Scenario:Skull - What Is Freedom

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What Is Freedom?

Skull leads the crew to the Odajumoki's hideout, but he keeps pausing along the way to propose wild ideas, like going fishing or swimming in icy water. Eustace and Skull bicker over the Harvin's idea of freedom, but Eustace secretly agrees with him in a way.

(Captain) and the crew make their way toward the Odajumoki's hideout, led by Skull.
En route, as though bored of showing them the way, Skull strikes up a conversation with the others.
Skull: Aren't you guys tired of all this walking? Let's head to the sea and do some fishing!
Vyrn: We're kinda in the middle of somethin'...
Vyrn: Wait, what! There's a sea out here in North Vast?
Skull: Yeah, a big one! And there are these fish you can catch there that are tiny but delicious!
Skull: If you fry them until they're really crispy, nothing beats them!
Lyria: Really? I might like to try tha—
Eustace: No. We need to keep moving.
Lyria: Haha... I guess you're right.
Skull: What a punk. I'd call him a fish brain, but fish would probably be easier to deal with...
Skull: I've got it! How about we go winter swimming? Let's go to the sea and take a dip in the icy water!
Skull: Nothing beats the feeling of diving into the sea!
Lyria: What? Swimming on a cold island like this? Wouldn't we freeze?
Skull: We'd be fine! As a matter of fact, the reason I'm tough as leather is 'cause I grew up doing stuff like that!
Skull: I haven't been sick a day in my life! Impressive, right?
Eustace: Wow. I've heard that some people are too dumb to get sick, and now I have proof.
Skull: You calling me dumb? That's rich coming from a sub-fish like you!
Eustace: ...
Skull: If you've got something to say, spit it out! Or did some fairy make off with your brain?
Skull: You make fun of me, but you just don't understand my genius!
Skull: I'm a free spirit—no cold weather or disease can stop me! But I guess a stagnant mud puddle like you wouldn't get that!
Vyrn: But is that really what it means to be free?
Skull: Of course it is, you glassy-eyed gecko! I of all people know what freedom is!
Skull: Freedom is... Actually, I have no idea.
Vyrn: What! You don't even know?
Eustace: You really are dumb.
Skull: Shut your face! You're in the presence of a genius, puddle!
Skull: Freedom can't be captured in words! It's something you feel in your heart! Probably!
Eustace: ...
Skull: I told you to spit it out already! You making fun of me again?
Eustace: Could be.
Skull: Grr... You make my blood boil!
Vyrn: Calm down, you guys... Oh, hey! Didn't your dad say somethin' about freedom, Crossbones?
Skull: You mean the ability to run wild? Hmm...
Skull: ...
Vyrn: What's wrong? Why're you quiet all of a sudden?
Skull: I was just wondering... Is something like that really freedom?
Skull: I think the freedom my old man gave me is kinda different...
Skull: Well, whatever.
Vyrn: What! You're just gonna leave it at that? Seriously?
Skull: Of course! I'm a genius after all! I'll have it figured out before you can say Odajumoki backward ten times fast.
Skull: Listen up, Eustace! You better stop making fun of me for every little thing!
Skull: 'Cause I'm going to become a hotshot who's more free than anyone! And who'll be laughing then?
Skull: I will, that's who! I'll wipe that smug look right off your face!
Eustace: Humph. I'd like to see you try.
Skull: Don't give me that! And quit walking on ahead like some headless chicken! You'll get lost without me!
Skull: Wait up already! I said wait!
Skull angrily chases after Eustace.
As they watch Skull run off, the crew gets a sense of his burning ambition to be free.