Scenario:Soriz - Search for Steam in the North

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Search for Steam in the North

Soriz overhears that Eugen and Jin want to go back to Ginya, a secluded hot spring deep within Nordvjast, he tells them that they must go after what they want. Together they persuade (Captain) to return to Nordvjast, and Soriz is full of hopes that this time he will find the buried treasure.

It has been some time since the crew finished fishing for trollkrabbes in Nordvjast.
Eugen and Jin are talking about the last hot spring they visited, the secluded "Ginya" hot spring.
Eugen: I gotta say, I've never felt so relaxed as I did in that hot-spring.
Jin: I have to say I agree. The snowy vista, the bite of the cold air mixed with the warmth of the water, it was most pleasant.
Eugen: I wouldn't mind coming back here, if we ever get the chance.
Soriz: If we get the chance? What're you saying! If you put your mind to it you can force that chance to come!
Eugen: Soriz! You were listening?
Soriz: Of course! The moment I heard "Ginya" I knew I just had to join in.
Soriz: I was just thinking that I had to go back there soon as well!
Soriz: A hot spring in the farthest north… You don't get many chances to visit. That's why you have to make it happen yourself!
Eugen: I guess you're right. If we leave it to chance, who knows when we'll be back this way again?
Eugen: OK! Let's go ask (Captain) if we can go back there!
Soriz: Yeah! Hahahah, this is gonna be fun!
Soriz: (…I hope this time will be better than last time I was there…)
Soriz: (…The beautiful scenery's all good and well, but I need to get my hands on that treasure…)
Soriz: (…I can't wait to get there and start looking again…)
Soriz: All right! Let's set sail for Nordvjast!
Unable to resist Eugen and Soriz's burning desire to go back, (Captain) decides to return to Ginya.

Search for Steam in the North: Scene 2

On the way to Ginya, the hidden hot spring, (Captain) and crew are hit by a sudden and furious blizzard. To combat the cold Soriz suggests they keep moving, and so Eugen and Jin join him in running around the freezing Lyria and (Captain). Successfully making it through the blizzard, the crew once again starts making its way to the hot spring.

(Captain) and crew arrive once more on Nordvjast, and start to make their way to the secluded hot spring Ginya.
However before they can get there they are struck by a sudden blizzard.
Jin: Ugh! The weather was so clement before, what accursed magic is this blizzard?
Eugen: I can't see at all in this. There's no going forward, but it's too dangerous to go back, as well…
Soriz: You can't give up now! We're so close to Ginya!
Despite Soriz's red hot enthusiasm, the cold starts to get to Lyria and (Captain), who begin to lose consciousness.
Lyria: Oogh… I'm getting sleepy…
Eugen: Hey, Lyria! Pull yourself together! You can't fall asleep now!
Soriz: …I know!
Soriz: We need a way to warm up, right? Then how about this?
Soriz begins to undress.
Jin: Soriz, what're you…
Soriz: A caucus race! If we keep moving, then we won't get cold!
Eugen: …Oh, I get it! That might work!
Jin, Soriz, and Eugen start running around the others in an attempt to stay warm.
Soriz: Come on now, let's show this blizzard's who's boss! Faster! Faster! FASTER!
Eugen: Faster! Faster!
Jin: Faster! Faster!
Eventually (Captain) and Lyria join in and they are all kept warm by each others body heat.
Soriz: …Look! A break in the clouds!
Jin: Oh! The blizzard must nearly be over!
Soriz: OK! Ginya can't be far off now! Let's get going, full steam ahead!
Having successfully survived the blizzard, the crew once again make for the hidden hot spring.

Search for Steam in the North: Scene 3

(Captain) and crew arrive at the hot spring, and rush into the invitingly warm waters. Soriz, however, stays behind, and continues his search for the rumored buried treasure. His search leads him to one of the baths, where he is startled by the sudden appearance of Vyrn. The shock causes Soriz to faint, and he drifts off into a dreams of treasure.

Soriz: Outta the way!
A shocked attendant welcomes the weary (Captain) and crew who travelled through a blizzard to get to the hot spring.
Hot Spring Attendant: I must say I'm impressed you made it here through that blizzard! Please, warm yourselves in our perfectly heated waters!
Eugen: Thanks! I think we're gonna need a few hours in the water to de-frost us!
Eugen, Jin, (Captain) and the others all head toward the warming waters of the hot spring.
Soriz, rather than follow the rest of the crew, goes off in the opposite direction.
Soriz: (…The blizzard's covered the grounds around here with snow, that's gonna make this tricky…)
Soriz: (…Maybe I should give up? No! Never give up!…)
Soriz: (…Snow or no snow, the treasure's there just waiting to be found…)
Soriz: (…Now, where haven't I looked yet? Ah, this looks like a great place to start…)
Soriz: (…I wonder what I'll find down here…)
The excited Soriz finds himself near one of the baths.
Soriz: I'm gonna be so rich!
Soriz pushes his way through a thicket which it turns out was surrounding on of the hot spring baths.
Black-haired Woman: Heehee, who would've thought we'd find the treasure in the hot spring?
Blonde Woman: I know, it's the last place I would've looked!
Black-haired Woman: Ah, but this hot water feels sooo good!
Blonde Woman: Hey, watch where you're splashing!
Soriz: C'mon, Soriz, this is no time to daydream! This treasure won't find itself!
Soriz: Almost there!
Soriz bursts through the thicket into the hot spring area.
???: Aah, this is nice…
Soriz: !
That voice… Is that…
???: Aaaaaahhh…
Soriz: !
Soriz looks about wildly for the owner of the voice, scared that his treasure hunt has been found out.
Soriz: Wha!
???: Who's there?
Soriz: …Of all the!
Vyrn: Oh, Soriz, it's you! I didn't see you come in.
Soriz: Wha! What're you doing here?
Vyrn: What do you think I'm doing? The water feels reeeally good!
Soriz: Uh…
Soriz faints and falls into the water.
Thoughts of the buried treasure bring a smile to his face even as he lies unconscious.