Scenario:Skull - What Is Freedom

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What Is Freedom?

Led by Skull, (Captain) and the crew are headed for the Odajumoki’s hideout. However, Skull proposes the idea of going fishing, or swimming in the icy water, and explains his idea of freedom. While Eustace seems to be at odds with Skull, there’s something about Skull’s desire to be free that reminds of himself, and in truth he isn’t as dissatisfied with him as he would have others believe. Skull is outraged at Eustace’s attitude toward him, and chases after him, cursing as he goes.

(Captain) and the crew are being guided to the Odajumoki's hideout by Skull.
En route, as though bored of showing them the way, Skull strikes up a conversation with the crew.
Skull: Hey, aren't you guys tired from all this walking? Let's go fishing in the sea!
Vyrn: Oh, quit complaining.
Vyrn: Wait! There's a sea out here in Nordvjast?
Skull: Yeah, an enormous one! There are these little fish there that are a synch to catch, but taste delicious!
Skull: If you fry them till they're really crispy they taste amazing!
Lyria: Ooh, really? I wanna eat one now to see what it's like.
Eustace: Not a chance. Keep moving.
Lyria: Ahaha… I guess there's no time to slow down…
Skull: Pfft, what a cold guy. The fish are super easy to catch…
Skull: …I've got it! How about we go winter swimming? Let's go to the sea and take a dip in the icy water!
Skull: Nothing beats the excitement of diving into the sea!
Lyria: What? Swimming on a cold island like this? Would we really be OK doing something like that?
Skull: It's fine, it's fine! In fact, it's 'cause we've all grown up doing it that our bodies are so tough!
Skull: I haven't been sick a day in my life! Impressive, right!
Eustace: Really. They say fools never get sick. I see a connection.
Skull: H-hey now! You tryin' to say that I'm a fool?
Skull: If you've got somethin' to say then just spit it out! Why you always getting' up in my grill?
Skull: Stop treating me like a fool, cos I ain't one! I…
Skull: I don't limit myself 'cause it's too cold, or I might get sick. I'm a free spirit! So stop making a fool outta me!
Vyrn: But, is that really what it means to be free?
Skull: Now who's the fool! Of course that's what it means to be free! 'Cause freedom is…
Skull: …Freedom is…
…I've no idea.
Vyrn: Hey! Even you don't get it!
Eustace: What a fool.
Skull: Enough! What did you just say to me?
Skull: Freedom can't be captured with words! It's something you feel in your heart! …Probably!
Skull: So you got somethin' to say, or you just tryin' to make a fool of me?
Eustace: Who knows.
Skull: Arrgh, you make my blood boil!
Vyrn: Hey, hey, hey, calm down everyone! Skull, wasn't you dad on about freedom or something?
Skull: …The freedom of being able to be wild and run rampant? Hmmm…
Vyrn: What's wrong? Why have you gone quiet all of a sudden?
Skull: Hmmm, it's just, I was thinking… Is something like that really freedom?
Skull: The freedom my old man gives me, there's something about it…
Skull: …Well, who cares.
Vyrn: Hey! Are you really OK leaving it at just that?
Skull: It's fine! I'm a genius, after all! I've have it figured about before you can say Odajumoki backward ten times fast.
Skull: But more importantly! Eustace! Stop making a fool outta me for every little thing!
Skull: When I become a hotshot who's more free than anyone, which I definitely will, who'll be laughing then?
Skull: When that time comes, I'll wipe that smug look off your face for ya!
Eustace: …Humph. That would be worth seeing.
Skull: Don't "humph" me! Why you walking on ahead? You'll get lost without me leading the way!
Skull: Wait up, already! I said wait!
An angry Skull chases after Eustace, who has walked on ahead.
Watching Skull's figure running off ahead, the crew get a sense of the burning ambition to be free he desires so much.