Scenario:Sophia - Astral Pilgrim

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Astral Pilgrim

Along the way, our heroes met the Zeyen pilgrim Sophia. The party learned that the Zeyen holy grounds had a connection to the Astrals. The party proposed to the naive and scatterbrained Sophia that she join them on their journey.

During their journey, the party visited a most exceptional country that was said to be prospering thanks to the supernatural protection provided by the primal beast Sylph.
The party carry on with their quest together with Sophia, a priestess they had met while heading for the Royal Capital Feendrache.
Vyrn: A moment ago you said you were on a pilgrimage to the holy grounds, but why are you actually doing that, Sophia?
Sophia: In truth, my journey on a pilgrimage to the holy grounds was an ordeal imposed upon me by grandfather, a high priest.
Lyria: Um... What is this “Zeyen” faith, anyway? Hehehe.
Sophia: Huh? (Captain)’s party doesn’t know about the Zeyen faith?
Sophia: Then I will explain!
Sophia: The Zeyen faith is a major creed that ties the Sky World with the World of the Astrals.
Sophia: A sign left in this world. That is, by intensely studying the power of the Astrals, we endeavor to understand their intentions...
Sophia: We believe that the souls of those who believe in the divine protection of the Astrals can eventually obtain eternal life...
Vyrn: Got it! The Zeyen thing is right on the money! Thanks for explaining!
Sophia: At any rate, I must overcome the ordeal of the pilgrimage to the holy grounds that has been borne by all Zeyen high priests for generation.
Lyria: Whoa! I don’t understand that too well, but it sounds terribly difficult...
Lyria: And... What of this holy grounds that you mentioned a moment ago, Sophia? What might that be?
Sophia: That’s a good question! The holy grounds, as defined in our Zeyen doctrine, is a war-torn place during the War.
Sophia: That is, it was the site of many intense bloody battles repeatedly fought between the Astrals and the people of the sky.
Vyrn: Hmph... You say it was the site of bloody warfare, but wasn’t that centuries ago? What do you do there?
Sophia: That involves the mysterious power bestowed upon those who take up the role of Zeyen high priest.
Lyria: A mysterious power?
Sophia: Yes. I can use that mysterious power to view the lingering power of the Astrals that still sleep in the holy grounds.
Vyrn: A power left behind by the Astrals... Does she mean primal beasts?
Sophia: Exactly. I can see the power of the primal beasts.
Lyria: Wha... wow! You can talk to primal beasts too, Sophia?!
Sophia: Wha?! So you can talk to primal beasts as well, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes! I can separate powers from primal beasts and then take them on myself!
Sophia: Amazing... I wonder what my grandfather would say if he could hear of that?
Sophia: I do not possess Lyria’s innate ability to actually negotiate with primal beasts. All I can do is bear witness to their power...
Vyrn: Hey hey... Why’d you get a little sad then? Even though you’re amazing!
Sophia: Y-Yes. Thank you.
Lyria: I thought this was important for you. Is it really okay for you to make a detour to Feendrache?
Sophia: Hahaha... That’s right. You touched a nerve with that.
Sophia: Perhaps due to the teachings of my grandfather, I find myself unable to abandon those in trouble once I find them.
Vyrn: Therefore I am setting aside my pilgrimage to the holy grounds for now so I can head for the capital and make a direct appeal for the sake of the villagers.
Lyria: So, once you take care of the immediate problem, you will return to your trip to the holy grounds?
Sophia: Yes. I’ve decided to next go to a nearby island... Uh, what?
Vyrn: Sophia... What's got your pants in a twist?
Sophia: I... I can’t find it! I lost my map that shows the way to the holy grounds! That map was very important!
Lyria: Wha?! Are you all right? Miss Sophia!
Vyrn: Ack... Just when I thought you had it together, you start acting like a total birdbrain.
Sophia: No... no... What will I do without my map?
Lyria: Keep calm, Sophia! Check your satchel and your pockets again!
Sophia: No no no... It’s nowhere to be found...
Vyrn: Tsk... Well then I guess you’re outta luck!
Vyrn: So why don’t you come with us?
Sophia: What?
Vyrn: We are also traveling to an island rumored to be the home of primal beasts in order to gather Sky Map fragments.
Vyrn: Maybe that will help you with your pilgrimage to the holy grounds? Eh, (Captain)!
Sophia: May I go with you? Please?
Lyria: Of course! I’ve got a lot of different things I would also like to discuss with you, Miss Sophia!
Sophia: Wait... Is this it? The map!
Vyrn: Ah! That’s a relief! This is irreplaceable!
Sophia: Oh wait... It’s actually a flier I had received from a street performer before.
Vyrn: Oi! What? Just as I expected!
Sophia: No... no...
Vyrn: All right then. So why don’t you just come with us? Okay?
Sophia: Ahhh... Thank you.
Sophia: Once we take care of this country’s problems, please let me join your Order, (Captain)...
Vyrn: All right! It's on!
Thus the party had a fated encounter with the priestess Sophia.
(Captain) and Sophia’s journey had only begun.