Scenario:Soriz - New Tricks for an Old Hound

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New Tricks for an Old Hound

Soriz raises a glass with his buddies after a mission. Chided by Ghandagoza for his immaturity, Soriz sets out on a grueling training regimen of self-discovery. Rule number one: No women.

No version of Soriz in crew

Not long ago (Captain) and the crew were hired by the residents of a certain village to investigate terrible, echoing crashes coming from the nearby mountains.
The source of the disturbance turned out to be Soriz, a martial artist who was pulverizing the very living rock with his fists as training.
This man, known for his extensive record of tournament victories as Rockfisted Soriz, is also a peerless pervert, preoccupied with peeping into mountain hot springs.
Unabashed in his voyeurism, Soriz decided to join the crew largely because of the female members—and the chance to pontificate to an unwitting audience on the finer points of true manliness.
Not long afterward, he accompanied the crew for a crab-catching expedition into the bitter cold of North Vast.
More recently, he and the crew participated in a martial arts tournament held in Albion.
Any version of Soriz is a crew member

Since joining the crew, Soriz has shared many adventures with them.
His long years have served to hone both his fists and his perversion.
Tonight the crew is in Auguste on an assignment.
Soriz has invited Eugen, Jin, and Ghandagoza to lift a glass with him.
Soriz: Whoo!
Soriz: Now that's good sake! Tastes great and goes down smooth!
Ghandagoza: This sashimi is also superb. The perfect texture to resist the tooth and yet melt on the tongue.
Eugen: Didn't I tell ya? You can't beat Auguste for seafood!
Jin: Ghandagoza, your cup has run dry. Allow me to refresh it.
Ghandagoza: Come now, Jin. You're so busy pouring, you've barely had the chance to drink anything.
Eugen: Hey now, drink up, drink up! You don't get to visit a tavern this good every day. It'd be rude to waste the chance!
Jin: Haha, forgive my lapse in manners. To your health.
The party is in full swing, with good friends, good food, and good sake.
Soriz: Damn, but this is a great island. I haven't had a bad meal here yet.
Soriz: And no matter the season, the beaches are brimming with swimsuited beauties. This place is a true feast for the senses.
Eugen: Geez, Soriz. With one need met, your mind goes straight back to the ladies, doesn't it? But that's you all over, I guess.
Soriz: Don't be such a spoilsport! Jin's on my side—aren't you, buddy? You like to feast your eyes on the feminine, dontcha?
Jin: Er, no, I... well...
Soriz: Well, well. For a man of many talents, this is an unexpected weak spot.
Yngwie is a crew member

Soriz: You know there's fellas like Yngwie with a woman in every port, right?
Soriz: Ghandagoza, don't you think Jin's adorable, gettin' all flustered over this?
Ghandagoza: ...
Soriz: Uh... Ghandagoza?
Ghandagoza furrows his brow, a severe expression settling on his craggy features. He turns to face Soriz squarely.
Ghandagoza: Soriz.
Soriz: Y-yeah?
Ghandagoza: It troubles me that this schoolboy banter still amuses you.
Soriz: Schoolboy banter? We're talkin' about a sophisticated adult's appreciation of the feminine form here.
Ghandagoza: ...
Soriz: Sorry.
Ghandagoza: You and I are well into our golden years. Surely you realize our time in this world is limited?
Soriz: Well, sure, but...
Ghandagoza: I often think about what I should accomplish with the time I have left.
Ghandagoza: For so long, I focused on training.
Ghandagoza: But in the end is honing my body truly meaningful?
Ghandagoza: Everyone ages and must eventually die. Both mind and body will return to dust.
Ghandagoza: And that is why we have a responsibility to leave something behind for the next generation.
Ghandagoza: When I lie dying, I hope to impart something to whoever attends me, so that they may face the future unafraid.
Ghandagoza: We who tread the path a pace or two ahead must light the way for those who follow after. Don't you agree?
Soriz: ...
Ghandagoza: That's why I began to seek a successor to my Eternal Rage Style.
Ghandagoza: Living my life according to the style's philosophy and passing that on to some young martial artist would be my legacy. I have yet to find a disciple, however.
Ghandagoza: And you, Soriz? What is your philosophy? What will you bequeath to the next generation?
Soriz: ...
Ghandagoza: It was presumptuous of me to lecture you. But I was driven to speak out of respect.
Ghandagoza: It would be a great waste for a man as personable as you not to leave something of himself behind.
Soriz: Thanks. That was tough to hear, but I think I needed it.
Soriz: My philosophy, huh? My legacy...
Soriz: ...
As Soriz mulls things over, Ghandagoza fills Jin's cup.
Ghandagoza: Come, drink up!
Ghandagoza gets the celebration back underway, urging everyone to eat and drink.
Once the four men have had their fill, they stroll along the corniche to where the Grandcypher is docked.
Ghandagoza: I like that tavern. Thank you for inviting me.
Eugen: Glad you enjoyed it! I'd be glad to have a drink with you any time you're free.
Ghandagoza: I'll take you up on that!
Soriz: ...
Jin: Is something troubling you, Soriz?
Soriz: Nah... Just thinking.
Soriz: Ghandagoza, you said we oughta be setting a good example for younger people, right?
Ghandagoza: Indeed.
Soriz: I can't come up with anything fancy. I never gave any thought to what I was leavin' behind for the next generation.
Randall (SR) is a crew member

Soriz: Sometimes I'll give a struggling young hothead a kick in the right direction, but nothing as grand as what you were talking about.
Soriz: Feels kinda lame that I didn't have a decent answer when you asked about my philosophy.
Eugen: So? Didja come up with anything?
Soriz: Not really. Don't think this is the kinda question you can answer in one night.
Soriz: I think I need to do some training before I figure it out.
Soriz: Training in the truest sense of the word!
Jin: In the truest sense? What does that mean?
Soriz: Only one thing it can mean!
Soriz: No women!
Soriz: That's the only way!
Eugen: Wha...
Eugen and Jin: Whaaat!
His companions' shocked exclamations echo across the moonlit waves.
Ghandagoza: That's the spirit, Soriz!
Ghandagoza: I look forward to your answer!
Soriz nods decisively. He turns to look out over the ocean, as vast and fathomless as the path that lies before him.
The odyssey he has set for himself will be the greatest and most grueling of his long life.