Scenario:Societte - Millennial Dance

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Millennial Dance

(Captain) and company visited the ruins to exterminate the monsters, and met Societte, who wielded an enormous fan. Societte defeated the monsters with ease. S the heir to a royal family that had been lost 1000 years before, and asked the party if they knew of and information about that royal family. Societte seemed disappointed by the party’s response upon hearing it. However, our heroes told Societte that they would help her. While showing signs of bash illness, Societte assented to their offer, and joined the party.

Our heroes undertook a mission to exterminate fire monsters, and visited some ruins.
The search of the ruins by the party resulted in the discovery of a massive monster.
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Vyrn: Well, they must’ve been pretty powerful...
Vyrn: This is difficult, but we have to keep at it! (Captain)! Let’s go!
Lyria: P-Please wait! There is a woman behind that monster!
???: ... ...
Vyrn: Wha?! So what else are you doing all alone? You need help?
???: Your fire does not extend to those people.
When the Erune girl grumbled that, the immense fan she was holding in both her hands began to sparkle.
The girl danced right there beautifully. She waved her scarlet fan, and the collapsed.
Vyrn: What happened? That girl toppled all those monsters just by dancing!
???: ...!
Vyrn: This is incredible! Was she using magic too, perhaps? Fan girl!
???: ...?!
Lyria: Umm...
???: ... ...
???: ...
???: ...
Vyrn: Hahaha... Fan girl, get over here but don’t say anything...
Lyria: When pretty girls like that get stared at they tense up.
???: Um...
Vyrn: Hey, what happened? Why are you mumbling like that...?
Lyria: Vyrn! This girl looks like she has something she would like to say to us!
???: !!!
The female Erune nodded her head again and again, seemingly very pleased with what Lyria was saying.
The woman said that her name was Societte, and that she was quiet because she was shy around strangers.
Vyrn: Whahaha! So you were just shy then?
Societte: Yeah, I get shy when I’m around people I don’t know. I’m sorry.
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! We didn’t even really notice.
Lyria: Did you also accept monster hunting missions, Miss Societte?
Societte: No. Not that.
Societte: I heard that there were monsters who started fires, and thought that there were people I could look for about this...
Societte: However, when they showed up, they were really different. I was shocked when they pounced on me. And then...
Vyrn: Simply put, they probably weren’t somebody that could be defeated so lightly...
Vyrn: Hm? Hahaha, who are you looking for, fan girl?
Societte: Um...
Societte: Um, this is no ordinary fan...
Vyrn: Eh! Ah! Excuse me...
Lyria: This is no ordinary fan, it’s a folding fan. Isn’t it pretty!
Societte: Hehe...
Societte: Um... The nine... No, the living flame. Have you heard of it?
Vyrn: What a sudden change of subject! Lyria, have you ever heard of anything like a living fan?
Lyria: Hmm... No I haven’t. I’m sorry.
Societte: Thank you.
Vyrn: At any rate, why are you looking for something like that?
Societte: ... I’m sorry. It has nothing to do with you and I cannot involve you. Therefore, I cannot say anything about it.
Lyria: Maybe I’m too meddling at times, but if we had more clues, maybe we could help you!
Vyrn: Yeah. We might hear something while we travel through the skies!
Vyrn: We will help if it is something we can in fact help you with. Right, (Captain)!
Societte: But if I tell you about it, you may end up being targeted by bad people... What about that?
  1. I don’t mind
  2. Sure thing

Choose: I don’t mind
Societte: Whoa...! You guys are strong!
Vyrn: Haha! Yeah. And were going to get even stronger!
Vyrn: We have had run-ins with a variety of people, including the Empire!
Lyria: Hahaha... That’s right.
Lyria: However, (Captain) has looked after us and kept us safe.
Societte: Sure, it’s okay. And you look like good people.
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Choose: Sure thing
Societte: Yeah. Okay!
Vyrn: Hey heeey! It's a joke, isn't it? (Captain)!
Societte: Wait... what? Joke!
Vyrn: Hey, we are used to pretty much everything.
(Captain) nodded in agreement to what Vyrn was saying.
Vyrn: She’s pretty, so don’t upset her.
Societte: Well, it’s getting late.
Societte: Sure, it’s okay. And you look like good people.
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Societte faced the party and spoke to them calmly.
1000 years ago, there once was a country with nine royal families. They revered and worshiped a living flame, whose power kept them safe.
However, one day, the power of that flame ran wild. It then disappeared to parts unknown.
Societte claimed that eight of the nine artifacts that contained this sacred flame had been lost, and that she was now looking for them.
Vyrn: So you have been looking for that flame and eight of those treasures all by yourself?
Societte: Actually, those aren’t the only things I am looking for.
Societte: Seven dances were dedicated to that person and her successor...
Societte: And, we, later on a lot of things...
Vyrn: Are you serious?! That’s terrible.
Lyria: Why are you looking for so many things all by yourself?
Societte: Here... Look.
Societte: ... one dance.
As Societte whispered that, her fan began to sparkle.
Societte: This is the power of those of my line. I am the heir to their powers.
Lyria: Now that is amazing! Amazing, and so pretty!
Societte: Together with that person I protect the country, as a descendent of the lost royal family.
Societte: As an heir to the royal family, I must find out everything.
Societte: That is my mission in life.
Vyrn: Hey, that’s kind of cool! It’s pretty romantic!
Societte: You think so?
Lyria: Yes! It’s amazing for you to be taking on that great mission in traveling to fulfill it all by yourself!
Societte: Hm... I guess you may be right. I thought about going on my search with some friends.
Societte: But nothing ever came of that...
Lyria: I see... That must’ve been very hard for you...
Vyrn: But c'mon! Have you even found anything after looking into all those things on your own!?
Societte: No. Nothing has been found.
Societte: And there are no clues whatsoever...
Societte: And even when I do try to gather information, it is difficult for me to approach strangers with that.
Vyrn: Yeah...
Societte: Eventually after thinking that I found a clue I came here, but...
Lyria: But that too was off the mark, wasn’t it...
Societte: Yeah...
Societte: Did you hit upon anything while listening to this discussion?
Lyria: I’m sorry. Nothing came to mind.
Vyrn: Sorry 'bout that.
Societte: No... Okay.
Societte: It’s easy to talk to you guys, somehow. I’m pleased that you just even listen to me.
Societte: Um... And somehow...
Societte: Um... Um...
  1. Let’s look for it together
  2. Speak clearly

Choose: Let’s look for it together
Vyrn: Yeah. Traveling together might make it easier to find information and treasures!
Societte: So it’s really okay?
Lyria: Yes! Of course it is!
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Choose: Speak clearly
Societte: Uuh...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Societte: Ugh... H-hey!
Lyria: Y- Yes!
Societte: I have not been able to talk to you in a long time... Letting me talk to you after so long... We will become close.
Societte: I never thought such an opportunity would be available to me, so this is wonderful...
Vyrn: Do you want us to cooperate with you?
Societte: !!! S-Sure...
Societte: It’s okay if it’s just up to finding friends.
Vyrn: Come on! What a thing to say! Let’s go together.
Societte: Um... Um... Together?
Lyria: Yes! If we search together, it might be easier to find information and trousers!
Lyria: Societte set such a thing before. You said that if we don’t keep our mouths shut about such things we could end up being targeted by bad people, right?
Lyria: Miss Societte is also being targeted in such a way? By wicked men...
Societte: Yeah...
Lyria: Then all the more reason we should go together! If they go together, you can feel really is, even if you are targeted by bad men.
Continue 2
Societte: I did want you to helping, but the very idea of you inviting me on your journey...
Vyrn: Trying to find it all by yourself would be too much! Let’s look for it together!
Vyrn: We also have a specific place we are trying to get to, and we ended up here as a diversion.
Lyria: However, we will defintely help you if something is discovered about what you want to know, Miss Societte!
Societte: I had never been met with such a kind reception other than that from my father, mother, and sister...
Societte: Okay, all right, fine...
Societte: Let’s to our best to help each other out.
With a reddened face, Societte wags her tail and her ears and bowed in gratitude to the party.
Thus the party welcome to the very shy air to a royal family Societte to their fellowship.