulls their various specialties together to forge the perfect weaponry.
Cucouroux: Hmm… Make this part shaaarper... Oh, and over there! Stretch the bullet shell a little more!
Papa Gunsmith: Coux, that's going to shift the balance in the wrong way. Think about where the scope is...
Cucouroux: Oh, right!
Cucouroux: Hmm... Think, think, think... Ah! Do this here!
Silva: I'll be back later—off to do some firing practice. I'm using the mountain around back, all right?
Mama Gunsmith: H-hold on, dear! I'll pack your lunch for you! Just wait right there!
Cucouroux: When the gun fires... If we could just boost it with a little bit of Silva's magic power...
Camieux: Bingo! So let's mix this catalyst in the gunpowder...
Camieux: Uh-oh, how much of this stuff does it take? We're gonna have to get Silva to try it out.
The family continues working throughout the day.
Cucouroux: Hey, Silva! Test this baby!
Camieux: These are special bullets for the baby! I mean gun!
Silva: ...
Silva takes the elongated rifle presented to her by Cucouroux and Camieux.
Papa Gunsmith: Well, let's go have a test fire! To the mountain range!
Silva: Roger!
Equipped with her new lovingly crafted armaments, Silva heads out the door toward the mountain.
Silva: This... This rifle is superb...
Cucouroux: Heh-heh! That's because it was a special order made by Papa, Coux, and Cammy!
Camieux: Yeah! We used aaall the machines in the workshop! All of 'em! So there ain't no other gun like that one!
Silva: ...
Just as Silva ponders over how to properly thank her family for such a wonderful gift, her mother hands her a stack of brand-new neatly folded clothes.
Mama Gunsmith: Go on. Take 'em! Your mother couldn't just watch as everyone else was working so hard making that gun!
Silva: These are...
Mama Gunsmith: They're good for summer or winter, and they're made from a protective material.
Mama Gunsmith: Think of them as Mama being there to protect you. Now take 'em!
Silva: M-Mother! Thank you very much...
Cucouroux: Silva! Go try 'em on! I wanna see what they look like on you!
Silva: Sniffle... Okay...
Silva: How do I look?
Camieux: Whoa! You look so cool!
Cucouroux: Nobody beats Mom's sewing! Silva, that outfit looks really good on you!
Silva: Mother, Father. Cucouroux, Camieux. Thank you all so much...
Silva: I'm such a fortunate person.
Silva closes her eyes, trying to imprint this moment in her memory forever.
Silva: (Tweyen... How great would it be to have you in such a loving home...)
Silva: (I won't rest until I can make that a reality for you.)
Silva: (I'm going to come for you this time. I promise.)
The kindness of Silva's adopted gunsmithing family gives her the final boost of confidence she needs to challenge Tweyen.
After waiting for so long, the sniper is ready to confront the Eternal without hesitation.